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TiiousANns Svcak.- Veoetine Uncknowlci recommended by physiciiuis aüd Hpothecties to be the last puriiier a&d öteftnfl ruf the blood yet dlnon rad, D ! thousunds spenk in its prnioo who have bi'on rebtorcd to health. NEW GOOD8- At ott's cash ÜSre at low pricc, cali and sec tliem. Castorla-a subslihitc for Ciisior Oil-a bmily hypin which is pleft:iiit to t:ke and doos not i . r Knpc, but is sute t ! ntE w ;n.'ii all othex re lave Cailed. lt is a pturely vegetable prepaiMtíon, tmtaining neithtti Minerala, Morhiufl nor Alcohol, be reealt of G Samuel Pitoher. lt I i irmoru flective than i'ills, STarcoUo Syrapa or Cantor Oil. Iiy outliinff the BysteiD lt ih íí: s natuxul -l-L-p, and is )artictiS:iTly adapted t orjring or teeUsinf i:iililrin. t '■ ' ; !oub1 -i ation, latalencyand ' ■ the I.iv-er. Nofam1 ■ r. aüord to be wittaout tbifi article. lt ooi ö cents - iik your Druggiatto getitfor youtondlio will aiwuys ktxjp it. H7Ow4 Destraotire Piro at A!ona. Spi- I - fo tbc Detroit Tribune. Alíkxa, July 13. - At 15 minutes past ) . 'clock yesterdf.y aftcrnoüii, July 1, , -irn ia tho rear of the Shorman iouso w-is (liscovt.'!(-id to be un fíro. Tao liariuwasgivcnaiid thefircenginebrought ato requisition promptly, but thero wiis omo delay iu getting stoam, and the fire eing among hay spread with ioarful ra)iditj', aud m au inoredibly hort time he Shonnan House and Goodi'ich'a jew elry store wcre envelypcd iu Ha: Tho engino then comtuonced to play, but tlie wind blowing freah from the northwest oarriod tho firowith astonishing riipidity across tho slroet iuto tho row ot' buildings on thrsouth side of Sicond street. As a consequence Crowell & (iodirey's building, the Burrell House, McDonald's building, Blackburn'H buildings, the ron House, (Jeo. L. Maltzs resiucnee, and the barns, offices, etc., in that block, were soon all in a blaze. The fire quickly spread, and Major Pack's resideneo und office were burned, and Potter & Bros.' hardware store, McDade and Gavigon's hotels, and Comstook's mili boarding house spcedily followed suit and fell a prey to the devonrinu elements, and as did also Aber's building and furniture rooms, and the whole row of houses on the north sido of Kiver street to Luce's mili. The fire ragcd until about 6 o'olock before iï was confined within limits and got uudor control, whcn it hul destroyed about tbree and a-half blooks, contaimng about (5 buildings. Among the heaviest losers ware Potter Bro., Anspach & Co., 0. Jiurrell & Co., A. Puck & Co , Geo. L. Maltz & C, P. McDadc, F. S. Goodrich & Chus. C. Whitney. These niight not havo been the greaiest suíforers as man y lost all tbey had. The Alpena Wettdy Arym office was among tho buildings cntirely destroyed. But the saddest record we have yet to m&ke is recording tho burning to dcuth of tbree persons, while two others were bftdly liurt and still ono other died soon af ter, in consoquenee of injuries reoeived from tho fire. Mis. Westbrook, keeping a millinery store on Soooud street, perished in the street in