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Guests Of The Heart

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Thcy mil und tíiey answcrcflch other- They anawer anti mingïe atún- Ah the dcep und the shnll in au uut hem MaltA Imnuony stil! in lin-ir -struin ; As tliü VOÍC68 f sLiiinjls iningle In V e motiiiUiiiioi'srt'gïunsof snow, Till froin. hill-top to liill-top n chorus Klu.iLs down to tho vuUoya bolow. The shadowi, the iiro-li[;ht of even, The sound ut tlM r:iin'sdi.stniii chimo, Come brmRing, with min softly dropping, Swcc-t 1 JiuiífíhtH oí a shudowy time ; TIn slumbearoufl .he of Bccluion, i-lom iiiorjn mid ihtrudcn? uloof, W it ui wlica W heur in tbe midnight T.u patt rof mino i tht roof. "When tho spirit (roes forth in its ycarnings, To takc all its wmidertTs home ; Or, afar in the regions of fjuicy, Delights on Hwiti ptnions to roamt I quietïy sit by the HruÜglit, The fírelight eo britíht und fio warm- For I know tlwt those ouly wlio love me "Will teek me through shadow und storm. Iïnt shnnld thcy bc absent this orening, Should even tlie hoiifehold dupnrt - Deerlik!, 1 .slutuld not hc lont-ly ; 'i'lif-rp wou 11 itll bo guesfc In niy hc.trt. Tije face oi' ftíenda thot 1 oheashi 'i'iiu Biuilft .nul the (rlftKcc tnoé the tone, Will baant me w herever I wnnder, Adu Lhus I hui uvw uloue.


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