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Charcoal On Flower Bushes

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A correspondent of tbe Revue Horticole givos a strong illustr.ttion of thG value of of charcoal applied to roso bushes. Having purchased aiinely-growingrole bush, the flowors of which proved to be of a faded hue, he put in the pot a half inch. indepth of pulv├╝rizodcharooal. The bada which blossonied after a few days gave as livoly rose-colored flowers as cuuld be desired. The experiment of taking off and putting ou charcoal was tried uutil there could be no doubt of its oiHcsicy in deepeiiing tho color of the petals. He then tried powdered charcoal in large quantities on petunius, and fouad that both the white and tho violut-colored flowers wore equally sensitivo to its actiou. Ycllow flowers appear to be sensible to Ihc iufluence of charcoal. A barrel of fine charcoal from tho woods, frushly burned, will enable us to try the effect of a liberal applioation in tho ├╝ower beds. It wiil niake :v vast difference if the soil and the fertilizers are in condition to be utihzed by the treus, shrubs, or plants. The roots take up only the soluble matorial, henee the nocessity and value of thorough ploughing and harrowing, aud constant, stirriug of tho ground, during the growing seasou.


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