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The Lumber Market

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During tho past few days there have been v.ëry few 11' nny transactiqns in lumber at this markot, and probably not many ön the rivor or shore. ïliis is owing to the inereased difforence betweeu buyers ■nd sellers, brought about by the recent rain storm. A week ago purchoses were ■iroely made nt $7 50, f 15 and ;j, or figuros equaliy good. The heavy rain wliieh feil during a coviplo of days, and the lowering state of the weathnr gczierally, led innny to the supposition that more logs wóuld b'e seuurcd from tlie upper rivers aui tliüir sniall tributarles. Wíiile bayew Leid oli', stllors rumuiuud iinn, hfin.cs no snles. Xha iirospect of getting out more logs this soason ia exoeadingly poor ; mdeed, it is sai'e to say that scarco any circumstancos can bo eonceived of that would be so fortuitous in character as to result in much increase to the stock ftlroady obtained. ïiiis is becauso rain storma after this time seldoiu continue lonij enough to enable the gottiug together ot' loj; driving partieS wlio enn work up to ndvantago. A few Jog.s wc-)l out already may bè run down on a few days' freshet. Thoso operators who bva worked with sinall means or borrowed capital and who havo thoir logs "huug up," will many of them suffer, as their interest account will be ruinous. Even some who aro in the in :n -U(!f with their logs are holding tor hgh pricus when they aro in the most stntigh tened circumstances. Tho present anomalous condition of the mafket serves to muke money very searce among lumbermen. It is doubtful if ever before so few sales have been mnde by this time in the seasou, that is, in proportion to the erop ent, or evon that soonred. A few %vor;ks will bring about a Hottled market and then we uiay lookfor unprecedented activity. - Bay City Journal, Iith.


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