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Senator Ferry Defines His Position

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NEW Haven, May 23:- The following letter from United States Sonator O. S. Ferry, to Hon. J. S. Forris, of Stanford, Üonn , cloarly defines his position on National questions, and willbe found ïntoresting just uow. Washington, May 16, 18(2. ífon: J. B. Ferris, Stanford, Conn : My Deak 1 thank you for your cougratulatiotts They ate pecuharly tfratifvina fíom so oíd and valued a fnend w youïeTf. I do not know Why any one shoüld tnisapprthend my political position on account of what has happoned. Í have never concealed my opmions. My 1-ecord in the Senato is opon to crerybody. I believe as firmly as ever in the doctrines whichlliaVo ftdVocatod for the last 16 years, sihee' tile líepüblican party had a national existehco. Thcre are certaiu ideas, indeed, which havo grown mto jïrorainence sinco the passage of the acts of reconstruction, in wlnch I do not believe 1 tlo not believe in the continuaftce Of political dlsabilities after they have become a needless and mnchievous irritation without a single good rwult. I do net believe in nnscalled " Oml Eights" bilis, subversivo of local self-government and destructivo of tho school systeui of whole groups of States. I do not believe ín the re-enactment of tlie EqKIuï ay, after it luis uxpired by lts on litnitation and has accomphshed all tUat was originally allegei to be its purpose. The trnth is, that sinco the adoption of the last three amenduients to tho Constitutiou of the United States, and the closing up of tho war question, our foreigu relations and our domestic policy iil matters of financo and revenue are again assuming their natural proniinence. To intrust theso great interests to an Administration raado up and controlled by Mr. Oreeley would bo mere midsunimer madness. The administration of the State De païtment durine: tho last three years has proserved' for ttio nation an honorable peaco in tiie midst of the most delicate and cmbarrisssiiyg oompllcations, both with Great BriUi'n and Spain, while that of the Trcasury has steadily onhanced tho public credit and proraoted the business interests of the country. I do not appreciato the wisdom of thoso who, instearl of all this, would press an untenablp claim upon England tt tbo risk of war, would recognizo the belligcrency of tho Cabai contrary to every principio of international law, and' would diminish permanontly the specie reserves in the Federal Treasury to ten or twelve mülions of dollars at whatever hazard to the public credit. There are otter matters to which I iuight alluder birt thoso are perhaps euoiigh. You and I will continue in the old RepuWAcan track. If new issues arise wo will think and act as our eonvictions of expediency and duty require, and always be hopeful for the fAiture of our coatitry. Tours truly, O. S. FERRY.


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