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Letter From A Democratic Member Of Congress In Favor Of Greeley

Letter From A Democratic Member Of Congress In Favor Of Greeley image
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Titusville, Pa., May 24.- The Titusviïle Courier to-morrow morning will pilblish letter from Hon. Samuel Griffith, Democratie member of Congross frdnttho TwentietU Pennsylvania Iistrietf, from which the following are extracts : Tour editorial of the 20th j tled "The Tidal Wave" inoets niy j ified approbation, and the approval of the calm, thoughtful TQcmbors of this House, to whom I have submitted it, and I awure you that at least tbur-iifths of the Detnocrats here take tho same view of the situatioti-and the course that patriotisin and düty requires in this important critiCül juncturo oí our national affairs. W-hat the people need and deroand, and must will have, is reform extending to'every department and branch of tho govemmout, oxpelUng plundevers from the public treasury, iustituting a real, gonuine civil service reform. In accomplishing this great national work we all have our favored leaders. I would profer, of course, a Democrat, but the work must be done, and if I cannot aceomplish it under my favorite general, I will still do it under a good and honest man. Gen. Grant cannot do it, not so uiucb. becauso of hia unwillingness, but because of the riMg tlat aniToand, control and govern hiiu, and who havo ridiculed and defeatod all his oLfoits at civil service reform. The con test, in my opinión - and I havo endeavorod carefully to watch and note pablic opinión hero and elsewhore - ia fast narrowing down to Grant or Greeley ; and in sueh. a contest I have no trouble inmaking ra j choiee. I believe Greelsy hotiest and eapable, and therefuro up to the oíd Jefforsonian standard of office, and sec no reason why all good men cunnot uuito and elect hini, andthus ■ave the country out of the hands of the plunderers and inaugúrate an era of peace and good feeling among the citizene of all sections of our country, and integrity, honesty and econoiuy in the laptirtments of the govemment. These are great national objects, and for their aceomplishment I will yield, will sacrifico niuch, anything execpt principio and honor.


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