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yyiVL WAGftEf ta M'W 8EADÏ F011 TUE SPRIXG TBADE Ilaviug lteceivud alLargc Stock f SPRtiliG AND MM GOODS, 1NCLUDING OLOTHS, ÜA8STMERE8, VESTINQS, &C. of the BEST STYLES and QUALITIES, WUICH BI 1LI. MANUPACTÏÏEE on terms to sult. Also a full line of READY-MADE OLOTHING AND Bents' FIJENI8HIKG Goods. ALSO LADIR8' AND GENTS' MOROCOO SATOHELS No.Sl South Main Street,- KnstSidei OALL AND SEE THEM. TVIttlAM WAONI'R, Ann Arbor, April Ist, 18T2f. . . T Q. A, SESIOWís' J INSURANCE AGENCT. llis Companies Are Sound. piiaiNIX INSURANCE CO., HARTFORD, CONN. CAPITA I, AST) ASSETS,July1,1871....$1,T81,000 CHICAGO LQSSES 750,000 the ihf:vi:x is the beat conclnctcd Fire Insurance Companyin tlie I'nitcd Ntnt-N. Alw) prudent nud sound, and alurays prompt in payment of Io èeti INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE CO., -NKW YORK C'iTY. Tlic ñrst Compnnyto pfifsttieordeilof the Nnw York Insnraucu CommipvlontfrB siucc the Chicago Firc, coming out Trom theseren) test TRIUMPHANT ! Aesocistcil Pre Dispatch, November 2, 1ST1, THE IXTERJIATIONAI. INSÜBANCE COMPAN Y. The flnperintcndent of the New TorkStste Tn ourance uepanment, niioi? makius Acarsful omDial examinador nf the Mew Ycrk city Oompanlei to-day, certlttet tbsttbe Internatloual Company'i nsseti'f ! 50 . 00 ;ire invcsled, and its capital of 0O,oHi. af ter provldlng forall llabllltiea, IncTud ■ lirr, is wholly oulmpalred TMk Oompgnyia paying alUis Chicago losscs and isfiound and reilablo. Polines issiiedut fairrates at my office, No. 11 East Hurón eiree;. Ann Arbor, J. Q. A. SES8IONS, Agent. mTtf TEN REASONS WHY No Family should be without a lottle of WUITTLESKY in tke house. 8t.- Itwül relieve the worst case of BiliOUf Cholic or Cholera Morbusin 15 minutes - 't will cure the most obstinate case l Dyspepsla aud Indigestión is a few weeks. 1 3c'- It is the best remedy in the worid fol OJCK Headache, as thousands can teslify, i taken wlicn the first symptoms appear. , ,77 's tne est diuretic ever put bcfoir the public; curing those distressing complaints, Diabetes and Gravel andothcr Ürinary u 1 ff] c u 1 1 1 e 8 Oth.- It is a most excellent EmmenaBo."0, and to the Younc ClrlS. middle aged Wp men, and at the Turn of Life.thU remcay is of incalculable valué. 5t,h#It wi" remove wind from the bowels, and henee a few drops in somc sweetcned water Civen to a babe is better than ■ dozen cordials td Relieve and make it Sleep. Contain''■■. no anpdyne. 7th.- It is a sure relief for adnlts and childrcn affected with Worms and Pin Worma. it will bring awity the worms. 8th.-Itwill cure the Piles and Hemorrhodlal difficulties. Oth.- It will cure Con Btl pat Ion and keep the bowels regular. It will also cure the worst case ofSummerComplalntand Dysentery. lOth.