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e HE W ARD. I offer tbo ahove reward for tho apprehcnsion and onvutiou of ilit; iwírdons who atole llowern froin my aria) lot n Buaaay. 1370 GEO. D. GÏLLESPIE. pOR S1LE ! A Houw ml T;t 011 Om wnt mde of ICaynaid itñeti beiwcen WiUJam ;'(l JoBowbl Has a good Barn ftu 1 ermii nay. Ann Albor, May 21, LH. 13781 J. J. PABSHA1.I-. POK SALE'! A now Phiurton ríupflfy and n second hond OaiTiage, for 1 or 2 horse.-, iu aool oonditiOD. lniuirc oL HLLAS II. DOUULA96. Aun Albor, M 23il, 1872. 1375t{ TfKAGKANT SAPÓLIÍ5NE. Cleans Clnth, Clonns Clothing, Clefins Ribbons, i .■■-,' ftóata í ïarpei i ( iartaiila, C'urihions, or my urlicle sotU-1 witb Gr I ■ . I .u, I ;;int etc. MBS. GLASIER, Agent, 13T5w4 Corner of Tbompeon ad wiluAib Stfl, plUUKS OP GOODS AT THE METROPOLITAN! FOR THE SPRING AND SÜMMER TMUMMED IIATS, F rom üue Dollar, and upwarclB. RIBBONS, From 5cts. a yard apward. RIBBED HOSE FOR LADIE8, 10 cents n pair. WHITE COTTOH HOSE For Ladies, At 10 cta , 12,' X ets., 15 ets., 18 ets., 20 ets., 25 ets., 30 els., 35 ets ,40 ets. apuir. f ADIES LISLE THUEAD ÖLOVE3, 3 j. At 10 ets , 12 ets., 15 ets , 18 ets , 20 ets., 25 ets, 10 ets., 35 ets., 40 ets. a pair. IIILÜKEX'S HOSE, V-V At 10 ets. a p:lr and apwards. GEHTLEMEN'S HOSE, At 10 ets. a pair and upwarcU. HPOWELS, WAURANTED LINE.V, X At 10c, 12J$c, 15c, lSe, 20c. 25e, 8oc, 35c apiece. nPOWELOTÖ, JL At 10c i yurd anct upwards. T 1NEN TABLE CLOTHS, JU At 50e, 60c, 70c a yard COLORED TABLK CLOTilS, j At 30c and öOc a yarj rOüNTERPANRS, j JTroiu $3.00 npwards. WHITE AND BUFF PIQUES. At 10c, 20c, 22c, 25c, 30e, 35e a yard. CORdETS, At 50c, 15c, $1.00 a pak. ROOP BEiaTS) At 00c, 65c, 75c, $100 apiece. L ADÍES' HANDKERCHHiFS. From 5c, apiece upward. L ndles' Llncnllemstitched H'dk'fs, From 15e jiecc upwurds. XJ ARASOLS, From '10c apiece upuiuils. FANS, Froin 10c apiece apwards. ■TOTTINGIIAM LACE POR Cartalna, Jl Froin 10e a yard npward. KID GÍ.OVES, $1.00 a pair. $1.28 a pair. LACE COLLA US, From 10c apiece apwards. tli.SC ASD OOTTON FRLN6IS, vILK AND ÖOTTON TRIM.MIXü, KESS PATJEIt.NS, y ELOUiiS, SATOS, SILKS, 1OTTON TRIMMUTGSi J ADIES' UNDEH GARA1 KX TS, J ADIES' MA-DE UP DRESSES, 1NFANTS A MIS8ES Made np Drema, And a thou3and other articles too numerous to mention, at prices less thaa any ether establishment iu this city. H. COHEN, 1 :: ■ 88 SOUTH MAIN ST. Estáte of Mftry Ann Thayer. STATKOi raCfflGANjCountyofWakMen,. Motice is hereby giren, that by ají arrter of the frobatc ( om-t for tlw; Conoty of Wusliteimw, ma!c on Dty-ttiBt-dny gf My, A. I). 1872, six Erom üiul untaveie ijlowod for creditor to ?nmt theirduiraü Rgnhut tho ostutc of M;iry Ann ' fhuver, Uto of laid cotinty, dcoeused, and t!mt :ill ■ ie bbW doomued nra rcqniied to ptownl Probllte (,'ourt, at the l'robutc ' - tho City of Ajm Vibor.for wtanuaation mul , lllowance, on or beforet hi tv ontj -lirst day of I . and thnt acb ojaims wil! bn hêiml 1 üurljiVuic!" e.. hm. on Satttrday, the tin laj .i July, und on Thunday, the twenty-fliat day ol . s'ovuinöer next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of each j dnys. Dated, Ann Arbor, Muy 21sl, A. D 1S7 HlliAM J. BEAKES, i HlSw" Judge of Probate Coniinlssioiiers' Nntico. OTATE OF .'.nriIK.AN, County of Washtoimw, sa. O Tho underoigned, haring been appointed by the L'r-il);.i'' i K-rivi foranid (ximiiy, Comslisionezs to rexamineandadjust all elaims and demanda oí i the eslate of Dovid Lewiak, ■i, liiM-í.