front of her store. She could not be rescued until nothing but her bones remained. Tho bonos of, two others, s.upposed to bo mon, havo been found. Goo. Westbrook, son of tho millincr, was so b&dly burned in trying to rescue his mothcr, that he died shortly after. A sailor, naraed Kolley, and G. lï. Westby, Barlow's engineor, are very badly burned, and doubts are entertained of Westby's recovery. Ono of the men who8e remanís were found is supposed to be u man named John Livinted. - Tho Tríbune's tablo of losses foots up about $170,000, with aa insuranco of $73,000. Aks Abuob, Thuusdaï, July lsth, '72. Beef - Brins 7&8c. Botteiï - FriceH TL'iniLin ut 10 He. Ukaks- 91.76 por bu. upnid forgood quallty. Coas- lirings .icQíSc jjer bu. Chickiuïp- IïroHstMl 12c Eoqs- Commund 12ie. FLODB -xxx. Í 1.2". mr ct. IIat - $10fïyl2 per tou, according to quality. Bohbt- In cap, 18()2Oc. 1 . v.u -The innrket Btaiuls at 7@8c. Oatb- 30e. NliW POTATOEf- l.Oi). TcltKEYS- Ho. Whbat- We (iiiote Wlüto nt tl.40fgH.i5; amber, 1.8í@1.40 red 41.3iiai.35. - The purchiwes of -wuol up to thia timo nr : l!v Baoh & Abel, 38,000 ' Maok fi aohmiO, .■----. 20,000 " U'.h.I l'uiri:i, ' 15,0()O " A. lltrz, - ...... ,i,(i(j(i Total Í8.C00 Di'alera have been paying durillo the weck from .10 to 88 Cf but yestcrdtiy 55e. was tho outsiilc ilgnre offered for fiue wool. Long wouls bring u little hither figure, COo Iwing the limit. New York quotitions ycsterilay -were : W ■ fleecc held at G8c ; unwaahwl ut .r; ; pulled at 65@73c, and very choico pnllod at 80c. DETROIT VltonWE MABKUT. The Frtl Preu ot the ISthglvM tho paying prioei - R'rti'-'t llijuros- für oooctí v produoe as tollows : ni;vr- wliito, íl .Sii.v' ; - ; uiuber, }1.S2. Cous-4;@50o. Oatb-30;íiS7;. Hat- íl3(gil6. WOOI.8- 61' DuTTKn14 16c. I :S - llÖJSC. llu.VEï - 17is2lo. Detroit Live Stock Murket. hom the Dclroit Pree Prees. KiNd'ti Yard, Munchiy, July 15. The arrivftla this week amount lo 68tí heud of cattla and tS Bheep. AVe li;ui un over-suppl y of enitle without Rny outle East to tako offtlio surplus that aro notwqoired 10 supiiiy tl'in markst, cuusing a decline of about 25e por humlreil 011 til frndiís üf CrtttU1. Nearly llJOkiu weroltft at the closo of tha maiket uot sold. The quality of tho offariDga wiva fair. BWVZfl. Firet qimlity ti SS 571 Si-cvj-id "unlity 4 75í WX Thir.l iniiiit; 3 23(cí 376 BHBXP. Bhe p nro in good demn"d at $3114 25 per 100 Ib, xVi'Ja'o"!!"'" In this City on tho 8th rt:iy of July, inst., nf mílammation of the liver, R08WELL MOOKE, afod 7 yöaraand Hmouths. piw JUliJrtftöemeiït& fjñAKEÑ l:!' By tho rabaorlberin the villano of Siline.on the f! h lï-iy oí' June, o bny mre colt, two years olil. Haa blook mans iwi toil. The owner is foqueated to 1 rove property, pwy charges, and tako Baid colt uway. baline. July L6, ib72. l3R3w5 MO8E8 1UEXEMAN. LS) ! 2!) ! who Trill explmn this simple I.crn, A ml teil us will t iiiy lo ruil ut Ihe bis 'V ! V. btlt moni .uoee mysiic lulteM tlirec, Ovor tlio biuu ucw (jrocery- V. S. 