- It will cure Sour Stomach, Stlmulate the Llver to hcakliy action Relieve Heart-Burn and act as a general Regulator of the systcm. Whcn taken dilute the dose with Sugar and Water to a Wlne-ClassfuMand you kaveapiea8ant tpnic. Whitt csey (Dysycpsia Cure) $1.00 per bottle. ■W iitt esey Agüe Cure 50c. per bottle. Whjttlcscy Cough Granules 25c. per bottle. Sold by all druggisls and Warranted. Whtttlesejr Prop. Hcd. Co., Toledo, O,, J UMBI.R YARD. C. KRAPF, Haf u large and well tfeocked Lnmber Yardot m S' u ff . i u thi .'-hu li part of the City, anc nrlUkfiopcooitaDtly ou ham! ao r.-.c i-ilentvuriety o LUMBER,SHINGLES,LATH&C trbicfa wlllbdnJd aelowascar be afforded tn Jthli 1:1 trkei . yiialitj-iidprlci"?inchthi NO ONE NEÏSD GO TO DETROITV. KB API". Aun Arbor JannarvSOth, 1S11 980 JTLOXJli. OBAS&H FLOÜB, líLÍKWHKAT 11,01 It, COES MEAL, PEED OP AIX KIMtK, AVtlhf ftboTO artlcle are warrnntod to have bo npertor in For h:i!ö nt Partridge's Flouring MillsN. IJ.- OristiiiK duuc U fcbun uotice. nn On IWHATD0E8 Z d , Z d ! !T MEAN ! Thla qaeatton haa bean ntked man; timo latrly nul one nf Brln'a aona aald, " It woold take an cídaCutefl mon to UU thut." Bnt It menns that Ei. O1IIV, who has Tor tho lust ihree 11 partner in a largo wlmlesalc h0UB6 i" Chicago, mul sltbough the terrible lire of laat fall oaa lefl that city i mint. be atili Ilve8,nd Uks BARNABY'S CROW, NeTOr iftya fllo, bnt hns oponed a ílnc aLoi:k of ncw clean OB0CBBIK8, at No, 29 SOUTH MAIN ST., l)iM wri'ii the flishionable Dry Ooods Store of Henion A G-tt, nmltliu Mnraraoth Hardware fuoie 01 Lowiii 0. Riadon. I will sny to citirens of Ánn Artor nnd punoundlng country, tlint I will sell (roccriCN, 1'rovisioiiK, (ruflury, Qlau i%'arü, at a low fiptirc for Cash or reatly ]tny ouly I alway8 pay Cash Down for Oooli, rtnd mnt have pay for thein when dulivered. Do net aak me to trust you, even if you are wortli a million. BIT I Wll.l. SF.1,1. OOE8 !,0H l'K THi AT JI.l CAN WHO T.VKKS CUEIT FOK PAY. All kinds of Produce taken in l'x;hange. Ooods dclivered in the City free of charge. Come in READY PAY CUSTOMERS, and examine my Roods. I will SHOW YOU AR0UD, wiihthe grcatC8t of plt-anure, and if you do not buy, T promise yon T will uot look croee. SpeclaindtK-t-montef o Boardiny Houaee and Clubs. Look for the slgn of the C. 0. D. Grocery and the Big 29. iCewis Colby. Marchl4th,lSÏ8. 1366 O Lj H , GO ü tí 1.1 -i u ■ L fie H ;■ ! S M h f Jai o al á ï m g . S t i, p? 8-.o f s 0 3 11 r H n O DOÏM'T FORCET Tliat Lhe Fairest. L}qnar rt, nnrl hppt place In Aun Arbor to baj Pure Drugs i ik! Medicines, wines and Liquora, for Medicina] Pur oees PAINTS, OILS, VARNISKES, BRUSHËS, &C, K. W. ELLIS & COS. Cornet Opposite the BftTtngi iiank. Onr Permanent Colurff for oaíílde or Inaldfi pniiit log, manañictared rom Pure hite Lead Ktnc, snt) l.;us' 'I uil. Qheaper aud bettof tlmn &i Paini niific Bold by th c11oï], lcJ:, or barrel, Also Pare White Lead ZIdc( Ac, ut satlsfactorv Priccs. KEMKMBEKNA!K AN1 PLACE. IC. V. I.B.I.IS & CO. TOTÏLE LAGER, ALE AND FOUTER, Put tip in Pints and Quarts for Family use. ALSO BY THE KEG. tJ?" Orders Ioft atüf.cller & Co.'s Drug Mrr will bc prumptly fillcd. HILL & CHAPÍN. Ann Arbor, Moy 23, 1872. I8I8U e""HURRY UP ! I)ARTlESivl-'i!ii' Wil I PaPj Phadei Hollands, Wlnáow Plztnrea, Cordu, i els, ftc . 