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Buffalo Pitts Machine!

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JPARÏYIERS AND THRESHERS 2 FIRST, Iwillcail the attention üf Thrcshers to thooid.rellable, never-falilnfi That a'ways takoe tho front rank at all Thresblnij Trials. A f uil Une of Extrai constantlj oa hand. oUDLY, 1 will colt tho attentlon of Farmers to my stock of REAPERS AND MÜWERS! both Comblncdana Cluglo iro"'. The Champion, Kil'hy, Wood, Burdick, Sulky and, L'Sierly. I am aovare tbat tfccre laahead-wlnd from a üerfin dlrcction agalnst títe Champion, but lactt r worth mure thnn wlt-.cj. Tlütf thn CIIAMI'ION, test it loyonr sntfofactlun, and lf itfalls to come to th scratch, ruturu t AT MY EXPENSA. The KIUBY and ÑVOOl aro bolti too well known to need com mentd. 1 lmvy The BUCKEYE, the IIOOSIER, and the SUPERIOR GRA1N DRILLS. IlaTltc eTery farmer to cali aud eee tho SITPERIOR. It Is on cntirely a new principia. Kul.'imazoo Pio'Ws, all eizes and patterns, steel and iron ; Field and Corn Cultivators, ill kinds ; tlie Kêmington and Fort Wayne Steel Plows ; Fairbauk's Scales, from halfounce to ten tons capacity ; Jackson Wagons, Snlky and Revolving Horse Kakes, ilinge Harrown, Iron Force Pumps, for throwing water Over dwcllings or banu froiu well or cisteru ; commou Iron and wood Pumps lor wells orcisiern; TifHn Union Uhurns, Hay ïedders, toad Scrapers, Grind Otones, all hung complete, grnin and grass scythes by the dozen, Farm or Plantatlon Bell!, step and common Huldeis, Sa!t and Water lime, Machine 011, Grain Oradles of my own manufacture, chain pumps, the JPlauet small seed drill, and allsmall toolB too numerous to mention. 31. EOGERS. Rad mber tho CHAMPION Machine and the SÜP2TH0R Drill. 13T7tf.


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