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The New York Circus

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-Our c'.t:zetis wül beur lu miiid that Lent's New York Ciicus will exhibit In Ann Arbor on W'iil nesday aflcrnoou mul (.■veiling, June 5th. This ainvounceineiit will be ha led with satisfaclion by oiir amusement loviui; peoplc. The New York pircus is considerad to be, lu all its appolDtments, the best circus thal travels. Il s permaneutly locatcd, during the wiuter, in the iron amphltlicatre, Fonrteciith streel, New Vork, and only makes short tours Ihrough the country cluring the summer season. It travels by raüioiU, aud its horses and performers nre always fresh ancl in a fine condition. One of the most prominent (eitures of the evv york Circus is Prof. Chas. Boswell's Sfow York H;ml of tweuty-flve pieces - the largest and best hand attaclicd to any circus. Mlle. Rol tand, the tlnest lady rider in the yrorld, and John Ilenry Caokc, thé famous Engllsh rider; also Charles Fish, a woiulerful l)Hreb:ik ïWer; Ueorge Dimbar, a celebrated English clown ; and Jullau Kent will amuse the people by thelr comiculities Thd attractions of the New York Circus are too nuinerous to raentlon, and for full we refer our readers to the advcrUscment In anotler column. [Commiinicutd.] The Ginïko tree of Japan has been reeojnmended as a lliie-ornaineiiilal tree, dy and of easy culture. That lt is hard; tinne, can be but little doubt, as oup wliich Ims DOW attaincd twe'4 e vr four een fret in heigh.t !ii:iy be geen in the front, door yard of Mts. IIookku, on Porest Street, lu a Qoarlshlng condlSiWi riiowlng ny uyury fie,r our late, long and severe winter. All who m:iy be lnterested lu süeing the curious foliage- fan shapei- of this quic; tree eau do so by a short walk beyond tlie ■Uiúveisily. As tbc (eayes, liowever, inertnsc.' vcry aiuch In size as satnmer ad vatiCtó-, will be lu be-t estale a lew weeks later, 'i'liis Glogko ti-ee ;t Mr-.; ilookcr's is, wc helleVo, Hie on!y o i'i of any nii in town ; iL iiavillg bjeu put uu', soine i$ yeai'a suce. In ük Jiearlh ajul JI,me fur April lCth, 18T1, m iy be sfefen an artic'.c.on tlie Ginko tree, with Illuatratlous. lt is between tweive hihI öfteen years since Amer.ctin HqrticuUurist.s Itat! thelr atieutiön drawjl to the advatftages of cúlUitrátUijfc it in onr Northern Lüiied State. M. ü. C.


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