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The regular term of tho Circuit Court „peil o" MondftV next. lieat is reported Improylog slnce tha )t cool ralns. -n insta!) ment of tlio eqninoctial dneslnce March aist, a psld on 'Tlie rarmersln all thls reglón have „leglad by niius out I ffcutlK-'1' ïoportj ,C189-Day at the University is set ' „f UV :lm-si!:iy ncxt, Kiul the BlgUt ■S public are ctting rcady to be -Ia to the presftlng demaftda of the ',„ presldcntlal campáis, the Bxeoa" V"nittec of the Miehlxan 'PubllshJjociatton hav annoonced that the ,1 meeting, set down by the Constituir the secomi Tuesday In June,-at Bd Rapicls,- wlll not be held. The and other merabèrs of tlie Asso Eflthlnk tbey have a cali to Philadel :,', bout thnt time : to witness a sonvention ratify the decrees o( ,Jin!r Cncus." .tures on tlie TnUli of tlie Cliris Beliglo"." twelve in aumber, dellvered Lthostudentfl of tlie University, by .. i)r. CocKKn, have boen pobiisjied at l'rtqaest of tlle sellior class. Havlug" -jncarly tlie entira coane we can pro feethem iuterosting.lnstnictive, broad. lm rom cant. T'mse who heard them v!io werc denleil that privilege ore a copy. For sale by Gil. KK. , examina tlon ot caudldates for anny ,n,Ty cadetships; - West Polnt and „ipolls - was coinraenccd at Adrián on v request of llon. II. Waidron, nhMSiiappointmont toeach iastltutiou ■sal. A.fter soitie physleal reir uuder Bize and dlsabilitiea - tmre tweoty-eJght candldates, 18 for '-mny, 9 f''r tlie uavy, and 1 for eltlier.


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