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In the new building of the Department of Agricultura at Washington, thehi-ppiost being will bo Townsend Glover, thn naturalist; hini to whom our farmers apply for a knowledge of what birda eatthe apples, ami what worm gots into ;he beet root. Glover is a Brazilian by tho accident of birth, a Yorkshire Kuglishmau by parentage, a Germán by t.-du7 catión, an Ainericau ly ad ption aid en-. thusiasm. IL.' is a hingulur looking nian, short, thick, èar-sighied, peculiar, and au dmjrabïc Crichtoh in tho peculiax' arts. AgricuHurc has b#eu hiafatiatjcisui tor foity yruis. He p:iuts, models in. piaster, eng : -n. analyzës and invenís with C4U11I faoility. Ilis passion is tu be the fonmW'oi' an index imushhh to all tho pr ducts of the American contnent, from cottou tv coi] o 1, from pitchpine to wiue. Heretoïore he has had ouly tivo litÜe rooms in tlie dingy basement cf tho Pátent Oftice : hordaíter he is to havo a handsome wuseuiu-room in the new building, 103 by 52 feet, aud 27 feethigU. His objects, airea ly Iargely perfected, iro to bo methodised, by modols aud specimens, the natural histoi y , disease?, paran sitos and remedies of every individual produot in America. For oxaniplo : A man wants to movo to Kevada. What ase tlie products of Nevada ? (lover has a Feries of cases devoted to that State, modela of all its i'ruits, herrie?, pi-opared spnoimens of its birds, illustrations of. ita oereals, flora, grasses, trees. A small pam - phlet oonveys the same iuformhtion. Tho man knows what to expect of Xevada. A man forwards a bha'-bird : is it tolerable or düstructivc, to be eoooprtfed Of b.naiod r Glover forwards the names of fruits, etc, whioh the blue-bird eats. He wil! show you, in living workinp: condition, the whole lifo-tiinc pi n 00000a; tho prooosa of Sen island cotton, i'rom tli' poit manufacture; the eeonomical hist..ny of the eonnnon goat ; the proeofses Of iiemp from the field to the hungman. Every mail brinjís to him a hawk, a 8tranj;e species of lish, a blasted potato, a peculiar gi af g which poisons tho eow. He is the most dogged naturalist in the world, probably ; a wrestlcr with the coutiniiit. a bachelor, married to his pursuits - oae of those odd beings hid awyin the recesses of government, whose work is in itself his own fa me and fortune.-


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