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Greeley Formally Notified Of His Nomination

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ÍÍBW York, July 12. - The conmiitto áppoinied at Baifiiaore to notify Grivio; 1 nominatiou waited upou him to diy, ehortly nitor twelve o'clock, ut tii Lincoln Olub. Ex Senator Doolitti thou presentc-d thu official notiñcntion o thu nominatiou. Groeloy replied, flt.yin he aooapted tho ttominatioQ, bufc at pree ent would mnkc no formal and Rul te ply, na it wua, perhaps, nnnooeasary. Tho following were the speeches ïuad to-dtiy on tho occasion of tho notificatio of Oroeloy of his noininolion by thu Ba' tiinoie Cimvuiition : Mr. Duoüttle 8iid : Mr. Greeloy, th National Demooratiu Conveutiou, receñí ly huid at Bultiuioro, nharged ud with th ploíising duty oi víútiug on you in por son to notiiy you of ita uiiimimoua noiüi Diition of yourself as a oandidote for tli Prosidtmoy. Wc woro informed that i would bo ;tgreüii})la to yon to meet u hero at tais timo, üud we havo como in buily to placo in your handa this oiSi:iu ■aotiüciition. Thu publiahed proceeciiijg of your (oiivontion -Íh)v gruiit utumiiu ty, but thoae only who too2v p.'vrt in thoj enn realizo tho ooidiality and euthusiusi with whioh it resolved to sustain the i-'1 oral Hupublican moveuicut. to oo-operat with ajl putriotic citizens to Bupport th principios declivrod nt Cinoinnati, and re Bolved, also, :is the best uud surèöt mod of giving effaot to thoso great piinsiple to aomiuate uud to ;iú:t the buiuo oand dato. We both witneued aad ialt tha coïdiality uud euthusiaam. Mr. Doolittlo then introducotl the men bers of the cominittco individually to üi Qreoloy. When tho corcaiony of iutroduutio wub over Mr. Oreeloy spoko as followg I should nood time wero I to attoinpt t reply aud fully to thia important ma 1 need not gay grotifying oommnnioation It muy bo I should reply in writing, bu as I huyo latoly addrussud' tv lutter -whio hs boen protty widoly considurud to th LibLTid Rcpublican Convoution, it may not bo necesaary. I can only sny now, . accept your nomination, and accept i gratefully, in tin; sanie spirit iu whioh i was óflered. [cheers.] Ima il; pn in a condition which, doubtlcss, uiar. would regard s a prudent one, büt whic I stiil find un embarrassing oae, bociius it involves tiie temporary, and I trust ou ly temporary, anuoyance ot' a mi struution ei iLiy motives ou the part o soiiiu valuud and lifü-long i'riends. 1 ai .jnt that timo ;1lh:;! is necesaary t indioiite my motives to all cundid observ rd to convinco all, indeed, ot' th diöintort'stednesó and patriotism of th oourse 1 am pursuing, and intonded t puraue loi I was assurod of s much co-oporntion and sympathy. (Louc ehoors.) Tho time will come, and I trus in ;i good opportunity, too, when th world will . ou are no loss Demo eri.ia bocauso you ha vu pursued the cours you have, and t!u:t I am no less a liepub ïietm bccausc I iiccept your nomination Here Mr. Qreeley's voice faltered wit' emotion. Iïe recovered himself aud eoii tinued : I am not much in tho htvbit of roceiv ing noimnatione for the Presidono; (p;r(:íít LftUghter), and I am conaequuntl; uaabla to roply as readily aud nueutl; m othur uien. (Banewed laughtor.) . oan oiily b:ty I shall bo happy to seo al of you, or at Ioast as many of you as eai come, at my humble t'iirmer homo, whon I Hhull be vble to conversy and confoi more l'r;;oly thun here, lï you will com, I shn.ll bo happy tü m(ko you weloouio to tha best the tarín uffoidí. (Moro laugh tor and oheering.) And bo I siiuply wial you forewell.


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