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Boston Wool Market

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The wool markot has coutinued dul during tho greater part of tbo week, tin domand being confinad to euoh lots as coiisumors wero obligod to havo to keop thora einployed t'or the time being. Bu' iii order to indnoe thoui to anticípate tboir wants to iiny oxtent a groater couuossion in pfioet woukl have to bo ruudu thun holders are williug to subuiit to. Yet in the absence of any considerable domand tlioro is the usual oompetition aiuong sel Iers iucidont to.such a condititm oi' things and tho morket has apparontly sottiec down to its lowest i ■ 'ïings. In tho absüiicu of supplies, thcro ia nothing of oonsequence doing in domoetio and priees are mostly nominal. Although th::s.í ure rolatively low as compared with thoso asked in tho country they wouid Iuivü como down to a stil] losvor range in ord(;r to divert the nttention of consumors fronx tho botter jr oi' foreign aud induce thein to luy hold oí the domestic gtaple. The only otlier all tern&tive likely to bring about such a rceult, is a rise in foreign up to the lever o; viow of tho great inilux i tl reduoad cost of importation, it seoms to us that tho chanoes whioh buiig upon this alternativo uro ■jnuiil New Western wool is arriviug slovly, and is hold at a rango of G5@70c, thongh it is hardly probable that aay considera blo sfile couid bc made on tho basis of principa] wool uT".ing States our adviocs are stili to tho that buyera umi soliera are apart in tlieir views, though the lattei are graduülly weakening in their preteneiungowing to the fuilure of the Eaatorn ua ad and tlio actual transaotions are uiü.nly at ii range of 50 (ido for the general run of Miohigan ml Ohio fleei .. of doiuüstio during the week foot iím. lnci 1!),ÜJO lbs ■t'Ji.-iu ou private terms : 8,000 lbs choieo New Yori;, 67o ; 2, .";()( lbs Xo 1 ; 6,000 lbs unwashed Wes,rn, Kio; 5,000 lbs waahod do 62 ; 10,000 .bs coan ii si arod, f8o; 10,000 Iba sorts, 72o 3,000 11 OrgOQ,$l; 30,000 laine on privato tei 5,000 :' i sooured, BOo 20,000 lbs Georgia, 58o. In oombing wools, -iilc's 0,000 lbs nnwashed at ü:j l-2o ; 1,000 Iba Utah, 02 1-2 ; 1,000 lbs on piivato terme. In California wools, galea 27,000 lbs on private terras ; (i.OOÜ Ibb fall clip, super, 15c ; 2,500 lbs wuehod, 55o : 3,000 lbs f.ill, !s sorts, 72u ; 23,000 lbs fall, ; 13,000 lbs Spring, In foreign wool, seles 7,100 lbs Monte■;; 6,000 lbs ohoioe do, Ö5oj 20,000 lbs iloece do, aud 10,000 lbs pulled do, on privato terras ; 27,000 lbs Australia:.., 61 1 ■■ 63 ; 10,000 lbs do, S8o ; ,.'00 lbs lo, 68 l-2o ; l."),0ü0 lbs New Zealand, :; 8,000 lbs do on privato terms ; 51,000 lbs do on privato terms ; 2,000 Mesfciza, 37 l-2c; -jo.oco lbs Oapej 40c- Botton Commercial Bullttin, 2th. The StoKBS-Fibk juryfailedto ngree md wasdischaFgedMondaymorning. If ;ho ovidcneo as given to tho eourt and ury didn't provo the crinio of murder liuyi thoro is uo such crimo, and tho word ihould be gtricken froni the law books and ;ho diotionarioe. A Ghffj.ey and Bbuwk Liberal Itepubliuan Cumpaigri Club was organied in this city ycstorrtay, and the following ofiioors appointed : Tlon. E. IIasü, President; Prof. M. C. Tyleii, Vico-President ; Hon. W. D. HaeBIltAW, Seoretary. Tho following oommitteos wero also appointed : On orgnnization and the distribution of doouments- D. Cramer, L. D. Buroh, ö. E. Frothingham, J. "W. Law6on, John Pinnogan. On public inretingg and proouring peobora - J. Clonients, B. Brown, A. Mooro, S. F. Thomson. Alvah Norton. On Finftnce - I). Hiscok, A. D. Byyler, W. W. SftTindei, T. F. Hill, N. B. Covert. Tho time and pl:oi of liclding tho moetinga of thia Club will be announot d s iirrrtnionicnts sfaall be mudu horeaftsr_ All llwpublicans dsiroat of aiding in tho eleotion of Horace Gbeeley for Prosi . dont will scnd their uames to tho Seore tary or somo member of tho committte on organization. - The bail is rolling. At a rccont "social gathoring" at Chappaqua, thcroboing present inany distinguished men both frora the Noith and South, Döinocrats and Liboral RepuWieSBSi ii little talking was dono wiiich somohow or othur fuund