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- Senator Thurman, of Ohio, hns written a lotter, which tho Cleveland I'laindtaUr publishos, saying that he " will ■work camostly for tho election of Qreoloy anti Brown." Ho says also, " Tho Democratie party doos not abandon its principios but bolieving, ns it does, thal tho courae of the Radioal leaders threatens to destroy all constitutionul and Democratie govornment, it is bound by its principios to scek the overthrow of fchoae leaders, and, if it connot do it in tho mode it would prefur, it is but coniraon sensü to take the next bast modo." Which Í3 corumendod to our Djoiocratio frionds who aro irreoonoiled to the support of ürceioy. Henntur Thurman ia a safe counsellor and leuder. - ïho Btittle Croek Journal, having road ox-Hocretry Wölle's lottar giving aid and comfort to Grucley, saya : " Nobody will be surprised that Gideon writes epistles in favor of tho Greoloy movemont. "When ho 'swung arouud tho circlo ' with the aocidental Viesident ho preparcd tho public juind to expect on bis part almost any amount of politica! folly." Ho ! ho ! Mr. Journal, didn't ( h-n. lirant nwing rountl Uiat samo circle wiwi thftt samo accidental I're9idout? We hiivc heard of his conditiou at Clovöland and esoapado to Detroit, &c, &c. Komembor it all nt-xt time, neighbor. - Gov. Blair sayo tliat tho dobts of the Southern Htates havo increased sinco tbe war froni $76,415,500 to $291,620,015. He alïo says : " These ar2 uot war debts or expenses coming over from tho war. Thoy are tho logacy Tvhich ragoality, protecttd by lunl-itdiuinistrationin'Washington, haB left for thoso pcople to struggle with for muny weary years to como." Or in other worde the curso of oarpet-baggers forcod pon the Southern Statos by tho Gnuif, admitfistration. - Kepublican "sore-heads" aro gotting so tliiok in düíorent ootiocs of the State that the Republioan State and Co'inty Qommitteea had botter oonsider tho urgent oecessity of a score of hcspitals and a corps of SUrgPOUB. The diseaso is not only a bftd onu for tij'-tiiu bat is in duger of becoining tpidenio. We commond the matter to Bro. Bingham of the Lansin'j Uepxiblwan. - üur Radical friends who let off ao r.miiy meen about "Bore-heads" oro adi Seot that the vote of a " surocoiir.ts just the same as one polled by a luvrd-head or atruight-out. In proof wo would cito them to Dèmooratio expericnce in 1854, '56, and '60. "Sore heads' oleaned thu Doinocracy ovit in thoao years- We copy into our columna this week, from the Jncksoa Patriot, a vcry full roport of tho speech made by iov. Blair, in that city, on the evoning of the lüth inst. It is full of pointe and raay be a thorn in the ilesh to {ome of our Bepublican readers. Hotyever, we advise them to reádit. - J. B fiendryx, of Culh.un, who vroto bitter anti-Greeley letten to the . - Pres and half a dozen other Democratie papers bofora tho Biltiinore ConV(jiitio:i, acoepts tho situntinn likc a hero and made a Greeluy spdeoh at Marshall on Saturdfty ovening lust. - Senator Trumbull, Hou. G. Koerner, the Liberal BpuWïln candidate for Govtïrnor of I!lin:is ex-Gov. Blair, nnd othere, ore annoancod to address tho Lib ernl Ropublican State Mass Convention, to be held at Juokson on tho 2óth inst., Thuredhv nest. - W. W. Saundera, a leading oolored cit'zen of Maryland, and noininatad by the Ropublioaiis for Preaidential KUo!or, bas kicked up a great ocmmotion hy doolinir.g tho honor and declaring that he shall support Grooloy. Ougratoful Saundrrs ' - Hoving flnighed hig job of snramer pruning in tho: ; iiua groves, Horaoe GrcoTey Imo gone into the flax business : that is he has coutracïcd to flax out tho Grant wing of tho Republican party, tho job to bo oompleted November Oth, 1872. - In a ñpeech r.t Lincoln, Tícbrasía, a fow days ago, a Mr, Eatabrooli m thut Gr:mt had uttered only two remarkable thinjj;s : ono was "Let us have peaoo;" thu other, ir; nn Omaha restaurant, to a recoption ooiomitteo, " I liko thatgravy." - A Ropublioan hereabouta who proposes to voto for Oreoley Boya that it