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Hard And Soft Water

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- Tho effeots ot hard and soit water in COOkmg vogoinibloB viry miitorially. Pens ftnd beana cooked in hard wutor oontaining gypeum wi)l not lioil tender, becáuse tteee subsbraee harden Togjtable caaein. In sof! water tbcy boíl tender and loso a certain r:nik, raw taste whichthey retaita in hard ivatar. Many vegetables, as onions, boil uenrly tasteless in soft rutor, beoanw ai; the flavor i dinsolvod out. Tho addiiiun of salt ehoeks this (s in the cuso of' onions), eausing the vegetable o retain the pccnliiir flaroring princi ■!i"i. lipsidrs mncb nutritious mal ter wbich might be lof( in soft water. Thus it appears that Kult, }iBnl'ns water to a (Ipjjroe. Por extraoting tlio jnioes of ïncat to niake n brotb or sou]'. Boft water, iinsaltod and oold at first, is best, for it nmoh more readilj penefoutes the tissues ; but fór Boiling meat wtere the jiiices sh'ould bc retftined, bard witter or soft water sulted ia preferable, and the meat slionld be putio whilo it is boiUng m as to Seal up thu poreg ut ouco.


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