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Steam Boiler Explosions

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I notioo an article ia your paper on bolier explosions. Several of them aro mentiouod, soiuo of thom looouiotivos, and one a stationary. You make some remurks on thoso accidonts, but you suggest no remedy for tho ovil. I think I can point to the cause of at loast iome oi those accidenta by which bo many lives are lost and so muoh property destroyed. Aud flrst, in rogard to steamboat and loeomotive oxplosions ; they may soinetimes ooour frorn carelessness on the part of tlio engineer, or fioin his being wbolly or in part intoxicated, which renders hiin unfit to havo charge of evon a team of horses, muoh less of an engine and boilers. I think that sobriety ought to be tho best recommondation to seoure a situation - provided he is otherwise qualified to nll tho plaoe by a praotioal knowledge of the business. I havo a theory that any man who will oooasionally tako a glaas is at any time liable to bo overoome, because the human systera is not always in a healthy condition, and what he oould curry at one time will put hini down ancther timo, and thereíore no man ought to be employed as engineer who will undor aay circuiustanoes drink as a bovorage any spirituous or malt liquors. Somo eorporations, in their doslro to get rioh, employ men in no way qualified to havo oharge of ari engiue and boilers, and this beoause thoy can be hirod at low wages, thug saving to the ooinpany a considerable íum per year, but very often oosting more in the loug run thau would havo hired a good, oompotont man. Again, when boilers got burnt out and aro no longer safe, and after having been notified of the faot, in their groat desiro for pain companies still keop using thein, and íf one engineer quits on aooount of it, another will tako his place, and so it goos Tintil the final oatastropho. One caso in point. About the yoar 1S52 I was engineer for a large, flourishing mili in the city of ; I had beon there but a few days when I noticed a loak just ovcr tho fire. I montioned it to tho head millar ; he replied thatit ofteu broke out in that way, but it would eoon stop again. It did not stop, however, but continuad to get worse. I asked the boss to stop the work for two days, so that I could got in and examine it. He would not consent, and I thoreupon left. Another engineer was procured, nnd in just two days after he took charge ho was scalded to death. Whilo he was working at his furnaoe tho boiler burst right in his faca, aud ho lost his lite. Now, tho owner of this mili escaped all blame in the matter, while ho alone wa guilty. Bere is the prolifio sotiree of almost all the oxplosions whioh occur, so far as stationary enginos are concornod. Employers generally supposo that enginooring is a very easy job ; thoy don"t get enough out of a man for their uionoy. Thoy thereíore roquiro Liin to work at souiething clso ; do any kind of choros uround the plaoo ; in fact, kecp him busy at soniethiug. &wy froui his boilers. lio is allóvred to peep into tho ongine room onoj in a wliilo, and biick to his work again. Some tiuie, after being away longer than usual, ho finds his pump not working, the water gono down in tho boilír, stoam roaring off through the safety val ve, and, instoad of a mixturo of steam and wator in hia gaugc, he fiuds thcre a ligrht bluo colorea somethiug. Then, very muoh excited, he runs to tho pump, turas on the wholo head of water, and, in a moment, you havo a fino explosión. Now, in such a oase as this, the only safo thing to do ia to draw out your ihes and let your boilers coel ; but the enginoor who would venture to do bo would, in a great number of cases, be discharged, and ho knows it, and would soouer run some risk than lose his situation. This whole thing is wrong. The man who has charge of an engiiio and boilors, and attonds laittafully to his business, has enough to do. Ho may not always be at the tug, but oncu cleaning out his íurnace is worse on him than an ordinary day's work. It is the opinión of an oíd engineer that all this ought to bo stoppod. Kngineers, as a class, should bo sober, steady and careful mon, and they should be aÜowed to take care of their engine and boilers, and not bo required to work at other business ; in fact, they ought to be allowedto do nothing olse but atlend to their own peculiar business. 1 think if this System was adopted there would be fewer explosione. ïlpPitfetganitfgtts


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