11 New Btylef Bt Sfttlafftctorj Pricen. bj J. lt. Wolmlcr : Co., Book 8tot,nar tlit; Expíese Offloe. X X JL Ii. GIBLEY, SucceBSor to COLUHOVE 4 SON. ■.■;■' -Vi '. DREG6I8T AND C111T IN COOK'8 NEW HOTEL, No. 12 E. HURÓN STREET, DEALER IN Dlll'fcS, IIEBICIXE8, BDBOICiL nSïKl.TIEiKTS, PCBI WWB8 ,iSS MQIORS, (FOU KBDIOAL PUKPOSES ONLT.) Fancy Goods, Pcrfumery, PAISTS, OII.S, VAUMSIIKS, GLA88, AXI PUTTÏ, PIIÏSICIAXS' PBESGIIPTIOJSS t'arefally compmindcil at nll hoars. I PBOPOSE NOT TO BE UNBERSOLD EY ANY FIRM IN THE CITY WHOFURNISH AS GOOD AN ARTICLE. K. U. GIDJLEV. 18Ttf J. Witïtn, Proprlttar. R. H. McDonald A Co., InuKcUu & Gen. Asonli, Sim FrudKO, Cnl., mul i Caiiuiioica t, N. T. Slli.l,l()s Ui-u Ti-MihiKMir to tbelt , Wonderfal ('urutivu KHccts. Tlioy aro iiot a vilc Fancy Drluk, Wade o( Poor liiim, WhlMltcy, Proof Spirits anil Rofimo IjÏijudI'n (loctoredt spiood and swcetcnod ío Jilease tho tastccrxllcd "Tonics," "Appctizcrs," "lleatorcrs'ic, I thatlead the tippleron todrimknnusnrKi ruin, but are [ atrueModicinc.nuulo froni the itivc ]oots mul Hcrba Of California, freo f rom ;i!I Alcohollc Stimulans. ThoyeiethoGItEAT I!M)O! l'L'ltlFIEK :n-l A LIFE UITING PRINCIPIE, a perfect Itenovator aiul Invigorator of tlte System, carryingoíT all potSOitOiN matter and restoring theblood to a bcalthy cuiulition. No person can tukc these Bitters accordlng to ctirections and renmin tong anweU, prorided tlioit boncH are not dostrojod liy mineral poisonor other meaus, and the vital orans waated beyotul thc pointof íepair. They aro a Gentío Vunrutivens well nsa Tonir, . :.lso, tho peculiar mcrit of actinjt as a poverful opent in relloving Congestión or Inílirnmation of thc Livor, oiid nlí the Visceral Orean s. POR FEMALE COIVIFL.A1NTS, Inyonngar olil, marrieaor single, nt thedawnof womanhuod orat tiio turn of uro, Uiese TonlcBItterB havo no equal. l'oi Iiiílnmmmory a lid ( hionic Rhontria ti muí untl Gout, bjBpopsIn or Indigestión Uiliuus, lEcnilttcut and Intermití ent Fever, IHuOHMet ol' thc Hloori Lívtri-, Kídneya aiul litadlorf theso B litera have boen most ■ncoosfiful. SiK-li IHuensea are obubcü ly Viiimed ltlood, wliícli Isgonerally producal by dcrmigciiicut of thc Dij'.'if i '" Orgntifl UVMPEFSIA Olt IM)H;f,STION, Betdaobe. Haío Iu Uie SHouldors, Üoiurbs, Tiffbtuesa of iho Ch ■ ;. !':■'.