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I arii glad 10 sc-e that there is a dlsposltlon on Che part of the Press to discusi the water queRtlon, but regret that any person Bhould Beek to enter luto 'he iliscusslon over an aiiuüymou.s signatura. I nsk throngli colamos the privilege ol conveylnjmy víewB, for whlcb I nm eutlrely wiliinjí to he Ijcld responslble. Let ino premiso, howeyer, that, tliough I amnota tiydranllc eagincer, 1 have gtven the subject such itiuly as the biiolcs will afford, nrni acqulred sucli knowlcdge as can be acqiiired tty consnltatlon with severa I expert in the prufesslon. Assumlng that uil property Holden wlli agkoowledge the importance of tlie carly introducción Of water for flre, domestlc aiul manufacturlog jmrposes, 1 would usk tiiL' attaatlOD oí yonr renners to the eonsIderaUoD of tlic subject uudcr the folio wlog heads : . FKOAI WIIICN'CB BUAI.I, THi; WATER J)E 011TAIKKD ? The flrét coastderatton thatshould at trnct (Jur notico would be pnrlty of the vrater. First, n3 to bardnesj : Chcmists determine tlie hardness of water by a scale of hardncss rungiiii; from ouo to s:xteen - one belng absolutely soft water, and s:xieeti üeing; me narusE water. ix'tutii shows the water of the vtiriou avallable sonrces as follows, viz. : Water fromwells, 16; from sprlngs lu the hl 11sldes, 10 ; from lluron UI ver, 10 ; from the lukcs west of the city, 5 ; Crotón water, t! ; Detroit Rlver, . lt will thus besccu thut whlle the rlvt-r n-.itcr is uot very hun] wati-r yet it cuntalns twlce tbe qaantltj linie ol' the lake water. SeconJ, in the amouut o. oïgaiilc matter these two varleties can not dillcr wldely. The Water of the lakes is uniforinly c'.eur ; the rlver water is liuble to become torbld. It wlll l!n:s appear thut the water of the lakes is superior to the water farnlshed other cirios. II. OAH 1T BK PROCÜRED IN SUFKKIli.NT QUÁ.NTIi V l'HO.M THE LAKBS t A carciul survey had shuwn tlie lakes to be distaut from the Court House 12,200 ft. and eleyated 71 ft., and 30 ft. abjve Stilte slreet. It will thus be seentliat the water will flow, without power, over 70 ft. above Main st., and in the tliinl story of the Un ivrsity buildings, and tuit iuè latfe'a furnish a natural reservoir. The nmount of lake surfuce is varioiisly estlmated at IVom 50 to 100 acres. The west lake, by actunl neasarement, presentsa water suriace of over fifteeu acres and a water shed (estimacd) of over three square miles. A. clisharge pipe has been placed In this lake, and dlscharglog at tlie rate of 300,000 galons in twenty-four hours, the level of the ake is lowered one qnarter of an inch ïer 1 1 ii v , or about ulnety nchesper year. 'hls loweriug will be more than made 'oo;l by the ruin foll. Tlie City of Albany erlves its water entirely from the raiu falling upou a suraceof eight sq. miles In faot, asqunre milc of rain surface Is Bufflolent to supply a populatiou oí 10,000, as sliown by thls city. Ranklue, in hls Hj'ilraulic Engineering, estímales t iie mazlmam qnantlty required to each person dally at iiO gallons, and the minimum at 19 gallons. At the maximum the city wonld reqalre a dally supply of 300,000 xailons for all purposes. (JiïlIuiiH per tl:iyLeitat Average Groatesi Dotnostfo purpoge.H 7 Ij 15 Wanbing ík, tiïüiuishin tires, ï 3 3 3 Bupptying t'oiintuins ) a:ii1 AUtuuinctures 7 7 7 Wnsto 2 2 Si Totnl 19 22 Ï7,:i III. COST Of srvil.ï rBOM THE I.AKES. Work nt the! . .! A.r. , - $10,000 iii't 4,sx:l fect, excavation 2,i-2'2 jrardi itJ .... 4,4.(4 3,000 feet of acquadtt4Xx3 feet, Brkk, 020 U a' (120 i;,4oo 5.000 fett of Concrete 11 inch Pipe (to Xichols Hili) ii; Í2.5O - 12,500 .1 of Iron 12 inch Pipe (to Main títreet) 11Í .:).!; 13,272 2,0 0 ft. of Iron in. Pipe ÍI1.200 lbs 12,000 ft of Iron 6 in. l'ipe 31 ,1 0V " " 4 " 40S,fil 1 " " " 3 " 20,692 " - 443 'Í ! i'7 .... 29,014 34,33 9 lbs. Lead ftt 80 ... i,%7 B,22á yards of excavation at Sflo ... 2,005 Laying Pipe in r-ity; i,ioo 60 l'ire ilyclrunt mul Cunncotioiu - i,T80 Stop Cocks or Valvea - ' - 1,(;00 Suudñe, .... _ s,'M Total .... flOO.Oeo T!cse pipes iré of a capucity to del 1 ver ut .Mr. Nlcliols' (allowlng (or Mctloo and 5 ft. heail) 1,404,000 gul. per day, orat Muin Street un amouiit fully equal to tlils : or a BUpply lor a city four limos t!ie population of Ami Arbor. IV. REVKNUE DE1UVKD FROM W.VTE1'. K.'.TK. The cily of Detroit collected írom water rates, in the ycar 1871, $138,825 88: or!?l.Gy for each peraon. . At the xune rate of consumptioii - and it Is scarcely to be presuiD' ed tliat it would be iess - the water rátes in Aun Arbor would be over 10,000, or twice the Interest on a botided IndebtediH-ss reprèsentlng the actual cost of the tvorfes. Inasmuch as the works would be self-actlDg, the expense of running tbem would be a mere nominal eurn over expense of collecting water mtes - say 5 per cent. At an additional outlay of 5,000, each of the llfty lire hydrants may be made to do the wurk of üfty steam flre engities, tbrowiugjets oí water 011e hundred and llfty feet in helght, and this lire apparatus maintalned at an annaal cost not to exceed tliat of the present lire departmeut. Tliis lire protection wlll dnninlsh the rate of insuratice In thn citv not. lfjs t.hnn S Onn


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