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From the Journal of the Farm. Verily ours is an age of progresa and iniprovemeut. Tet in all, or nearly ;tll, of the prevailing fasliions and custoins thore is tho natural tendcncy of Auioricanigiu to extremos. Tho lady who can appear with the smallest skimnier as a covering for the head or the largest oliignon, or the gentleman who can sport a little tho finost moustacho, or wear the richest olothos, or rido in the lightest vehicle, beforo which spoeds a horso tli;tt can exoel all others by a few .ooonds less iu a niilo ; or the furiner who can oxeel his noighbor by a few acres in tho magnitude of his farm, or harvost his crops a fow days the soonest, all this, and ïnuch more, seems üo be the essoutial aim and ambition of the sons and daughters of America. For tho past few years we havo observed going the rounds of the press tho repetition of tho two words, " Cut Early," until with mowing machines nrid tlio extra exertion of tho farmer competitdrs, the gras is indeed cut eurly, and so early in many instancos as tobe all 80cured in the barn at about the samo season of the yoar that theso self-samo men or.thoir fathers boforo themused to thinlc of commoncing, say from the teuth to tho fifteenth of July, reading in their papen and talking the while of the wise policy, or tho absolute necessity of eutting the graas early, as if indeed it was au actual impossibility to cut it too eiurly. Now, aa " too much of a good thing spoils the wholo," so too much of the good practice of cutting the grass oarly may result in much injury. Now, whilo there are two roaona, such as they are, advttncod by tho advocates of early outtiug, we claim that there ure at least twico that number of reasons for the opposito sido of the quostion. The two reason are : lst, grass cut early, as in June, is so ranch botter relished by the farm stock than if cut later. 2d. If cut early there will be a largor growth of tho aftermath ; while on the other hand the reasons or argumenta re : lat, grass cut oarly or when fully grown, as the lattor part of July, will insuro a largor qaantity than if cut in June, when but one half or two-thirds grown. 2d. Grass l cut at this season, or when fnlly matured, will, bulk for bulk, go about one-third further than th&t cut four weoka earlier. 3d. As the grasa when fully matured oim in general be cut down and rot up the same day therefore the labora of th hay field will be thus matorially facilitated. 4th. A continued early cutting of the grass, or before the juice has beoome fully devolopcd, and espocially if cut closo, or below the iirst joint, will so exhaust tho vitality of the roots as to naturally run out the grass. As a practical illustration of our second roason, we will here tako occasion to state that last season, or the lattor part of June, we cut on shares a quantity of grass for a noighbor, an advocate of early cuttiug, also, after we had completed our own haying, tho 28th of July, we ohancod to cut for another nuighbor. Of the flrst lot cut our cows this winter consumed on an avertvge daily 32 lbs. each, and of the second lot cut 18 lbs. each, and apparently about as we!l satislied as that of the foruier, though, of cour3e, not so well calculated to produce a flow of milk. Now, while we would not advocate the extreme of too early cutting, we would also discfird that other extreme practised, as wo have hmird teil. by our forefathprs, of dolaying tho cutting of grass until the aftermath has attained a considerable growth, thus " killing twó birds with ono stone," or cutting two crops at ouco. As a gonc-ral rule, we say, cut the grass as MMii iis ic reachea uiaturity, or when in iull bioom, or before if lodged ; cut orchard grj,ss and white daisies first, next oiover, and last tiinothy - thelatter while in secoud "blow ; " or cut from tho ñrst of July till tlie tenth of August, as the occasion may require. In other words, select as a favorable time to cut your giass a soason aboxit midway between that of our forofathers and tho advocates of early cutting, as fouud at the present day. O. A. P. Greenc, 2VT. F., Fel. 23.


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