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A Russian Bath

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M. li. 5., tno Juüy correspondont ia New York of tho Mittouñ Hepubliean, bas this to suy concerning the inodus operandi of a Bussian batli : " We wero divestcd of ovcry stitch of OUT Clothing, our rings and braoelets locked up, our uuek hair taken oft', our own :)i (■■,:l posütócion of soventy-flvo or a hundred hairs made into a littlo hirsute and iiDpaled with a huir pin. This was thu only tokon of civilization yro boastod. The proLCssioii iormed. At the door we wero handud n miniatura sheet und a bit of spongü wet with cold water. Thior.;;h :i pawag to a room, wheru wo dropped oursheots and entured avaporthatelothed us decently. I wonder Lha lllustrat. d Poli ■ ■ Gazctte or Day's JJoings havn't hit on this business fot ïllustration. Woll, in ihis stnain 1 thought 1 should suifowiti1. ]i poared up and in and down through holes till it was droadfnl. Tho usc ol' .w. wei sponge, 1 here useertaiued, was to put on il.iu top of your heud to prevent "coup ui," or sonie suoh diro complaint. Tiiey wouldn't let me out, und thu temperatura got worse and worse, and I bef{au to thiuk of my inothcr and an obituttry to the HepviUcan whcu we ware proaoanoed oooked enougli, and iet out into u. room in whioh was a niighty tank of eoW water, througb whieh you musL wad. or swini as you could. Ciusar's ghost ! I flew through it. My anatoniy and physiology ware heated io boilingpoint. This water seemed like ico. It sent tho blood rushing to my hollow head (I hui eonvinrvA I have nu bruin.-;, und ihy heart oame ker-flop up and ker-onnnk down. I made up my mind this was tho worst of it, and tried to be reaigned, 1 had been soaped and icrabbed in the rapor room till I was soarified, I stood on thé brink and watched my ooupaniona eplaabing tbrongh the infernal tank. Gna of 'cm, to êxpeSite hor own relea:", oaugfit at my ankle; uway wint my eoapy, slippery loot from ander me, and in 1 went torasecond tune. How very near au end was tho happy conneetion of M. II. B, and the St. Louis ! At IIkí next stage of this truly awful oxperience we recoived the í'er." I had now bocoiue convinced that I should never seé hoine i' friends In u. calin uespair L walked lindel a Bolid ooluinn of water that nearly broke my back, and just hero I got inad. That f'at uttendunt hasn't recovored suffioiently to make ti coinplaint, and when the thia woman went beforo Judge Dowling that gentleman siid it wat a conspiraoy ; that no woman of roy size, unaided, could do euch damage. Ho told the woman to go home and say nothing about it, for ehe'd ovidently been dreadfully drunk, and undertaken to walk through a paipet cleanTng machine. And that is the fírst and last Itussiun bath I take."


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