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Novel Scene In A Court Room

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Vroin the Providente Journal. An unusual scène took placo yesterday af ternoon duriug tho trial of the case of Burgcss vs. Andorson. Tho caso is brought to rocover moneys won at vurious time3 from tlio plainliff at faro by fiauduleiit prácticos. 'The pluintiff used, as an illustration ot the tochnicalities of the gamo, a complete faro table, with its apparatus for marking and a silvor cutkoeper's box. Au expert, Mr. Daniel ]i. Holme, took his soat at thö tablo and played the game, tlio counsel aud othor spoctutors betting on tho cards, uiul several of the spectators won thoir bots, al though luck was largoly iu favor of the iuik. He thon took a set of " strippers," tii: is, a pack in which certain of tho oari .. werc trimmod at the sides to an edge, unobservablo to thu eye, but easily perceived by the touch of the dealer. By this devieo the dealer kuevv the position of any oari.1, and by dealing two at a timo when necessary, was able to make thu oposite playors loso at will. Xhis false deck of cards boing ineortcd in the box, tho spectators, botting at choico ugainat the bank, found that the dealer distributcd tho favors of fortune all to himsolf, and were at onco convinced how immonl a t.hing gambling rs. The exp? rt testifled that ho had boon in the service of tho defendant, and usod tho "strippors" to del'raud his innocent customfrs. The defendant denii-, ) he OB6 oí tho " kin game," und says tho story of the export isa ïabrication, resulting from persomil enmity. Ilowever that may be, that such a sinful gamo is possiblc; seemed to bo pretty clearly dcmoiistrated in open coult.


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