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John Marshall Seaman, fcon of Ezra C. and Marietta V. Seaman, born in Detroit in 1847- died tt Aan Arbor, of pulmonury consumption, Sunday vening, May 19th, 1872. Alwuys a thoughtful hoy, as he ftdvflnced in yenrs ie exhjbited much talent, nnd npplication to books, firticularly to works which pought out tho#luws of I nature, and kun eonscquencas back to causes. Afte-i he prtjliminary yirepnmtion in Knglish, Latin and ■"ïeucli, lic entered on a course at the University, but was corapellcd to give it p on account of fceble K-ulth ; which however did not prevent ronding, vliich, with liini, was sttd;! Reudíng on nll subjects f interest to the schalnr and the man of miiturc mind. Kspcciully wus he fond of mechanica and the ciences generally, as well aa of history. Suïcken down by discasc, bis love of ïeorjunff never altercd, but lic continued its pursuit to the veige of hu gravo, and yet not meru human "wiadom. Coiiscrated toOoJ inbaptLsm.his was a lifeof daür pmyer: hc script ures wcre wad and pondered, nnd thongh wingTeticent in manuur, there was not so much ontward expression of fccling, on o.?cisions líiere was oen to be the communings of the lieart with hia Mulier, as heorfe answeveth to heart ! Hia chotee bovo every other remera bi-a nee, from hia niother, on ns last birth-duy, was a bible, and as ho took it from ïer hand he repoated the lust verse of the ninetcenth sa]mf eayinjr : ' "icri i_5 an excellent prayer ! Let he words of iny mouth, and tho muditjilion of my eait, be acceptablc in thy wht O Lord, my strength and my icdeemor.' And üot gentle and courteou to all around, he Miaed irom tho ight oí thotw who lovcd liim. A itile laborad breathing- a dooper flecp- nul tbc ranomed soul was, we trust, with God, in PbcuUm; whore none of the imperfi-ctions of íjonso can fetler I he aspiraíions of the d-ien cumbo red spirit, and i vh'.ic we shall no more we thro' a lílass daikly, but, inlpck all knowledgp with the golden key. luid np in -he counsels of oternity. M. H. C.