'f C tor Crsdtt ? nnd D far a d;in ? That's the wj buslnsasia uiisu done : Dat that't hm tlio way to fed tli bíbu Of L. COi.UV, TT, io (ells grjcorii'3 ut '.'9. C 8 for Casu : for tho guods hú solln eo olicap, 'Tia better to buy thom thuro yoiir monoj to koep. C O, D.- t'uiAun Delivenj- this is tlii WJ Uu is able to solí su low and m:ik it pny. H DO b:,l di;!j!s to inilko lliin CTM, Or trtx - u uior.' tu mallo op hit los. So iiiai1. Yiu place to buy your luod, lie will seil it cneap, and you wi:l üud !t good. -At the C. O. D Groccry yoa wíll alwftys tíud Tne twttofCoffeii and leal cr ill liimls, Wiili sugar, too, and ireth, ripc frult, Or canned, or dried, all tutea to suit ; Orangce, Lciuon Vi-$ aud Italiun Penrs, Alltlie .-pícea that treo or shrub oftropíc bears, ?iUfí, raisiiiB and varioue kinds of Candy, 'I iiat children luve und tnothera flud so handy, To kccp ou haiul h hidden ítore, A ' stick " ul thi.s will muve ihoin moro Thíin tliu old-fítíjliioued -'rocl" our fiítlicrs used, WheL chilüren were ploíity and o:teu abuaed. Un litis :il! kimls of Provisionp the palato to pleaso. I1 fh, bacou , lluur, bread, biuter and chAeM - OookicH and crackers, cherrlt-B, chocolate and calco, :. try, roaat, stew.etstaa or bake. Hv' tin.s pecana p tanntai primea and pickle. To coax tbo appetttQ, ho cap. icious and ticklo. He hu glaoswarn, crockcrv, and vossolsof tono, Frciicl; Lustra! Soap - the best BverknovB ; Tobáceo and c:gars, both for chewlnj aml smoking And never wiii frown if yon shuld uejoUng. Aud inany other thlAflf to ni.nicrous too mention, Ali oi' which to buII cheap for caih i u.s inteution. Then c me. prood peoplc. ono and ■■út, and ete the i' . o. 1). grocery a cali. Oome (vv our prico and try oar warea, For iu our proílts the buyer eharai. Yon paj the cneh hir what you get, With do tariffon loases t.. make yoa fret : Dan'i askur crtaU, thoi(;h your a mllllonalro, But buy yoargrucerlea au at prkes fair. Come from the country and tho town, Propared lo buy hik! pay cash d 1 ■ me rlch and .oor. como black and vrhlle, Yv il will find pruTlaione plenty aud ric;ht. Oome Iriends ol Ora:i and frl nds ofQreeley, Shake bands at ÍS and ir.uii: t;, o. . freelv. Comniissionera' Notice. QTAT : . County of Washtenaw, s. t The underaigiied, liaving been appointed b'y tbe Frobute Court tor stud oouuty, Connxuguonerston■ ■■ demand i oí ali persons ii tnto m John Milfoou, lllt'.'uí BUI or lor of saJd Pro■ i eeenc theii . tbccstftte of saiddeceasiii, und tliittli wül ice oÍ!aiíl deceasedi in the township of Br'djewater, in said oouuty , onSatwrday, the l uiv-í i..... i. i í.j oí .-. (.■;■!■ !uh r, und Xhuibday, the day of Junutiiy n.xl . ai t ■imclc-ck a. m. ofeach uf sitid days, to receive, examine, and odjost s:iict olaimH. Dated.July lat, A. 1) 187B. DAMKÍ LkBARON, F. M, PAT.MKÜ. 1 983 -v i C'omiuirtsioncrs. Estáte of ECiram Bhepherd. QTATEOÏ MICHIGAN, Countyol Wastttenav.flB. ■-7 Noticeifl hei )bj ffiven, febat 6y ah order of the Probate Court ir tne County of' Wnshtennw, mtwieon tlu: ü! i of July, '■■ 0. 