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An East Saginaw Tragedy

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ï'rom the K.isi Baginira Confiar, May -2. Botwccn 5 and 4 o'clock yesterday mornin. oio of the bloodiust tragedies tk;it over bloited thu history of this oity, occorred out on Jnnot streot (Deerforth roadï, nenr the coruor of Eighth street. [11 vii:w of tho fac; tluit the DUID wi.s p'ifeotly sane at the timo of the coiinnissio-i of thü deed, and the latft that he is roported to havo buen a tciuporato man, thcrotore not having the customury liqiior delirium topluud in theextnuationfor liim, it beuouie.-! one of those cold blooded transactions, tor bruul ioruuity ru.rely uqualed, novcf surpasjed. Tho uaiuu ot tho would be murderov, and succussful suicida, is Charles Boosoj und his history and that of hia family is ai iollows, as lar as can ba loarned trom the fucts beton: thü Coroner's Jury, and could be gletraed frout those living noarest tho sceuo of blood. llouso oanw tt East Saginaw ibout three weeks ago i'rouï i'unawauda, New York, where ha had - lived for a torin of yea.Hi had worked as x cominon luborcr, u-iitil a short tiiue previouá to his leasing that place, whou ho broke oue of his hgs, froui which ho had i but rocontiy recovered - in faet ho lias done DO wurk sinco his arrival horo - his wit'e having supportod the family by goiug out to do washiug and odd chores. Hió i'amily consists of his wife, two childron (boys) hore, and a son living in the the old country, (iustav, the oldost of I tho boys hcre, (a bright lad of fourtuon) tells 01 tho frequent abuse of his mother, by his l'aiher, hcretoforo, but to tiie extont only of using his üsts on hei-. And ho tella also of a wordy quarivl between them the night bef ore. Yestorday, howcver, Mrs. liucso aróse as usual butween ■i and 4 in the morning, saying in answor to hur husbund's inquiry as to whero &ho was going, tliat she was going out to do soinc washing, mentioning tho house whitlier she had engaged tu go. At this, ! tho husband laapea trom. tbu bed, and without answering, sei&otla hutehet lyiug near, and uiado a murderous a&SMilt upon the womau, striking hor with tne weapon upon and over the lelt eye, forciug that organ out upon her eheok, and foUerwing up his attack with blows upon othw portions of tho head and person until tho woman feil sonseless tuf t!íO íloor. Thinking lve ha-ï despatched her, Boese Uien seized a buteher knife, with a bladc fully 1U iuches in length, and plnnged it into his stomach just below iho bieast bone, and pressing down on the Imite, by apparenily four separate cuts, eacb. vjao froin an inch to an inch and a half in length, mado a horrible incisión in his abdomen, throngh vhiuh his bowuls protuded toa great extent. The two boys in the nieanlhue, hadcomiufnced seri:iining, " You have killed mother." " Yes," aaid the donion, "and I will kill you.toci," at which the boys fled tho house, ilaiise, notwithsianiling U19 terrib e wounds he had inflioted on hiinselt', noxt rushed froui the liouse, with tho hatchet in onu hand, a:nl knife in tba other. had nuulo but a few steps, when ho triped against a rail and feil, but recovtaring, hc made for a hole in tho ground abouc ten steps froin, and in front of the house, in which there was probaüly four incbea of waler. Into thia tho wretched man threw liimsolf, evidently with the intontiun of i'ildmg iiis suilerin;; uní misera! ie liíos by drowning. Tnere not boiug suiheient water in the hole to uoooiuUsh this, dl !;:ur t himself out, and aguin entered tlio oemse, frhore ho sunk to bis knees, mili keeping possewon of the knii'e and hut-ohet. Jiy this time, soine of tho neighbors, among them Mr. Earnest Weiohman, hsid arrived on tho spat. Mr. Weiohman says that when ho got theru be l Mkcd lovi't grunting (as he exn;scd it) inside the house, aooompauied by a noise, as it' feuine one ohoppiug soinothing. Ijvaving one of tho men wh.o hnd co.ue with him at tho frout door, Mr W. jiii.s. 'I to the rear oi' the bousú when he etfected an entrance, to tind Boese stül oi his knee&j oovertd with blood froio head to foot, his bowels dragging the door, still iioldiiiLC t n? kniiLf iu lu.-5 li'iL liaiul, while ho dealt blows on his houd wish th. hatchetinhisright At the apptooch of Weichnian, Bose (lade aa clt'ort as if to hurl either kuiïi! or liutchet at hina (Weichman) bat lii'i íattor s Izod hold of tlie man, and wrested the knife fron his grasp, Bouse n.Miit'iHii; striking himself with the hit. liet on different parta of tho head. M'oichmau a lli'e.ssed a questi u to Boose, as to wiiat ho was tryiag to do, and Boeae ropJied In the low Dutuli l&oguagO) with apparont composuiv, "I have kÍ4Ííd ho .', and I ain now killing myself." Sochi af ter Boesy feil over doad, not, howevM, until a largo uumber had ooogregated, to some of whom he spoke intoiligibly. Word was irrticuxV'.ately sent to Coronor Forrest, Dr. Ilesso aad Dr. Koss, the tarmt.T of whom suminoned a jury, wltile tiie 1 itter attüiided to tho prostrate woman, who was, and is still alive, whom they caused to bo removed to the house of a neiglibor near by, and her wauts adminiitered to. The woinan is badly injured, but it is thought by the atteoding pliy.sician not i'ntully. But littlo was elicited at the examination otber tbüB bas been related. There were over thirty distinct wounds on the person of B and tho woinan's head was feaifully i al and tho skull fractured, and ouo of her fingors entirely cut off. She is being propnrly cared for. Tüere is much to that tbjs most saiigninnry aiï'air was prenieditatfid bj' Boese, as instanco tlio fact that he. had on Monday ground the hatchet, (a cominon shingling one) and the knifü to an excooding line edgo, and had taken the precaution to lay them in position to bo easily reaehed by him. Thus closos aot ono of thisblood-thirsty ufftir, whioh is said to have grown outiroly out of a jealousy long harbored by the monster, Boese.


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