- n i , I tr Eru t&tlons uf tlie Btnmmoh, lïaü Tanto Id Ibe Mouth, Bllious Attackfl, l'ulpitatiou oí the Heftrti Infljuitniitlon of tho huoffA, l'uiri in the rcpidiis of ilic &JdneTi '■ otliox puüfbJ syroplums, ar tbo oílsprins of JUyspepsia. Tbey inTisorato thc Stomocli andstimulatethotorpid Livrr íiii'l lïowcls, whtcll reudCf tliom of unequatlcü eflleiicy In cleanalnc t!ic blood of all Imporitlea, aml Imparttns uow Ufe and vigor lo the wholenratem. FOR SKIN niSHASMS, 8rnpt1ou8Tetter, Salt Rbcuin, Blotclios, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Uoils, Cnr-. ílinf'Worma. Scald UtaL Sor. Byos, yei polas, Ucb.Scu'rfrt, Diftcoloratlom uftlia Bkln, Bunio and Diseaaes of lüe Skis, oí wliati'vr aiDc or nature, aro Ilterallv dnpupond carried out of syRtem in a short time bytbe uoeol these liltters. One bottle In such cases wíl! roaviuco tbo nioál iitcrC'lulous oftbcir cura Ureí C)eDse the Vitlated Bloo.l whenover yoo find its ímpuritics buntlnff throuchtho skin in Pimples. Bmptitns or Sores; clense 1'. v,hcn you flmi Jt obstructed ondslnggisb in tho Veins: dcanso ttwhen It Ufonl, ■ and rom feel youwhen. Kcop the Mood pure, aud tho hcaltli of the svatom vlli follow. Pin, Tapef and ollior Wormsi lurkingln tlio Rystcín of so maaj íhousantls, ere clfectua)]y destroyed mid removed, Bayi ;i distfnulshed pliTiolosist, thero is scarceljr an Individual upon the laoo of the enrth vbpQQ body i.s czeinpt (rom tho preseocó of wormR. It is iiüt upon tli' healthy clemente of Ihu body that wonna exist, but upon tln dist-asod bu mora anu sliiny deposfts tbat brem these living monsters of discase. No System of Bieqfótiae, no vermlfuges, o aut)H'!ininiii;s will freo tbc systcm froui worms liko tucsc Bitters, J. WA1JÏEK, Proprietor. R. II. MuDONALD A CO DroggtstsaDd öon, Agente. San Francisco. Oaliforaia and 32 and 34 Oommercfl Street, New York. M-SObU JïY ALL 1IUjU(H3T8 AND DKAUCRS. PR.CROOK'SWINEOFTAR êl.O YEARS PUBLIC TEST Jr. Crook's WÏNE i ií n X XAiJCt a ïo Iiave inore jiüLifúM -erit thau :uiy Si&S9BMts& (on ver ollercd thc public. It ís ricli in tlie medicinal 3iiali(icsurrj':u', and uoequaled for teeaaea oí' thc Tliroat and liUllfis, performiüg the most rcmark able cures. Coughs, Colds, Chronic Cougha. It Offectually cures them all. Astlium and Bronchitis. 1 1;is cured so manv cases t lias been pronounccd a specific for coniplaints. r'or pains in Breast, Sido or Back, Gravel or Kidney Discase, Diseases of the Lriuary Organs, Jauudice or any Li ver Complaüit, It has no equal. It is also a superior Ton ie, ! Restores the Appetite, Strengthens tho System, Restores tho Weak and ! Bebilitated, ; Causes the Food to Bigest, Removes Dyspepsia and Indigestión, Prevenís Malarious Foyers, Gives tonO to jour System. - ' "■-- - t X X HÜRRY UP ! pABTIJb: wiehlug Wall Papor, Cloth ; ■■ and Paper abades. líoüimcs, Plx tares, C ■ Passele, &c. all New Stylee, Jit SatEsfa b by J. ! wob-Htor V C'o., B iük eflore, Daar the Bzpre-e ofi!cc. X- X l! TUVÜÜ7" BWPTIOSS I BY Ji. W.SLLlt &00.,DRÏÏ}QI82B.


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