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The folio wing pleaB.'vntl y vritten article, by a memborot' the " Old Dominion," wiil apply also to loealities north of Virginia : Une of tho pleasing and hopeful signs of thé tiraos in tho " Old Dominion " is tho uumerous live agricultural sociaties whicli are springing up umong thein, such us town and county club,, "pat ons of husbandry," and othcrs. They are wili caloulated to Htlargú and give play to the Eocinl t'eelinga, and Dring those wliö would otherwise eeldom meet, intu social relations. ïlicn, liso, information and in struction wiil h i minated by a f roo comparinij; of n jtes and views, and in relatiur various experiment and results. Tliis is one of tho grcat wants o: tlio farmers - tho cultivation of greater sociability amon: (huir í'íiniiliís, itnl moro mutual iiibtruction, by freely and fréquently interohanging ideas and facts in regard to tlifir oonjmon avocation and interests - by " glintiiiffof metal blades." The common mode and cnstom now, in ! this State, is fur farmers in a neighborhood to form a society, and meet, iVom jnonth to month, at the resideuces of the deïfaTMit roeinbers, where friendly grectings are cxolianfod, business transacted, jjrojects discusstd and a good farnrer's dinnor enjoyed ; nnd as tne hospitable and thrit'l y mation, at euch farm in turn, gets up tuis plvnsttnt entertainment, of :ouic there i ; proper ambition, and rivalry wilh all to be as good as auy, which stiniulatee taste and tidiness. Then at .''.te. meeting there is a " Critieal Committee" appointedv whosè dnty it is to carctully examine the larra and premisos where they meet, inepecting ererything about it - orops, stock, buildings, orchard, pr? - !u2 roafl a report thereof in open I2ooti::g ; and this, of courso has its good effect in ütiiiiulating tne owner to have uil bis affiiirs in oreditably order, tliat the " Criticnl Committee " may havo little to condomn and much to ajiprove. Oi Ier. uvstfim ana neatnc?s are enhanced by this pleasant custom. (iftei:, it tbo committer liappon to have a warm vein of the ïiumoious, these reportfl are vi i y ;.:]iU5Íng.. Then, to faoilitate getting home comf rtably, tbe lucctincs are always appointod tö-lie held about the time of the full jnoon, oaïï montb, thtvt those who live at a distimcc may not havo dark uihts to árivo in. A pl'sant foature of these meetings ík, that the womei) o:id children of'ííio &WBÍ1ÍCS attend and onjoy the sociability and iustruction as woll as the ""lords" - which in right. Long may t-hoy prosper niul improve, enjoying oonoord and growth.


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