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Be In Earnest

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Be in earnest ! If you have anything to accomplisU, go at it with a will, and let no barrier deter yoxi that raay be gone Hrounil, borno down or cliiubed ovev. Longing and wishing, although thoy niay opon the door for aotion, amuiuit to very little unless tbe feéf aro swii't and the hands williug ; unloss tho purposc is arleiit, the wijl power slrong, and t'uith louká daringly torward to tho consuiumation Be in earnest! If you have a ditch to dig, or a shirt to inake, do not repino and íigil ovor tho drudgery OÍ lii'u, but bend yourself to the tsisk, and be i.-ísured that the strongest man or most o;rx'rl woman would have done tho saino nu better, ánd tiií-n, suroly, you muy gloi-y a Uttlu in its compl-ition. A blaoksmith miy, and has, becouio world-renowned, not becauge tho work was grand, but it was done grandly. He took the saine rough iron as his smutty compuuion, but gavo it moro thought, moro turus and brightvr poüsh, .lid would be satisfied ouly with the best, BO he woke up ono morning to find hiuiscíf fanion-;. Be in earnest' If you ara talking to another let hiin or her í'tel that your tongue uttors tho convictions of your soul, and that your aetions aro tho result of tritd principie ; then, be he friend or loe, ho will kuow whoro you stand, and be prepared to. mout yon fuco; to face. Look uround you. ís there anything in Ufe that does not require yonr mightiegt help or effort ? The world is full of shadOW8, where only s'rong bare anus aro needed to cloar away tho rubbish and brokon boughs, to lot warm sunshino lay caressingly in tho darkonod places nnfl qnicken into Ufe 1ho geims of sweotest líowers that, hid beneath SL'arel, withtrtid leaves, lay ohill and dead araid damp and f rost. Bo in earnest! You have but one today, añil when it is gone it is gone forever. Tho sim bends sieadilto the western horizon, and your shoaves must be cut and bound whilo tho day lasts, if you would count thera with satisfaction at the twilight hour. Thre is not a monwiit to be wasted. Morning aud evening, seed time and harvest, givo you tho samo loud cali to th'j vineyard of life, ánd 'urnish labor and eward to every willíng workor. "The keen spirit seizes the prompt occasion, makos tho thought start intoaction, and at once plans and performs, resolves and" Glance ovor the field and mark tho glorious work, Tht?ro are wrongs to be met, vioes to bo uprooted, and riiht to bo made triumphant. Thero are hearts to be comportad, feeble eft'orts to be kindled by your own. And for these you ean only be propared by giving your whole heart to present duties, and by doing the lowest work as wcll as it eau possibly be done. Then whnn new labor und liigher work comes, it will be taken up joyfully, and the ability will grow with the occasion. Bo in earnest ! Got up in the morning. " Let no gras grow under your foet." If you havo a log to chop, make your axe fly and let the chips attest to your indnstry. If you have a lesson to learn, put heart and brain to tho effort, that the harvest of knowledge may bo plenteous and golden. And whether you have a sermón to preach or a shoe to peg, dishf s to wash or a bc.ok to write, be in earnest - earnest in your speech, euraest in your actions, oarnest 'n your life, never forgetting the text, " Whatover your hands find to do, do it with all your might." " TjOt il, thon, ho up nnd flomgf, "ih a he;irt Toy iny f:vto, Slill achi(!ving, 3till iunuin(j, ! -i -un to labor aüü to walt."


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