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The New York Wool Market

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New Yiikk, May 1". The phrase "between hay and gruss" expresaos the present oondition of the wool market exuctly. The oíd wool has been used aud the new haa not como to hand. Farmers are bnsy with planting, ■nul no ivm.l is yi't being ghorn in the Central and Northern StateB, except in Eüentuoky. In palifornia And Texas the wool is now al! offtho eheep's baoks, and a few small lots liave been Bhipped to Now York. The Toxas clip is small tilia yoar, and the wool appears to be in good and will donbtless scil ibout as fast aa received. It is bringin iïom 50 to 55 cents. The California clip is largor than last yoar, aud is boing slowly bought up from the farmers by 8an Franoiaoo dealers, who hold it at high prioeo. Suoh lots as havo come to murkct have been short and mushv, and aru doubtless no sample of tho bulk of the c.-lip. It is understood, howcver, that the staplo this season, although sound, is short, and that tho fat feed of the pust winter has oharged it more hcavily with greuso than usual. The present q'Krtiitions ure equal to nbout 57c, curroucy, for freo wool, shrinkin;: 55 percent. - $1 30 scoured : 52o, ourrenoy, ior free wool, shrinking 60 per cent. - $1 30 scoured. . From all wo nan eathor we juclgo that it will be impossible to buy California wool for two months to come at less thiui $1 'Ij, scourod.J Some Georgia wool is arriving, and solls readily at üöc. California wool nothaving roached this market, mui of hor kinds of domestio bo ing absent, sales are confined almost exolnsiTely to foreign, A Aiarked feature of the trado ia tho unsalability of poor and irregular lots. Buyers negleet everything but ío1 wool, and will continuo to do so until speculation bcttins nfjain. Good Port Pliilip is bding sold duily at (52 l-2aü7 l-2o. Cupe lias been tftken more frocly lately, owing to the declino in price. Lots yielding 97 pounds scoured can be had at 45c, or $1 21 1-2 Bcoured, Montevideo wool is very popular, and tho stock of it has been roducod very mni'li. ïhe opening of tho domestic clip is now the great subject of couversation among wool men. It ïs useles8 to attempt to colculato what the prico will bo, but we will venture the opinión that what little Ohio wool there is now on thi market can be bought cheaper to-day than tho same wool can bo luid down here from Ohio sx montas heneo. ín England, where in a much higher latitudo the equableness of tho climate pormits earlier shearing tfaau here, the íiew clip is being sold at from 2 to 5 per cent, abovo the closing prices of tho oíd. To doubt tho sanio thiug will appear here in due Rcason. In view of these facta tho wool markot preseuts a quiet espect overywhero. The reason is obvious : Oíd stocks are cleaned out, and thore is but littlo desirablc wool offoring, while tho "iu:ir approucli of our new clip of fleeco wool maken a "bear" of almost every one interested in the staplo apart from tho farmor. The sales for the week ineludo 8,000 Iba X Michigan, 76 l-2c ; 3,000 Iba. Georgia, 07c ; 2,500 lbs. do., 58c ; 2,000 lbs. do., 66o ; 1,000 lbs. fleece, heav}-, 07 l-2c; 2,000 do., unmerchantable, 5Gc ; 2,000 lbs. State floece, 71c; 8,000 lbs. unmerchantablu fleece, on private terins; 0,000 lbs. tub, 90c; 40 bales choice super pulled, 80íSjc ; 10,000 lbs, do.; 7-l7)C ; 10,000 lbs. extra do., 73c; 400 lbs. do, 40o j 0,000 lbs. extra do., on private torms ; 25,000 lbs. supor do., 75c ; 50 baga l'-, 72 1-2 78c ; 20 batrs choioe do., S3 ' l-2o ; 4,000 lbs iScutari ianibs, 55c ; 10 bules California fall clip on private terms ; 10,000 lbs. scoureddo., $1 lOal 12. - U. ÍS. Economist. fiheidÈRlii T)cnn.iiT. - In thiscompiHÚit Ilio gooil effftct of th Vui.iij :m-, jiií reulizetl imiucdiíitely after :ommencii] to tukc it ; as dobiüty donotei defloJency 5f the blood, and Vkoeti iy aipon the blood. Theie ia no remedy that wül restore the henlth iliïy like Va -y. It is nourishing ind atieDgthenin, puxifiea tiie bloml, regnlatwibe rvotu Bystcm, actB directly apon ihe secretious, nnd arouseí tlio whole Bjateiu tu aotion. [t luis never failed in this couiplaint.


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