-by (,'ive notice thnt nthsfrozn ;a are allowed, hy onlcr ofeaid Probnte Court, for oreditore-to present theír olaima thc éstate of aaid decenaed, and that they will mee! al the store of Baoh ,v Abel, in the AnnArbor, ín antd county, on Batotday, thetrenty h day of .hily, nd oti Wednesday, tbo twcntieth ii.iv of November next, at ten o'olook a. h. oí N.-ñd d.iys, toreoeive, examine, and odjust aaid olaiima Datc.i,May2üth,A. 1). 1S72. -umfc CHAUNCET II. MlI.I.llN-, n:u:i: n. ABEL, 17."w4 Cominissioncrs. Estáte of Josoph Annin. QTATn OF M K IHIGAN, county of -SVashtenaw, ss. toa of the lrob:ite Court for the county of Wnahtenaw, holden at Uio Probate Office, io tbe tv ut Aun Albor, on Fikhiy, the serenteentb ii;iy .t -M;iy, in the year One uouaand tiílit Iiundrcd uii'l seventy two. i'nsfut, Slram J. ÜTOke, .Tml;eof Probato. In the matter of the ostato of Joscph Annin deceaaed. On iv;[ili-:ï and flling thepotition, duly Teiitted, of William W. Annin. praying that u eartáin instrament now on üWin ttiií l'üurt, paxportü lwt will und testament of Bau] aeoeased muy be ud: . pi-obntc, aml that Otorga Shsranan or some Olb( i nituble person may be appointed Admiuiatrator with the will annexed of anidaeeeHí 'I. Tfacreupon it is ordered, fhat Mondaj, thc sevent enthdayof June oeit, at teno'docklnthe fm-cnoon, il the hearins of aaid peütion, mil that and neiri ai law of said deceaaed! and all other pei'sona intareated in aaid astate, are required to appear al aaeaai ::' Buidoourt, then to be of Aun Albor, and Bhow cnttso, ií" auy thfio lio, why the prayer of the petitioner nhonld nol be granted: Ana it is persona intorestad in tuut estáte, "i the pendeneyoi Kion, and th hearing Uiereof, by eaiuisg a topyol this order Uj be pabiúhod in {'.■■ v I and oirealatinff ;;i said ■ourity, threesnoceBsíre weeks previousto vaid day of le;n'lnfí. (A tvuo copy.) . IIIHAJI J. BEAKES, 13' 5 Jadee of rrobuie. CARD. Mr. CLARA Ii. DAHRO'.V unid respeetftiUT announco to bcr fonncrimírons, and othereintcreetcd thatslie wil] resumo her instrncüon in Tocal nnd Instrumental MdsI?. Shc will olsobrin n clnss for Instrnctlon of childrcn la tho olciuents of Vocal MnslCAlU) licading aud Siiíijinj by nu'.r. Addrees hcr at rcsklunco No. 2S Pourth Street, Ann Arbor. Xlarch "ib, ;s;j. I36ím3 New York Circus Frora Iliopotliciitroii Iron BuiltHn StrcL-t, oppusiU) ïHü Acadcmy of Mu.iit IfewV ll1 L. B. LENT, DÍbbS WILL EXHIBIT AT ANK ARBOB, WEDNESDAY JUNE jth Tlils Colobratod Metropolit an Troupe Whicli M pcrïianently r?(nblifihed in & Bplenfldin idifloe.and occapybig .; frontago of 1511 [en on „■ teonth Street, is the CHf of New York, winocon the om ü dammer vncalion, duiiu which the bniK ing is cloiïed, wich u a' 6MND BXGÜ8S1O1S BV RAILWAY Ihi'ouKti tho conntiy, travellng by spccinl trelw clKirtered for Ihn porpo-e, rith the intecilon 7t Kivlng Min Itihabitanta of other cUIes and towmoiv portunltiea of witneuln; a cnrulnlly teiectcd mo piBinc of those Brilliant, Exci'ilng, aud Elegant Eq. trian Entertaiiirants whfth for jenrs hnvc prnvcd one of the mott pooa]. aiKl succcssful fcnurea of the public amtuenuiii New York. TUF EXTIRE mitin MM bieb hsffperformed fir maoy rnmitha in auceeuloi to the largeat audiencc vvsï drawn ont loarjfi. hbltluD la New Yuik, will nppoar nt eTcry plj w ore enicrtiiimneiitrt are givea during llieproeit to;ir Prominent amoig the WOKLD EENOtVNED AIÏTISTS attachcdto the NEW YÜKIv ('lUCKS.willbefoiBi the iinmc8 of CHARLES W . FISH, without exceptioii the best bare-back wmerunlt and pirouette rider who has evor lived: wholüj . kJ tho most triiiuiphant iccese inhisCÖAl. LBNOK SOMtRSAULT ACT ON A B.iHiJ-B.'