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Tennessee Democratic State Convention

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Asiivii.i.K, May 'J. - Tho Democratie Stato Convention assembled at the Capítol to-day at noon. Delegates appeared frota overy county in tho State. TneConvention was org ■■■'■ ■ 1 by the selection oí' B. J. Sea, oí' Haywood, as President, and the appointment ot' othor ofKeers. John C. Bruwn was nomin&tad by aoclamation tndidate íor re-election for Governor. Reaolutions were adopted, first, indoraing the administration oí' Gov. Brown; seooud, providing í'or tbe appointment of-a State Executive Committee; third, reqüiring ís cardinal points of Democratie íaith the following : Tlie dreservation of local State rrernments ajgainst tlu; Federal government and cénit ion of power; the equality of all ifore tin' and the equal partic-.ipníion of all citizens in the rights and of the govenxtnent the gubordination ofthe military to the civil nuthority ; the inviolability oí' tho riglit of tlie íif:ation of corrupt oivil Bervice of th iraent, economy in the expenditures of the eovernment, and fitiflit'ul oomplianee with its obligations; the prosorvation oí' the natíonal honor at home and abroad ; the unión of the States with all the guarantees of the Constitutiou rospected ; to oury-out these principies ira are ready to OO-Operate with all' hood citizins in the penúinfr Presidential eontost, rrespeotive of party. The resolution declares that, inasmu the Convention of Liberal Republicana have presente i to the country the ñames of Hornee Greelej and B. Gratz Brown as oandidatea for fresident and Vicelent, pledged to maintain and enforcé the doctrine abovo enunciated, and have invited tho co-oporation of all pat riotic citixens in their sopport, we deesa it but part of patriot duty to declare La thc contest now well upon U8, the ñames deserve the support of every patriot in tho land as against the ticket representing the principli ■-. policy and practico of the present Federal iidministration, and while reafflrming our purposea and desire lervethe integrity of tho Demooratic party, we do, nevertheless, doolare in our behalf, and as we are well satisfied in Ijehalt of thr: poople wc represent, that in our opinión they, with the ligli foro us, the preseatation of c for tho Presidcucy and Vioe-Preeedenoy of tho Democratie party of' the nation would be unwiso, unnecessary a;vl cxoeedingly dangerous to tho welfare of the people at largo. The flfth resolution proi'or the appointment of delegates to the Democratie National Convontion, tho delegates to bo instructed to carry out thc spirit of tlif foregoing declara tions. Ihe Sixth provides for tho seleotion of two Senatorial cleetors, leaving tho Beleotion of the remainder to the tríete. Thc rusolutions gave riso to debate, in which gomo feefing was manifested, but were adopted by a lare mn,jority. Tho committec is still in session. IToracc Maynard, of Tenncssoe, is jalled the " House interrogation point."


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