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KüW YoííK, May 21. The financia! sUnaüon continúes to iinprovo. Cash on cali ia p'enty at 898 per cent., aucí sterling cxchangehü decüactl to !í3?á, una pold flaetnatea botween 113'; and h:i.'í. Ths flonr marfcet la ver; dull at a rhMiino oí' fnlly Sc ín six days. Whoathaa rulad hivivy antll to duy, when hoMers becamo very ílrra. Tliero wcrc faw buyerg, however, and the mnrkctcan not bequoted hlgher. Litlle conrtílenco h aotertalnad re;nriln; tho markat acqnMag any permanant atrangtb. Red western ís reported nt ÍS.0TO2-10,and whita tí.líS.M Corn flrra at 74c. Oats adv.incecl - Michigan, ío. ..;!. Tin; CAttlo m:ukct hm been doproesed by over etipply. s.'fne Michigan steers. avorayin 1100, sold at $i3@O.12íí. Thore ware few slieep offerad : Mlch cllppod, averaiD? 65, sold at $7-12. Hogs made a littleadvance. Sales at Í4.Í1-2. Mcss pnvk h unanttlod and he.ivy at I13.S0. Kettle lord duli at a l-ie. Nawbnttai nrm :it -J'.i ..::■. v. Che m (lrmer- quoted at 1 i@15c. W'estern egga dnlliat 18)í @U}c, Dry goode ure maderatel; active, bot priecs favir boyera Poreigh gooda ara depressed by forccil eales at auetion. Cotton s qnotei ut . 1 ,, whlcli is .-eljtiveiy hlgher than cloth. Wool ii flrm bnt ull. Tho Iow prlceiif goods and the prospector a larjjer erop of wool than was expectcd prevent tarara ("rom operatiiu;, whllfl peculaLors iré holding oü. DiTtïoiT, Mfiy 2?. Qniettrado and c.isy prlcea luwe bcon tho genera,] characterfatloa ofonalnoaa (lnrlng the weok. Hardware linchanged, bntwlro gomia are lu the bnyerafcvor. fío of dry goftda, wMch are very inactlve In draga thore is boovmIt ;i chttae t'' nration. Ollsare ï.carly as bfor. excf;t kcrowne. whlch la (luwii to 23c, nnrl turpiMitinn, which Is (Irra at ü.'.1c advftnce. Ttie lamboc doslora hnvo bctri t.ilkini; hlgher prlces, hnt tho late copious rnins wlll do modi u sic'nly 1)10 markct. Bricks, which have been hold'afc 69 per M.nrostill flrm. A redactfon to iG is promlsM loon as new eome ïnto tnarket The provisión trade la otlm. Moa pork.j . coverod banU) i ' ' ; tío. abo Lftrd, 9c. Country ham, on thn CODtrnry, aro an!ílcabli nt loe. ihelrbnd sbapeand thetrresnlar manser tu vhiota thrv ure amoked, ri'iíiirr tficm undesfrahlo. Toaak ucumnuirmn, Whv willnotfar!i tu cnt thotr hnms Ib a pr ■ per way y Flour is quirt Irnt linn whtto, and 8. 6OQ9.50 for aprlnc Wheat In atendí to-daj at ttae foJIowinR pricea: Extra $203209: No "l Whlt, $2 06; Traádwelli JÏ 04, and ambsr, Oorn la dnll at 55. Onts flrm nt 4T. Bnttei aeclinIdc - cbolco, íS [rluiity at I3r4i3,',c P. liitups dull- Pcachblowa iu car, r5g7tc : miicd eo@70c.


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