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The Sea At Three Miles Depth

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i be submarino ínvestigutious carnea (-n at government expense, undor the dii of the British Aesociation Jf Soicncc, hnve discloscd gome most interestingí'aota in regard to thucharactcr of the bottom of tbe tea, ïhuEü reaearches havo been carried on by means of a simple dredge - a rectangular iron frame, forming thu íuouth of a biig of nettiiig, whicb is proteoted froiu by a. loather or can vas tíap. The wliole apparatus, attached to a rope of nitable lengtli, is dropped to tho bottoiu of the $ea and dragged aloug n oertain distónos, soraping ofF the superficial laycr of mud or saud into tho bag, the meshes of whioh pcrii.ii thje dirt to be ■■ through, whilo tho largei substancos are icd and brouiílil Tlu: depth ut whioh tha bottoiu cf the sea has thu.i beun pxplored ia réally onoriuous, auiouutiag in one tBctonce n more th;m three miles, lar exeeeding that of any previoua experiment with the dredge, Uiough smiill (juantitics of sea bottoin i have been brought up from equally gruat I distancee from thu surface by muans of I tho sounding line. At tliis depth iimny species of marino anímala have been ftjund, sumo entirely new aml othcrs rnrc, and the temperaturo of the bottom indicated ubout lili degroes. The siirf'nco water is sliown to bo affectéd by the lieat of the sim otily to the depth of about twenty futhoms, but the Gulf stream influences the degree of heat to a further depth of five or nevón hundred 1'iitliouis.


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