1973, aix inonthu trom tliat date wort; alloved torcrediti ra to prfwciitthcirclttimR i'.iiu; ■ . eol SiramSbophcrJ, late of C.n opoign county, decensed, and 'hut hII ci-editors of said deceased are requin bbeir flniins to said Probate Ooart, at the Probate Offlee, in tbe 4 ityoí Ann & casünatíoD urui allowancc, on or oef ore the Qftcentlkdsy of January noxt, and thut aooh olainU wül bo hcurfl beforo Boid Probate Coort, on Satardsy, the twelfth day of t.Jrto"i er, and on Weduetday the ELfteentli day of Januory next, at 10 o'clook in theforenoon ofcitch oí tbow oay. Dnted, Aun Albor, July 16tb, A. D. 1872. ÍIIRAM J. BEAKES, 1333w4 Judge of Jfiobnt Coraraissioners' Xotico. STATE OP MICHIGAN county of Waditenaw, sb. The undenigned, hannu boon appoiatad by the Probate Cour fc for raid couiiiy, Commissioners to recvüvc, examine and :i!jwsi all claims and demanda of all penosa agoinst the estáte of Henry MoThülipe, Late of t-:i il oounty, deoeaaed, héreby give aotice tnat eix months Irom date ;ire allowed by order "t bj i! Probate Court tor nreditara to present theirolaimfl ngaiust the et;itc of saïdjJt'reiisd, niid that they wül '.' 5t Uargarei lloFhiUips, in siiid county, on Satorday, the twejfth tlay of Ootober, tnd on Wedpesday, the ftfteentíi dty of Jammry, . t--n o'dock a. M. of e&ch of unid days, to , exfimioe, and odjuBt sanl claims. Datüd.July ljtli, A. D. 1S72. UOKG OBRlttN, JOHM il. OOÜTLIÍT, 1S68w4 Commissioners. Rea] Estáte íor Sale. CfJWfcTE OP SÓCHTGAN, County of waahtenaw as' O Ín th i the lístate of Caroline D. Freer' deceaseu. No Q thatin ptuvuanoe . ■ . , ■ ol sitid deccaaeü, by tlio ll'on. Judgcof -nty ui' WashtcnaWj on tli' iir1teenth day of July, A.. l. IW2, theie will bu soldat ijiihii1 vendue. t" the bigbeet bidder, at the bridge bmi nortb '' st oorner of the lnd hereiuafter .. in Baid Btato, .i. ' i 1 1-.. i.t v : '-,. ■ ■ ; ■:■■■ ol BeptJ mber, A. 1. 1872, itt one o'clock In the aftemoon of that day (subject lo-all enoumbranoen bymortgage or othevwiso exinting at the time oí the death of said deoeaaed,) the folLowing described Heul Estáte, to-wll : The west balf .1 Boutb west quarter of seütion thirty-two, iu tawnship tlirec Routli ol range Ün east cuiitHininy eiithty acte mort or leM in said estala Dated, July 16 th a. ij. 1873. A TA" A PREEK A'lmiiiiatvator. Eeal Estato for Salo. CTATEOF MICHIGAN, oountyf _ in me JiiiviitT ui inv jjbttiit' ui vyuikiiii . .hhiic, Jt. minor. Nolicc is hereby gtaen, tlmt in purouanOQ of au order granted to the unueraiffned, guardias, of the estáte of tuid minor, by llie líon. Judpoof ProbateJGor the Cuunty of Waahtenaw, on tho Hfteenth dnyofJuly, A. IX 1872. thcro vtill be rold at public rendtie, to uiu higheet bidder, nt tlie south door of tho Oourt House is tito City ot Auu Arbor, iu the oounty of Washteuaw, in s:iii State, on Tbunday thü Üïih day of Heptombor, A. 1). 1H72, ut one o'clock m the aftesnoon oi that aay (snbiect to all oiicumbranceH by mortK'io or otherwise cxiatini; Ht tb6 time of tlic unie): ïfaO unrlivulol one titlh ofoaohÓJ Mu1 íolloiv■ ilifd parta of hmd via: Tiiat iurt of the Bouth west quarter of section thirty lying weet of the center of ttie hiyhway, and the Bouth forty-one acres ofthatpart of said ijuiirtor eoction which liwieaatof the center of atad tughway, boing in Towuuhip threc Huutïi of range ris eat in Ñdd statu. ed. Ju5 löth. A. I). 