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The Milk Mirror In Cows

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A oorrespondent in Andovor, Mass., asks U8 to explaiu the meaning of tlie torm " niilk-niirror." This is used to describo that portion of the animal's hide oa and near tho udder, on whioh the hair grows in tho opposito diroction from that of tho adjoining parte. The lino of demarcation botwcen the two is generally quite distinct, and constituted what is eallod a "quirl," the up-growing and down-growing hair meeting soinotimes quito abruptly. More ofton the chango of dirwction is more gradual, but it is clcar enough to bo seen at a glanco, especially iu suminer, whon tho coat is ulean and the hair is short. The signiiieanee of the uiirror was discovored by a Frenen cowherd, named Gueuon, who classiiied the different forms of mirrors, and estublished a systeru by which he claimod that he csuid teil, trom au oxam iuation of tho mirror alone, how much milk auy individual cow would givo (supposing her to be of average sizo ftnd in good hoaith), what would bo tho quality of tho milk, aud how rapidly sho would baoome dry after becoinhig impregnated again. This discovery was subjected to a very critieal examination m 1837, by a committee of the Agrieultural society of Bordeaux. About sixty animáis wero submitted to Guenon's inspection, and his Btutomeat ooneeming thcni was recoided aad afterwaids compared with the statements of tho owners of tho cattlo. Thy wore found to agree in overy in'stanco. Other trials iu different parts of Franca were equally auccessfu!, and high honors have been awarded to Mons. Guenon for his discovery. Ia other eouutries tie euccess of tho system has been no less markod. That it is a carefully arrangcd aystem is showu by the fact thut others have attained an equal efficiency with its discoverer in applyiug its irineiples to practico, and although the minute classifieatioii that has boen given by tho discovcrur tuay, perhaps, be quostioned, there is no longer the least doubt of the fundamental soundness of the idea. Iu America, as well as in all countries of Europe, it is fust becoming a recognizod standard by which to determino the milkiug qualitios of cows, and to foretell tho proiniso of calves and .the probable breedine value of bulls.-


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