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Green Corn For Fodder

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■A spondunt of the Country Qenltetnan says : Hftving three cows, and not Uaving tho grass for tbem, 1 cuncludcd to soil thoin with sowod corn euürely. I commenoed about tho first of June, and have i'ed them bountifully over since, with tho aid of IS or 20 head of suiill loose cabbago apieoe. Xow for the result : ïho oow, that would have givon on grass 20 quarts por day, now gives only 12 quurts; No. 2, instead of 14 quarts per day, now only 8 ; No. '}, a hei&r that did give in the pust winter, on dried stalks and foed, G quarts per day, now only 2 quarts. The three cows are perooptibly decroasiiig in mille every day, and I fcar, by tho time cool weathei sota in, there will bc more mille taken f rom t3ie corn than iïom the cows. Thoy have fcshady, cool yard to run in during the dy, aiiil ure stabled at night. I was always ouder the impression tlmt sowed eorn was a great supj)litii' of milk. But I Jiave co)i:ü to the eonclu3ion, eo far as theso cows show, that sowwl corn fed alone and continually is not as valuablc as we think. But grass and sowed corn fed togetlier are all that we can ask."


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