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- Sonator Sumher has written a lettt-r ! ' 'avoring thoroughly testing the oiglitïour law. Ho says ! " Horo let me oonVss that I find thÍ3 law espeoiaily valuadlo becauso it promises more time foreducatiou and general improvcmont. lt ' he experiment is suoccssful in that nspi;ct, I shall be less curious on the quys.ïon of pccuniary profit aud loss ; for to my mind tho eiluc ation of tho humnn 'amily is above dollars and dividendg." 3ut how about bread and beef, beans and Jutter, beer and bolognas, cabbage, nlieMS and crackers, potatoes, picklgs and prctzols, situsago, saurkraut and sugar, Uu, xmiatoes andtuinips, and provisions generally, Mr. Rumnerl1 - The Grttnd Eapids Times having tlamöd the Hon. A. H. Morrison, of Berrion Countj", as tho Liberal Republican Candidato for Governor, the St. Joscph Ileralil withdraws hira from the courso. A suggestion jast hero : Before the Liberal licpublioans parcol out the offices, wouldn't it bo well to make a close canvass and determine whother or 110 thero is a Buffiotent number of outspoken Liberal llepublicaug to fill tho bill. Tlinre raay be, but if so they are " fíglitin shy," - 'Waitiiig for Baltiraor?, we suppose. - The eíght new Bishojis of the M. E. Chufch wero orfiainotl on Fridny last. Prior to tlieir ordination a resolution was adoptod requiring them tú take up thüir residences ouo at or noar tho followin" o places: S.n Francisco, St. Louis, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Council Bluffs or Omaha, and St. Paul, selection to be made by the Bishops in tho order of their seniority in offico. Drawing it fine, considerins that they were electcd five onO day and tbrce tho next, and all ordained the same ííy. - A divring ou trage was poriiotrated uport the sick and aiffictctï, in the U. S Senato on Tuesday last: that is by refusing to put assiiftstidii and calomel on tho free list. Some compensation, however, was obtained by 3Ir. Chandlor moing to take dd brass from the freo list, whioh prevailod. Radical horn-tf oters aro notto get their capital in trado at redueed rates for the campnign. It must have boon after 4 o'clock P. M. or Zaek wouldn't have made such a motion. - And now comes damo Rumor and reporta that IToratio Seymour is to be Seeretary of State if Grucley is elected ; also that Greeley has prornised to support tho Domocratie oandidate for Governor of New York at the November elee tion. To b.o taken with many grains of allowance. - Mr. Sumner " gets up his back up " over the New York 'luimen' statement thivt ho said in executive session " that Great Britain should have been promptly noti fied when she proposd to break up tho tribunal that there woull bo war." He "never said no such thing" - in exocutive session or out of it. - Uon. D. W. Voorhees mado a spoech to his constituents, at Torre Haute, Ind., ou tho 25th, assigning his reasons for refusing to advise or consent to the a;coptance of Grooley by the Baltimore Conven tion and the Deniocraey. It was a poweiful bill of indictment oí Horacu Greeley. - An anti-secret sooiety con vontion, composed of a couple of dozen volunteers, was held at Oberlin, Ohio, last week, and nominated Charles Francia Adams for President, and Gen. Howard, of Chicago, for Vioo-President. - The colored men of Detroit met in mass meeting a few days ago, docland conlidenco in Grant, promiscd hiin their vetos, and denounced the cries oí oorruption as coming from a " gang of hungry cormoraivts." - The Eev. E'. G. Andrews, oae of the newly elected M. E. Bishops is a nephew of C. I. and E. C. Walker, of Detroit, and was a class-mate of Prof. Wïnchell, of this city. He s the youngest of tho eight " elect." - The fritnds of Colfax claim 150 delogates instructed in his favor, and 100 favorable but.uninstructod ; and so tho deoliued Smiler expocts to be renominated dospito his smiling declinings. - According to tho new Newspaper Directory of Geo. P. Eowell & Co., there are 67 papers in Michigan got up on the "ro-operative" plan, another torm for patent out'ards and in'ards. - The late Lake Superior minors' strike is estimated to havo cost tho miners a loss, in tim and wages, of $72,000 ; and without accomplishing either object of their strike. - The Irisb havo been reported all for Greeley, but an article in another column from a leading Catholic jonrnal would $3em to brand the report as unfounded. - Quoen Victoria, it is announced, will not appear at tho coming Peaco Jubilee Concert in Boston : and so that duet witlr Grant will not como off. - Wo trust that Greeley knows something about swimming, for a nerspapor heading says tho Chicago Time has thrown him overboard. - Greeley does not seem to bo gaining ground very fast either in the affections of the ïemooracy or with tho disaffected Republicans. - The Adriatic made her last trip from New York to Qucenstown in sevea days and sixteen hours, the fastost voyago recorded. - Tho Brooklyn Investigating Committee claim to have unoarthed 11,000 illegal votes pollod at tho last city election. - Go and return tiokots to tho Pliiladelphja Convention, from Detroit, are fixed at $HS.7ö, good until June löth- Bon. Butler is instruetod to support Wilgen for Vice-President, and selocts low Wilson instoad of tho Senator. - Tennie ti. Claflin's latest proposition is to organizo a rogiment of Internationals with herself as Colonel. - The mother of tho Emperor Francis Joseph, of Austria died at Vicuña on tho 28th inst., of typhoid fevur. - "Biglnjun" Bed Cloud and suite were received by tho President on Wed nesday. - Wcndell Phillipa don't liko Horaco (Sreeley or Charles Francia Adams. Too bud. - Jüne -3d is now tho dato flxed upon for the sint ! adjournmont of Congross. lx nu House, onMonday, Mr. Poi.axd ttttompted to put through the Ku Klux ur e '.i eofptu suspension bill unilcr a susponsion of fult1, but failed to got the necessary two-thirds voto, or oven a majority, tha votó beifig : yeag, !)4 ; mvys, 108. 