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Few articles of food are so readüy at taiuable, po utiiaetivc in nppearance, and so quickly cooked as omolets. A guo d and ooonomical omelet is made with four egsre, vi;ü beatón, and added to ono cuj of milk, into wbich h:is boen stirrud one tablesjioonful of pounded cruoker arwi iïc teaspoonful al' ñ-mr. Stïr the misture well togetïier j us t beforo pouring it on the well-bwtt redgriddle, which should not bu too hot lc.-t the otnelet afaouM hfivi; a stron? flavoT of scorchcd buttcr. Turn it as Boon as it b;';iiis to "set ? uround the cdgos with a wide bladed knife ; ïol 1 it ovor once, and then apain, and at once lift thu griddle and turn tlia omelot npon a warm ]));ite. It wül of course tur oí four thicknosses. Tb.e ïe.t ntd nicest oiuolet is made with one egg to one spoonful of milk. Por an uni'xpected guest, fg omelot ïs just the thing for ltiiicliGcn or te, as it is easily nmde and turned off tbc griddle sohandsomely. A very good onie'.et is mtd j by prepar ing a iuinue-ineat of boilid ham, or ccld chiokon, woll seasoned, and after the egg is poured upon the griddlo, imfnediatëly Ècsttering on thick layer of the minee, and then fblding tb.-; on e et us usual. i;iolii!d or scrnmbled Pgg should always be served oa sqwire pieces of toasted bread, which huve been dipped for an instant in hot water and butterefl. Mine.' ■me it, to bo niculy served, should always lx; aecorápanied by toast ia this way.


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