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The Earth's Crust At Chicago

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The Cliicag.) TrUnmr, gjvrs the i'oHowing account of what the drill passed tbrough in boring l,'20 feet in that city: The drill had un easy linio of it thro-:gli the (irst iifty i'u.'t, boring with greatreadinow through olay, Then carne 335 foet of slate and rotten rock, wbiota vvss pretnly disposed of. Then five I (jiiicksand, whioh oaveii, and inttde tilines generally uuconif'ortablo ; then a 'l tooi mixturo of sand and ft mes; then tho drill worked its way slowly through 1t)2 feet of hard rock, after picrcinj which the water made its iirst appearance, and the well was filled ; then came 11,0 feet of white lime stonorock, which was pierced slowly, but havinp: made its way through, tho diligence of tho drill was rewarded with a "softthing," in the way of 290 feet of clay. More limostone to the depth of '25 feet followed, and then a mixture of elate and ehale, and after that !() feet of soapstone ; then slate iipan tn a depth of 106 feet, and agnin -100 feet of white lime rock. Ilcro a stratum of 2! reet f brown sand wao struckfor thellret timp, and after it sandstone rock ; anothcr lux-ir of lo feet of shaje, 0 fuut of Üme i'ock, and 15 feet of slate and rotten rock. This caved almost as badly a3 quioksand, and an iron pipo of tho sizo ot Üv: we 1 was let down to cover tho troacheroi h spot. Below this was 75 foet of lime recle n_Hiin, and then, at the dbptU of 1, 93 feet a crevice, lined, as before describe, with metallic rlint, oontainüig water, tliirty feet . below which the fiow n ti ly donbled, Preserving grapes witli honcy is nooinmeudea by t lioso who have tried it, it being asscrtcd tlmt many )in Is of fruii ure jircHi.'ivcil uiccr with it tlmii ly 1 ■ir. Mts. Tupper says : - " (irapeg, phims, and all kinds of crab npples arillynice. Jam or "buUrr," iriarlö with fionoy is (lolicious, whfttever fruit is nsid. We have preserved grapes in tliis way for ycars, as follows : - Seven pounds of fruit (in perfect hunchos if possible,) pounds of honoy, 1 pint of pood eider vineprar, and spiriii of any or all kinds, to snit the teste, lioil the honey .and vini'tror together, with the spicn tied in a oloth ; jifick fluí grapi cloaely in a jar, and turn iho boiling sirup over theTn. It' it. is sc:ded at once no further care ïe néoesBftry - it wil! keep for years. If not éealed, the NÜ'iip filiould hé turncd off tbe nintb ilny, re-boiléd, aml Curned again oa tho fruit." - Rural Vorker,


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