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Mr. Bryant Fobbed In Mexico

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In a lato letter of tlio poot Bryant to tl: e N. Y. Evming l'ost, he givos a vivid piituro of tho robber rulo existing in Mexico. Tliis is wliat comes from the solo educatiou of a people being iu the lmuds of priests of one aect. Mr. liryant fcays : We i'ollowod the road a littlo distanco to tho villago of Taoubaya, situateil on ground soniewhat olovatod above tbo plain, and notod for its boautiful country seats, tlio propeity of opulent families in the ciy. We eotered anl wandered ver one of these - the Kscadon estuto, as it is Ciilled, from tho numo of the ímiiiy owning it. It was a perfeet labyrinth of wlk8 among fruit troes and rlowering shrubs. Tho walks twining through the grove aro somowhat negleoted, to be sure. Hare and there eia towuring over tho pahusthe fruit trne.s. A spacious mansión stood in the niidst of an ampio flower garden. "Is not the fainily tliere?" I asked. "No," was the aaswer, ' tho fainily is safer in town. The ineinbers sometimes como out to visit thisplaeoin thedaytime ad return by daylight, but they aerei venture to remain here over night. They might bo robbed, or porhap-s kidnapped and reijuired to pay a heavy rausom. I Iookod round on the orando troes droppjïig tluiir ftuit on thu ncgleoted walks wnero the vreoda werebeginning EO inakc th;ir appeoranoOi and bettutiful as t!ie place vvus, Í did not inuoh wonder that it w;vs uot more earefuUy toudcd by those who v(.'re ahle to enjoy its beauty only by Bnatches, ot in constant fear of a risit from bamlitti. That Taoubaya was not a safo place for those who huil anything to loso, I had a proof Inifore 1 got home, for arriving at tho raihv.iy .-ít.itionj ust before sunset, I entereil the carj ajnid a crowd of people returning to town, and soon after having oocasion to consult my wdtch I found that it was missing. Tho most uuaaff; pl.iei', howeyer, at presont, seenu to be tita railway botween this city ivnd Puebla. The aewspapera here givo accounts ot' :itta'ks in sdü bj robben on the traius couvaykig fiultfut, which is the bevurago drawu from tho plant called lierotho ntjrcj. Thse attacUs, however, have boon generally repulsod. Not so fortúnate has buen the superintendent aiul jnymastar of the railway wliich is y. fciug'betwoen Puabla and Orizaba, lïr. Qjnü, whoni I s.i-.val'ter my ai rival, ju-t returñud trom tin adventure with the robbers. They sdizod him whon he happeped to be without money, wuy hit wutoh, and after a detentiou of two hour;í, burgained with him for his rolftisü ou the payiaeat of $JÜ, tr'uich hé brought them, nd they returned him his walch. But t je watoh hc was not to keep, for two days afterwards i h nrd that they found him wilh $1,000 on his person and took that and the watch also. Soon afterwatda news camo that Mi. Quin was kidnappod a third timo. Ha had no money with him, and after ctetainiug him i 4ay or two the robbera alallowud him to dapftrt with the mes?aga to his employere, that if '$4O,600 were not immcdiatt-ly sent to them, they would {ear up the irem ruils. 'iTnn luoiify, haveyar, lias not been paid, and the railway is yet untoüched. Tiio lüHder of these bandits is one Negrete, who calis hitnself a Ut neral, and ulaiins to be a revolutionist instead of a robber.


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