1H72. WILLIAM X. MOORE, Sen , 1383 Uuardlnn. Trees! Flowers! Bulbs! Seedsl BS3XK3-B3 PLANTS! Xursery Stock ! Fruit and Flowcr ríales ! AddrcBs F. K. PIKENIX, BLOOMINÖ-TON NÏÏRSERY ILLINOIS. 6)0Acrei; aistyeor; 12 Greonhousco. Appli'i, l.OJii 1 jr.,t' i ; - y. U0; : j. $4 i 4y. $50 4 (Jutiilogoec, 30 cents. 1382m4 ipOll BALE ! A now rimolon Bnsgv unrl a seeond hand Catriogt, für l or 2 hornos, iu goou oonrtition. Inquiro of 8LLA.8 il. DOUGLA88. Ann Arbor, Mny 3ïd, 1R72. I3?5lf T IVÊ (ÍÍ3H8E FEATHifiRS pirtsT GiTJA-iircsr , &onBtanUyonband andforsalcb}' BA CH é- A BEL, , FinestAssortment of Toilet Goods in the City,by S REAT REDUCT10N IN PBICE8 AT THE METROPOLITAN No. 33 South DÍaia St., FOR THE NEXT 60 DAYS. ETBRYTHIfiG AT New York Cost In ordor to make intensive alterations in the fall. ïiow is your chance fcr bnrgaius In MILLINERY, PARASOLS, FAATS, Ladies', Misses' and Gents' HOSIERY, GLOVKS, HHK'FS, L.VCES, RIBBONS, COLLAR8, OORE8T8. HOOP SKlRTö, 'RIMMLNÖ8, Ladies' made up Sommee )1{ICSSES, Iidies white uiuler ganntuts. 2 Button Kid Gloves, FOK ONE DOLLAR, TABLE LHTEÍÍ8, TOWEL8, COUNrEHPANES, FIQUES, WHIfE GOODS, EMBRODERIES, &o. H. COHEN. :;;; mtn ura ut. A NN All BOE Mineral Springs House. Thia hitittiful report for health seekers ie now pon, with lts RON, MAGNESIA, AND SÜLPHUR WATERS, Oommodionsbnildii g hcntcd by tteam, anti larjio nd w;ll-Tenliluted rooms. WATER AND AIE BATÏÏS, Of al] temperatura, aíso Shower, Vapor, Mcdicated nd Electric Brit ha aroerapluycd with advanl he treatment of til forins oï chruDlc diseasei tul diseaees of femalea. Special atti.-ntioi paid o diet. VV'ith p'nasant surroundings, and sïi natcd in one of the most heiiKhy umi beanufulcUlea ín pofiBosnes atiructione fur invalida ur for picas. urtí-Bfj'kera poldoin fouml. Thi nnalysii of the Springn will bo lurDiehed on appllcation. Persons desïrinp; circülïirfl to eend to the ir ríenos can procure them at ïhe oiüceof thclJropriore t)u lluron stroct, or tit the Springa. Addicss all letters of iuquiry to MORRIS HALE, SI. D., Snpt. Ann Aküoh, Micii. Suthorlnnd and tVlirdan, Prop': Ann Arbor,Mich, Jane 11, 18T2. TTTHHJNOBE LAKE. Ilavïnj; recently refitted and farnifhed the CLIFTOÍÍ HOUSE! fim now preparoil to receive and entertain pleaaiin-, flBhlag Hitd dHticlug parlies, at one of the moet ittractivo, plcnsaut ftud beftliby wacerini; places in hc Wet, Myboata are ncw. lame andcommodioua, and veil adapted for the use of plöasuro aeekeM. AiikKtk wlll flnd a full and complete equipmont alwaytj on hand. Spixiftl atïentïon givt'n t tlio wants nnd oom ort of thosc who wí-h to epead a f;w weeks in ocreation darins th wnnn summer monthf . No pain will bu pared to mako WMTMORE ,AKK, In the future a in the pst, a favorit mimnr resort. D. F. SMITII. Q L. PACK" Soeps ou hand a fírst class stock OF CIGAR3, TOBACCO, PIPES, SWUFF And all s mokers articles