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Weighing The Baby

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■Vhen wefghing tho baby, not yet month old, Til1 ftvMt trinii-r ilíiriiiiií, mure preciom th;m guld, l.o v oiten fond paren u a gluriiig mifftake Aid knoWQ to ff&oord au k parontcould niake I Oh, oh, the tirst baby ! Who ever did dpy Buoh sof; rofcy ohwkfl and a forohead ao hiph ! ' 'n, l.t!i'(1])ív, daar. hold bim ! Huw heavy the weiijht Dowiigfa hini : I kuüw he will wcigUmorotb.-.:. Ww over bef ore uch a 1 i tile nose ! 1U ever the uiilight ki&s such tiny toes ! Oh in y ! lüi : -in Over ! Suob Wift p'arly ear ! And ths blue tporkling eycs, filled with bright, crystfti wan ! Tbore ! Carefuliy lay him within Uw tin dry, Did over ihaf balanoe ho procious gem woijrli .' Half bxvathleas, they lwtvn to her the ad faty - No rooord i truor- " Ilü wtigh only eiht." Ah, what n ead error, Ml errors alutve, Si ireteh Id a balanoe a bundla of lovo, With dinplen and teardrope of dear baby boys, Andreckou th.ii v;i'.u ■ ia iivoiidupoia! Now briiijf the true baiunce, mul vnigh apnin fair ; Weigh lovo and the siniles and the bonny brownhüii1 ; As gold silver, rubíes are wfihci by i'nir raea, The light buy ol even ■wiïl wcigh nearly ten. How 6tupid (o weijfh lovo lilio powgaws and toya, With dumh plga and pooltry by uvoirdupu-.s, Whü pvark of the oceao nci BÜrei and gold By 'L'i'oy ave oomputed, wlien purchated nnd sold! Nhoulii twbiM at Urst bu hko Auak ho tall To eaatty span üila terreatriaJ ba)l, We'd biilance euch ihu'Iiiif by smilesand a tnr] It'ö love and yweet kistb thitt mnkt baby duat.


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