'X'i Republicana votcd with the Demócrata ngainst suspension, including Messrs. Hi.aik and Stottgiitox of this Stato. Without a suspension of tho rulos the bill oanuot bc reftched tliis session, so wo may hopo that it is dend. Knough of the yuting no Itepublioims may, however, bo btought to a reili.inp; won of their positiou, and plodgo thoir votos for a now bill, which Mr. could iniroiucoat nny timo. Butlek's project will probably now bo rovivo.d for a recess instead of m adjo'.ifiinirnt, in order to jrolong in that way tlio Hfu of the ndious nd infamone till in question, a bill subecting thu überty of every citizen of the nation to the tvhiin und will of the miliary dictator enthroned in the Whitelouse, for that is what President Okant becomc8 and is if empowored to suspend the writ of tabea corpv at pleasure. - Butler reported a now enforcement or suspension tüll on Wednesdn}', but the Democrats fillibustored and coinpelled and adjoumuient before ho ould f nee it thronirh. Is discussixg the habeas eorjms j sion bill, in tho Senato, ou the 21st inst, f Mr. MoitTO2f said in the course of bis 1 diotment of the Sonthorn peoplo that their outcry againat the Northernors who , sought power among theni was attributale to " tho old State rlghts feeling and their want of a feeling of nationality," j adding as a olinchor : " This aud politi" cal motives led tlicm to do all thcy " could to make the new-coniers uncora" lortable, and to drive thein out, and " this was ono of the great errors of the; " South, bocause carpct-baggers, with " thciv baga well iillod, were tho vory " tilines she needed uioat, in ordor to aid " ber to recovor f rom the effects of the war " and to develop her resources." Aye, Mr. M.OUTON, " with carpot-bags well filled : " that's just the rub. Tho Southern people olaim that the army of carpetbaggers carae down upon them types of Pharaoh's loan kine, to thrivo and fatten upon the subst mee of the land, to iill their empty curpot-baga witb the spoils of offioo aml spticulation, and to assumo the role of " lords and masters," backed by the central government at Washington. That's what's tho matter, Mr. MonTOÍT. The Liberal Republicans counted without their host in assuming the re-cloction of Senator O S. Ferry, af Connectiout, a9 a victsry. It is uowout that the bulting llepublicaus wero ÖBANT men 11, aud that tho little fight was a fumily quarrel of tho smallost diuionaions. And that his io-oloction may not bo made to appear as playing into the bands of Greeley, Senator FjBBKY luis written a lotter disoussing hi.s viows and position, tho issues and interests at stake in the campaign, in which he says: " To ie trust "these great interosts to an administra" tion made up nnd controlled by Mr. " Greëlev would bo a mem midsnmmer "madness." FiiRRY, then, is a ükanx man, and the Conneotiout Deiuuci-it ehose between two Ghant uien. That was all. - It is porhaps a fair quostion : Ara there any Liberal-Cincinnati-Greüloy Iiepublicans in Connecticut? Tuis is how the Chicago E:vn!r,n Post, radicul Eepublioan, atlvisos Comruissiouer EliMOXBS to dispose of himself : Yesterday morning the proceedings terminatcd, and Edmonds stands acquittod on oach article. The testimony was, however, so damaging that he ought, in dccency, to rosign. Xhe moral effect of a man holding olfico aftor so exhaustivo an oxposure is dangerous in evory respect ; and if Mr. Edmourta has any unsolfish love for tho Stato that has unwisely elevatöd hira to oiïïce, his rcsignation willbo in Governor Biüdwiu's hauds bct'orc many days. Does the Post soe anything green in Mr. JÜQKONDS? Kesign and ackuowl odge his guilt, in the faoe of an hmorahln aayiittal? I{ he duu't cure on his own 3count he has too much respect for tho High Court of Impeachment to snub it by such a declaration of want of confidenco ia its judgment. The Sexate " Supplemuntary Civil Rights Bill " ran against a snagf in the House on Tuesday. Mr. Brtgham: untook to put it through out of its regular oidur, - if anything is or can bo out of order in the House. - but his raotion to suspend tho rules was dofoated : yeas, 115; nays, 81 ; a two-th'rds vote boing neoessiry. Tho Djinooratic minority has it in its power to prevent any irmgular or forced legislation duriug tho elosing days of thn sossion, and their constituents expeot thom to do so. Thafc curse of Congress, absonteeism, should oease for a few days.


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