AT THE OLD STAND 2 doors -west of Cook'a Hotol at tlio sign lSUmt A GENTS WANTED FOR BOOKS NEEDED BY ALL FAEMER8. Tlio hrwt books published on the Horst and the Cow. Libural torms. money made rapidly by Agwitl hmI Ing tbeec buoks. Scnd for circuían, POKiBR A COATES, PcBi.isHiRe; Philadelphïa, Pa. Ai ONEY WANTED. Fivoor six thousnnd dollarn, or more, on n mortfftgeof unincurrr"brefï reol estato worth thrco times the amount. Ehquire of 136C E. W. HOBQAN. Go to R. W.ELLIS & cO's ! for choicoWines andLiquorf for Medical Purposee . FA1.SE REPORT! THAT A. A. TERRY IIASQONEOUTOF THADE HE STILL LIVSS, AND HAS A LARGE AND COMPLETE STOCK OP HATS & CAPS 1 JUST THE STYLE, AMD AT PRICES TO MUIT THE TIMES. AL8O A FULL ;.■! GENTS' FURMSHING OOODS! DON'T PURCIIASE YOUR SPKING ANDSÜMMER OUTFITS ÜNTIL YOU O-IVE KIM -A. C -A. 3L, J-.13 South Main St.TAnn Aiboi. ÍS81-tí. For Scrofula, ScrofT ulous Hiscascs of C the KycH, or Scrofust la in aiiy l'orni. jyM Any disease or eruption 2 of the Skin, disease of the Cy j Liver, Rheumatism, PimX ples,OIdSores,Ulcers,Brokïf et en-down Constitn t ons, 4? Sypliilis, or any diseasedeeiL(slJ pending on adepraved con5Q&$fi. dition of the blood, try mÊr dr.crook'S LrO SYRUP OF Si POKE ROOT. OMmÍJ It lias the medicinal prop67y erty of Pokecombined with jj yy a preparation oflronwhich lUy goes at once into the blood, y'T performing the most rapid and wonderful cnres. Ask yonr Druggist for Dr. Crook'a Oompound Syrup of Poke Koot - take .t and bo healed. MOTHERS! MOTHERSÜ MOTHERS ! ! Don't fnil to procuro MBS. WIJiS. LOW'S SOOTHING STBBP FOR VHÜLDBEN TKEXIÍING. Thls valutibic preparation hns been ped wlth NBVER-FAILINÓ SUCCtSa IN THOUifANDS OF CASl'S. lt not n]y relieves tho cblld from pain, but luvlgorates tbo stuiuich aud Ijoweb. correct acijitr, nvi gives tone aud energy to the whole nyaiem. lt wlll ftho iiirtUiutJy rciievo (iripiufi in tlie Boleéis and Mimi Tolic. Wsbolleta it thclil.i' ana SüáiST SBMBDY IN TUK WOKLDt In all cae STERT VNI) DIARRHCKA IX CHILDRBN, wiiulhc-r arlsin.: Irom tothlpii or uy olíit i aas, Dopend apou it molliere, it will givcrost toyourSelvtiH, Hl:. i Kolif umi Health to Tour Infnnts. Be sure and cali for "Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Sj-riip." TTávIoi; the facsimile of "CDRÏISA PFRKINS" m tho outHido wrftpper. . SoUl by Drugsietb thronahout the v iy TAMKS McMAHON, Justicc of the Peace, Office in new blook, Nortli of Court House Money colleotcd auil promptly paid ov.t. INSURANCE AGENT. Triumph, assets, $727.903.11 N.jrüi Mlssonrl, " 45,417. 'Jl Hlbunla, " 350,000.00 REAL K3TATK. 1 have 80 acres nf Und H of a mile from the city mits, ilmly loeated tot fruit or garden' purpoBes. Also 10 acre, with houro and b.irn.and a livcly stream of water running tbroúgb tiTc hárh yard. 60 acres, a niüeoul. I kW: ?■■'.! ::ny or all the abovu che.ip, or csc'.innge for city proporty. 1574 JAMES McMAnON. 'PHYÍICIARS'TSSCBIPTIOKS" lOCURA'. KLV ANJ . I CAREPÜLLYPJJEPAFED BT R. ir. WLL1E & OO.,IJIIUGOIS7S. I ' " . " ___


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