.CS HOUSE. M'Ile C VIHFL! ?iK HOLLAND byonrl nil qncstion tho aiost dfiring Ani i-xo. plishefi lady rider living, whn lias bven ereiyütm recelved wlth rlw wildest euthnsiatm lu het woiy drous Ilights froin a Bavk-iiaojc Stkïi. Ia.L.iAvi DUTTOIT, whoeo givccfnl honomfl n fo tbc hithni hocorij over uw . eq,uettrlan, frrtm tiis motcrlil rilnadi hci i f nllnaiiun , aiulwbotUDdll ftbiolutely unnval -tl In hvs farnoua ari : Ctiarininc: Iniant íron, ithur, ÏjÖ PETITK FKANKLIN THE BEAUTIFÜL BABT HURDLE RIDEBf On 1 j ï - ï-'inrv ::tr ■ back Pooies. The Grent tialin Heiwy Cooke The Champion HorsemAii who ie jatïy dlstiagoUretl ju thti ombndlmnt ofekííi, .i-imanx ■. , wht th r iii hfe marvclous Juliuj; fat on ü tluge ■ ar In (tía m-iim 0ccn( act upon SiS Babi ■ aUng ttie FIYE BEST RIDERS IX AMÉRICA? in one rompauy, combrnatïon irhich cfinnot bï cquaií1 In ftny oqueatrian tmnpe In the world. Ata Incinded in this Metropolitan Troupe, are tbe woid rfiil JEE BROTHERS, Win produce IRLTfir0lN tlFSIC fron ROUGÏI SL.YBS OF SÏOXE. TTIie Levantino BrothcrvFJim"18'30' appronchftMt' sl;:l!. lïitls.irrt Ilivers, the Scenic Eqnpstrian. Xhe f rnsiiii5a It roí llcrw, -urprisins AcroWf Julián Kent, '.'.f. tin-ai Amcrkaa cluwn Gfo. Nice, Ihe amotjs Grol Wm. lïvnry .lt:c, the Tr'ck Clown. ('has. Seeley, the h mptim.Tnmblar. Jno Kntrhclo-.-, til Equilib Kurt Forcst aiid Ktt t nrson, Cbamp:o Loapers . Me, illorciin, Icivill-, TOorri full and efficiënt I orps of A:ixili;iiic8. A grent featnre of the New York Circuí1 conetíta in th' LAIiGEST AND HAKDSOilEST STCD OF L7RCÜS HOBSES AN 1) POSIES, ' on clii.s continent, nono ol which are nfiver used'0 any other pw pose thnn the exerc! - "f the nrena. A novel ïMiciv.-.tioii will w miule mi thftern'""' ol the Circus Performances, bj ;uii?:iiutiif I PBCJ of ihe nnliiüir.v Knal nrfs. th" hisrlily sensationsi an0 lVllOWIK'd LKiil'MAI: Y Sp; CT' OF Jack Ths.Giant Killer WIilcli wil] l.o tnithfullv lllnstratcd h.r acorrertrtreseutation of ttita vauikd anïj nxuiTtxo incident pertaisiHi I tlús isüo "i!r which hri(T.s nn endnrfus i11 Fliion among the 7O.. i-i. iioNs iu1 Tiii' v; -i'. And hne ever bpen n voru TI1KÏIK OF n! I.NiMT lOl' lllO 1 J VII t lf WOtli. Oue of tho grent featurss ofthc NKW YORK CIBCU ia Prof. Chas. Soswold'a BR&.SS AND REED BAND This I!.;nJ is THBEIÏ tlMES AS I AROB Baiid ever fiiiartud to :ury nili'r Oircnf, cpntnin" TWKM'Y-Fivk MEMBERS, An;l will para Ie the principal stroata aoont 10 A '(■' lu ihe LARGE T, most massiw, aud elabore canod aml decorated GOLDEN CÍIARTOT! Kvcrconftructe:!, nmldrairn by the aacilsomM1 TCflTll rf TWENTT-FOL'R H0RSES, That tho world c.-.n proilnco Tho öolden Clwriot wïï] bo followed ly ;t TEAM OF TWB„VS PilRY E' MES The Rmallet aiul i'rottiest In the woiM. The rniform o( tMs Uand togorgcropa Ix'.vonü ocx-riptlon, coítloír the fum ol , CIRCUS TENT II' 'WS' jikI beat conatructedClicus Ten. wiihmore "?' , ij. ter ou.-iiv than any other nrcna 't" America, and will be Briiliaiuly IUuminated with Gtaj (lmi8aion,ro Cts. Children ODder 10. S '■'■ No8ta n. Sr.ns ror All. Doon l-B it 2 and T. liraiid Bntree at 2 !■-' nd 8. , Tickets ciw be tsetnred Fn advanco t (g"m.llh, Flpk's Book Sloro. I lic Sew Yurk Circa " at YpEilar-ti, Jukc h, C.M. JroU A=eB


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