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Political Matters In Tennessee

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AASHVIM.E, May '-1.- The Union anl American this morningsaysAndrew Johrsn is willing to beooma a candidate for Congress for thn Htate at largs under the law giving Teniu'ssee an additicnal representutiv.-. The frienda of 0en. Cheatham wiah him to announco hiiasclf as a eandidate lor that pos'tion. NAflHTIIXI, May a-i.- Honry R. Footc has announoed hintielf n Ciindidate for Congress. In his card ho says : " Haviiifï teen raitgnunimously relievcd from civil disabilities about thrce days since by a wiso and paternal government, and t'eeliiig desirous of making a propte dirplay of gratitud therefor, I announce juy-elf u cauri d ito for a seat in tho House ot' Representativos the United States Congress for the State at largp. Deolii - ing to submit my claims as a candidato to a (üiucus of any politica] party, or oither, I shall support Greoley anti liioivn and stHiid firiuly and infloxibly by tbe principies cmbodied in tho Cinciniiati platform and in Greeley's noblu letter of ueceptance. Tl:e June number of the Kclcetic Mnymine ha a very attractive Hst oí papera f rom f e leadlng forelgn perlodlcls, ol whlch the most noticeab'e are: Slr llenry Holland'a Recoüeclions, Tlie Portillase in África, WandertngS In Japan, Teinperature and Movcments of the Deep Sea, A Jlimolr of Mazzini, About Cliaries Lamb, Üuper-human DwellInpr-PUces, Monksof La Trappe, Our Diuners, The A.sri, aud Cliemistrv in ;h Kitchen, with a contuuiatiou of Strange Ailventures of a Pha'ton, full editorial departmunts, elc. The illusliution 'm a very fine portralt of Cari Soluuz. 5 a yonr. E. 11. Piílto, 103 Fultou street, Nw York. - The June rumber of the Overlaad Monthly h:S, amotig olber papers: Bheep'uniing n California, What Was It? Ko diak aml Southern Alasku, Au American Art - the Eleclrotype, The Northern Caliornla ludiuus- in., Pavy's Expedltio:i to he North Pole, with serial stories of the rue Overland type. A ï.ew and novel feaure in the Ocerland is a monthly record of narrUgeg and deaths on the Pacillc Coat.t, eart'fully coni)!leii lor e:ieh issue ; inarrla es, lüú ; ilcatlis, 272. ?4 a year. John II. Caumant & Co., Bao Francisco. - Amoug the most noticeal)!e articlcs n tlie 11 'rula of Ilenltk for Juue are:Absenc froui l'hyslcal Love in Youth, 1795, )y Christo)her Willlam llufelancl ; Corsets, by Howard Glyndooj and MoneySyending, by Kev. C, II. ürighara. $I.2.r) a ■ear. Vood, Iïoiuhook & Co., New York.


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