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Greeley Speaks--grant Talks

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POBTLAND, Mc, Aug. 16. - Tho following speech wim made by Hürace Groeley at his reception here : He said ho bod st.rugglod throufrhout his lit' for, fiist, impartinl, universal ]i!iorty ; stcond, for the unity and greatness of our common country ; third, and bv no nieans least, for eurly unl hcarty reooneüiation asdpoaoe amosg ourcountrymun. He reoognized tho impropriety of a candidato for the Presidoncy maling ■■hes ; yot truth he uttercd, in behalf i of thosi who have placed me boforo tho Amoric in people in my prosont attitude, whioh does them suoh honor thut 1 claim the privilege of stating it hereaow. ïhat truth is, no peraon who supports mo, or did support my nomination, whothor at Cinoinu&ti or Ualtimore, or in any uotiou whioh rosulted in sunding dclegates to either convention, baseg upon it a olftim for office. No ono who favored my uomination bofore eithei convontion has xought office at my hand, either himsolf or by ny ono ele. Nor Ims any ono suggtated to mo that I might strengthmi i' ■; a candidato by promisin;? to appoiut any ono to any important ín very fow inataaoes, i ani eertain, .-run.' (,i ti:t: ncaller fry of politicians Bincè ray doublé nomination, hinted to mo by 'otter that I may inorease my chances by proinisiug it pnstolHoe, or Duoh plaoe, to my oorrospondentb rospeotively. I havo not usually responded to such orortures ; but I now give general ■ thatif ï should be eleoted [ v.-ill considor the claims of thoae untimely aspirants aftor those of thMboro modost and roticent shall have hm fully satisfied [Applauso.] ' In two or three instancos I havo beon askod to say whethcr I wouM not, if olectod, v. Mppointments to Rofonn era. 1 answor thesö by pointing to that plank iu the Cincinnati platform whoroin all who ooncur in tho principies thurein set forth aro cordiftlry inTiW to pirticipate in their ostabliBhm?nt and vindioation. I never heard oí i% man who invitedhis neighborsto r.iisu his house, and procoeded to kick them out of ifc as soon as tho roof was fairly ovor his hoad. For my part, I recognize every honest mun who approvos of and adheros to the Cincinnati platform as my politioal brothr, and as suoh fully entitled to my conü■ and friendly regards. One other point. Democtats adverae to mo ask what pledgeg I have given to thoee lately hostile to the Union to sücure their favor and support. I answor that ncr man or woman, in all the South, lias ever askpd of nio, diroctly or indireetly, any other pledge than is given through all my acts and words froin the bour of Leo's surronder down to thig moment. No Southern man evor hinted to me Ü'o erpoctation, or hope, or wish, that tho rebol dabt, whethcr Canfederato or Stalo, should be assmntd or paid by the United States. No southern man who could be olectod to a eeat in the LegiBlatiire or bo made Colonel of a milit ia regiment, ha suggested the pensioning of the rebel soldiors, oi any of them, ns a remote possibility. All who nominated me were perfeotly aware that I had upield and ]utified the Federal logialation to Rupprer.8 the Ku-Klux oonspiraoy outrage, thoupth I had long ago insisted, as gtrcnuously as I do now, that complote imnestj and oblivion of tho bloody and sup"presion and utter extinotion of such outrages than all billa or suspensions of -■. Crime and wrong must be supprossed and punistíed ; but far wiser and nobler is legislation by whioh they ire prevented. From those who support mo in tho South I havo but one demand - ju 3ut one desire - reconciliation. They wish :o bfi hoartiH' reunited and at peaco with She Xorth. Any terms which do not involve the surrondor of their manhood ;hoy cherish with joyful hope. So long aa they obey and uphold the lawa consistent with oquality and right, they dosire a rulo which is alike for white or slack ; which shall encourage iudustry and thrift ; in which I fully conour. ïhe Tammany ring haa stolen about :,hirty milliona of dolían trom the city of New York. That was a most giuntio robbery, but it hurled its contrivora and ibettora from power and splendor to impotency and infamy. But tho thieving sarpet-baggen havo stolen at least threo :íiiihíí that aniount, stoliin it from an already impoverished and needy people. They still Haunt thoir prosperoua villainy in thu highust plaobs of the land, and aro iddresrad aa " Honorable " and " EicolLÖiicy." 1 think I hear a voioo from tho honest people of all States, declariog that thrir iniquity shall be gainful and insolent no onger, at furthest until tho fourth of March next. Dy that time those crimisala will hear the national verdict pronounced. that will cause them to fold thtir tents like tho Arabs and silently leal away. That, I truat, will be the end of their gteslings, at the cost of the ocd of ouroountry, and the well-boing of her people.


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