its way into the papers. Ono Eli Bhobteb, of Alabama, said :' "Ifnnyone had told me ton years ngo, whon I had the honor of representing bo gallant a constituoncy in Oengn would bo hore to-day advocatmg tho eleotton of Horaoe Oreoley for Pn of tho Unitod States, I should have tlioiifjlit th.e mau wi'.o mado that prophecy a inadinan. But sttange thiiiíj;s have OCOurred withiti tho last ten yoars. A revolution has awept over the country. My snotion has boon dosolated ; social Tistitutions havo been diBruptnd, and the ohaine have been struck trom tho slave. Horace Grooloy's was the hand - but I boar no ill-will to him for what ho Mine Though I lost tho labora oí a lifütime I vould íorfeit my right arm before I would cast a vote for the re establishment of that institution." Which wo oommend, firat, to tho3e RopabUoans who affect to see in tho ulection of Greeley the re-e'stablii'hment of slivcry and, seconilly, to those Deinocrats who can not iorgut tho hard inocK-s the Democraoyhave received from Mr. Greei,::v. Mr. Skohïuk speuks the true Bntiraent of the South, and the Radical who charges in tho faco of sueh sentiment a design to reverso tho decisions of tho war is eithor bliud or wou't 6ee : too mild, either a knavo or a fooi. We leavp tho Demociat who is just now disposod to strike hands with the lladical bj' withdrawing his voto or voting for Ghaxt, to time and hi own reflectiong. Tiiose Radical who havo said so many Oompliiuentory things of "independent littlo Dalawnre" for opposing uhnost alone tho nomination of Gueeley ut Baltimore, and of her " noble Senator," Mr. Bayard, for hÍ3 gallrmt fight againat the inevitable, will be glad, we hvo little doubt, to loarn thnt Senator Bayabd has written u letter to his constituonts, inwbioh ha eayg : "I hope our State Convontion will promptly nm deoidedly norninate an electoral ticket in opposition to GSANT and Wilson, and in favor of tho only candidatos who, as mattors now stand, ciin bo liopefully expected to de featthüin - I mean GllEELEYand Bliowx, for whom I expeot to voto in November." PraÍ9ng Bayakd was lost time and labor wo tako it. - Can not Michigan Dsmocrats, who preferrcd that Baltimure should rojoct Greeley, follow tho footeteps of Bayard 'i Tjik Jacl.'BOn Citizen announces that it shall not follow Gov. Blair out of the Kepublioan party and into the ranks of the oppositiou. At. the sarao timo it indirectly rebukes the villiflerB of tho " Governor" in this wiso : " For ourself, we shall indulge in no abuuo of Gov. Bi.Aiu. It has been the pride und joy of the Citizen in yoars past to labor for the siicceS9 of tho Republican p;irty, and in ihat success to aid Auötin Blair, who las sharod largoly in its honors. In Jaokson wo all hnvo loved and admired the man for his ruggnd honcsty and purity as a citizen, man and a statusiniui." Again : "Wo don't propuse to abuso Gov. Blaih. IIü is a citizen of high repute, whoso life hss been spont here, and a mow tho man. Words of reproach and villificationwill do no good against lam.1' All of which we commond to his late advieors lioreabouts, somo of whom opeuly ignounee him as " sore-huad," " corrupt,'1 traitor," eto. The IlopuWicans aro gutting tlio oamjaign ia tlus Stato woll in liand, and in u period tboir State and Oongreasiosal cp.ndidatca will all be in the field. Pheir nomiuatiug convuutious aro called ,o be held ns follows : State - at Lunsing, July Ulst. Rt Cong. Dist. - at Dotroit, August 7tb. ,iX " " - at Jaokson, August Kit li. th " " - at Düoatur, Auguat 7Ui. 5th " " - at (Jrnnd ltapida, Augttat 14tb. Cth Gong. Dist- at Ilolly, July SOth. th " " - at Port Iluvon, Aug. Cth. th " " - ut Suginaw City, Aug. Int. th " " - at Ludington, July 29th. In tliia district - tho 2d - no cali has 'et appeurcd, and as no aspirant seema to ïavo pluck sufficient to contust a convenion with Wai.iíIiii.v - now repro aonting liü old iirst - it is possiblo that ho may be lOlared tho candidate without tho forinlity of a conveution. - County nominatíng convontions ïavo also been oalled iu Berricn, Inghain, Icntf and Shiawassoo oountioe. ïho Allugan Journal is still harping n Stockbridge.


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