is reason nough to know that Grant ro moved Buoh a man as Grinnoll and apporntod Torn Murphy Collector of New York. llis head is level, th-.t's a faot. - - Tho Maoomb Republioan County Conveution reoommends Prof. D. B. ■ , fornierly Principal of our Iligh Soaool, foi Buperintendeat of Public Institutions. II-1 would inako :v good otHcor. - Chappaqna, whoro tho next President rflsidee, is on tho Harlem railroad, about 40 mili3R froin New York, a'.id neai the northern boundury of Wustchustor Couuty. Now you know as wcll as wo do. - Hon. Ignatiua Donnelly, of Minnosota, who returned, liko the prodiga! son, to the bosom of t!o Reiiublicaü party in 1S70, is again ovor thu trace3, und supports üroeley und Brown. - "Siiuthurn rebels" and "Northern traitors :" these are the epithots now bestowcd upon Demócrata and Liberal Ropub!ic;iii3 beoatrse of their support of Qreoley iuid Brown. The New York Snn charges that ono William Farrand pail brother-in-law Dout $2,ü()0 to got hira appointod Consul at Cullao. Did Dont divido with Grant is now tho (jut'stion. - Uoutwell has lett lus desk m the Treaeury Department, and gono ou a pilitioaj tuission to South Carolina: whcro he will probably disoovor anóther "hola in thü sicy." - ■ A N. 5f. TIeratd Boston digpatch says thftt Qon. Bttnka has determinad to abanilun (inint and support (iroeley and Brown. ïo bi taken with some grainsof - An earthquako shook up and dieturbcd ülon Covo, Eoslyn, Port Washington, and othor Long Ilund and "Wostohestor towiiB on thü morning of tho llth inat. - David Paul Brown, ono of tho most eminent lawyors of Philadolphia, and alno dintinguished as an author and leoturor, dicd on tho llth, agod 7G yeare, - Two yoars ago Driggs was " loil," sud Birnoy a bolter. Now tho same journaU that praised Driggs thcn denounco liim and luud Birney : and viec versa. - A St. Louis wUoacro anuounoes that if Grceley and Brown aro elected James B. Eadcs of Mississippi lliver Monitor turne is to bfl Secrotary of the Navy. - Oíimoron insists that Orant ghr.ll ' terfero in Penn3ylvariia politics : t savo líartrunit in Ootober and himself in Novomber. He is to begin on Fornoy. - John W. Tumor and Dr. I. P. Alger, both prominent Ilepublicans oí' liranch County, declarcd for Greeley at a recent ' ratitícntion meeting ut Cold water. - Judgo Lintou Stevens, brothnr of A. II. StovoitB, nnd a nmn of déoided ability, died on Sunduy lust, at Spftrto, Ga., of congestión of the brain. - In thi! rnco at Sarutoga on Tuesday for tlie cup Longfellow was perniaiieiilly disabled, Lis foot bcing badly cut by a loóse plato. - 1). B. Dennis and Justin Lawyer, two of the heretpfore most prominent Ilopublicans of Coldwator, are oincers of a Greeley ai:d BroWS club. - The Republicana aro very mnoh afriüd that Gratz Brown injured the firm of Brown and Greeloy by his speeches ut New Haven. ïoo bad. - ïho Albion Mirror is on the anxious seat, waiting for light, and not half as muoh anti-Oroüloy as before the Baltimoro Convontion. - In pronouncing Chappnqna accent tho second syllable and give the a the souudofflM. We havo just found out how to do it. - Gen. Butler again aspires tobe Governor of jVIaasachusotts. Will Senator Wilson interiore with his arrangement thi time ? - The Adrián Time mates up faces at Austin Blair because he don't Tesign. Where is the newspaper with moro impudonco 'i - Catacazy has again stirrod the diplomatic waters : this timo with a pamphlet, and to tho great disgust of Secretary Fish. - Judge Patchin postponed a hearing in tho Cfinad.i Southern Ruilroad bridge, injimction caae to tho regular term, Sopt. 17tb. ■ - öpotted Tail nnd somotwonty Sioux Indiana aro en route for Washington : to see Grant about the Indian vote. - " Tho apostate Blair " : that is what tho Kalamazoo Telegraph cali the Michigan " War Govemor." Bh ! - Tho correspondent havo it that Gen. Shormfin waa snubbed at Berlín by the Kaiser and Bismarolt. - Gen. PUlow and guyriila Mosby support Grant. Can it be that Grant is tho rebel candidato ? - Churle.4 F;nncis A lams was made a LL. D. at tho recent Yale Collogo Comuciicement. - 'M in the shado, away up at Bangor, He., on Tueaday. How is that for tlio sea-nhore ? - The Kalamazoo Republicana proposo to build a " Tannery." A played out dovico. ■ Ex-Gov. Stanley, of Nortb Carolina, dimi at Ban Fr&noisco the 12th inst. - " Lat' s Liqnor, Deat," is of the raany readintrs givon to Grant's LL. D. - Tho G;-'.nd Ra])i:!s Democrat nomiuatoK C. C. Comstook for Governnr. - The Demócrata íuhI Liberal ltupublicans thro:it(!H to carry Vermont. - B. Oratz Brown graduatsd at Yalo Colloge in 1847. In the Stokes-Fisk murder trial two Unes of defense woro purarfed by the defendfint's counsel : lst. Thekillingtrasnot premeditated, and, therefore, not murder. They claimed tb:it Stokes was in mortal fcar of Fisk, thnt bis lifo had bec:i threatoned, thnt meeting liim unexpectedly in the stairway he saw or thought h" s:nv a pistol in FiSE'S hand, iind shot him "at sight" ind in solt' dótense. Five of the jury accepted tb'j non-premeditatiou tlieory. 2d. Fisk did not die from the wound, and, therefore, was not killed by Stoicks, and if Stokes didn't kill hini' hc oortainly was not guilty of inurder. To maintaiB this inc of defenae the Iciiliiifr was transferred f roiu Stokes to the at" ng physioians and surgoous, and other physicians did not heeitate to swear to mal-praotioe, too doop probing, probing with a poor instrumeut, and giving au excess of opiatos. This testimony, so far as is knowu, had no effect upon the jury, and only disgraced tho medical experts who gave it in the eyuS of the world. - liadical journalists and orators are cor.iiuoting tho grand trial now pending before tho pooplo's assizes - Gkant t. or net cinn - in the s:imeiuet.u od. Lst. Thoy reproduce all tho hard and uucharitiitilt) and unreasouable and untruthful and slauderoua sayings that ÖBEELBÏ and his Tribune corps havo for yerra uttorud agniust the Demooraoy, and assert that he holds thö same opinious still and is iii all tiungs as thoroughly Radical and anti-Demooratio as ever, and entitlcd to no Democmtio votes. ' 2. They reproduce his utternncus in favor of lettiug " cur orritig brothersgo in peace,'1 teil of his peaoe mission to Canada, hold Up their hands in holy horror over tho Jeff Da VIS bail bond, and oharge thiit he bas sold out to the Democraoy, is in fitct, in all things, essentially a Detnocrat, and entitled to no ltepublican votes. For all tno worm tue shootmg and the probe, the ballet nd tho opium, the shock and the chloroform of tho Stokes-Fisk murder trial : or to use a moro homely illustration, tho triok of the thimblo rigger - " iiow you see it and now you don't seo it." Will an iutulligent jury bó bofoggod by sucU. shallow subterfuges ? lx 18 with plousuro wo aro nblcto make the nnnouncemont ihat the Detroit Ffeeo Press,so long tho metropoli tan organ of tho Domocruoy of Michigan, is agitin uil right. Am stated in tho card of Mr. Nouvhll, who vaeated, on Sunday last, the chair of the political editor, tho eontrolling interest of tho stock hos passed iato tho hands of Iïemocrats who accept the situation, aro in aooord with tho party, and abido tho decisión of tho Baltimore Convcntion_ Eter as heretofore tho Fra. Pre will lead tho fight ugiiinst RadiciVlism and Grantisra. This is iis it should be : and now lot tho Domocracy closo up their ranks and go forward as 0110 man to victory. - The Radicáis hereobouls irc not buyinfi s many copies of thut " uoblo old paper1- tbe Vree Pres - as thcy did on Friday and Batnrday lust. It now gives them no " aid and comfort." The New fork Evening Post says tho election of Giieei.ey is tho restoration of tho Domocracy, we mem "the Cbpperhonds," to power: and, thcrefore, s swino go back to their wallow it returns to the support of Gkant. Tho Pont but recently urfjed the nomination of Oroesbkck t Iinltimore, and oxpressod ittl willingihhs to support nim. As that would havo boen tho restoration o power of tho same Deniüoiacy, the Posi's opposition to i ley must be moTcly personal.


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