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Garfield On Grant

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It is an old Btory that a olargyman asked Garrick to üxplain why it was that Garrick nmdo eo tnuoh deeper an impression on Lis audience than tliu clergymsm on Kis, and huw üurrick anewtifd, " l sponk falaehoöd as though I believed it ; you npoak truth as thongh you disbelievod it." Though the story is old it does not laok tor modern iustnnc-us. It may bo a handy thing fot a stamp spenkr to speak fulsohood a if ho believed it ; but it is not a ereditable thiug. And here has Gunoral Garfield been saying things in favor of the tírntit Adrninistration if ho believed them, irhioh to deny that he bolicvou is to disoredit his honogty, and to ndmit that he believen i to insult hÍB intelligeBca. For cortainly a man in General farflold'e position ought to know tho ftnoncial history of tho Administration whieh he undertakes to ad vocute, and a man iu any position oaght to be sure of his statiuticn before he pubHghea them. (ienoral Gartield' a ppooch in Lenvenvorth the other dny (August 7), in tho coursn of which ho is roported to have suid of Mr. Grant : ' Tho day he wus eltotad the credit of the nation rose .'i pir cent., nnd '. the onrrenoy i worth 22 1 eiis mora on thu dollar thrtn rbea ho took hold oi' the finances This shows that thu laboring nmn gcts 22 cent on the dollur moro tor his labor." We ara loath to sitírirost tliHt General Qarfield drew his figures ffffm his i.-iticr oonaoiousness. Yet we are at a loss to know whenoè else he oin have obtained thom. Wc wiil give hiiu and his future audionces tho faot? to refleot on. In the report of tho Ohambcr of Oommerce of thiscityfor 1809 General Garfleld will íiud a daily report of the priro of gold for that ycar. Tho priee of gold on the last day of üctober u L833-4 to 184, on the last day of November, aftei Grant had boen cleoted threo woeks, it had rieen to 1:541-2 to 1363-4. Ho muoh for tho credit of the nation 1 rising 'i per cent. on the day of Graut's eloctiim. Now for Gnfintl Garflold's other cial statement. The faots about the curxency aro theso : Valno of a t. ■ , „ ... Avorage pnour dolPnce of GoM. prico. lur in Bol4. MurchS, lSf9 131 lo ].",1?„' 1315-16 7i;io August?, 1S72....Ü: to 115X 115,'i 87c. iionof theourroncy lOJc. Ho instead of a paper dollar being worth 22 cent more sinoo Air. Grant did what General Gariiuld comically oalls "taking hold of the flnances." It is worth a littlo loss than half that moro. And this after three yoars of poace, and taxinja; tho people 1Í1 ,800,000,000 to pay - 10,000 oí' debt. What a financial feat! 8o much for General Garfield's " showing " that " tho laboring man gets 22 cents on tho dollar more for his labor "i o v than he did wheu Grant's Prosidonoy bt-gan. Again General Garfiold says : " ThüTj, again, the Indian policy of tho Government in a succcss. Beforo his Administration your bordor were throatenüd and murdera of daily ooourrenco. Now hundrods of thousands of savagea are gathurod on roservations, and only 50,000 are in the wild state." t seema that Genoral Garfiold ha3 not hemd of' the Piegan massacre, and that he doos not red the newspapera enough to know, what all readers of newspapers ilo know, that Indian depredationg and murdors aro aa fequent under Graut as thoy were boforo Grant. liut as he is bo fond of finuncial figures let us show him the comparativo cost of thig " Indian policy " which seenis to him so guoceasful OOST OF INUIANB. flj $2,991,121.61 'MI 2,S5,481.14 2,827,948.87 3,152,032.77 1864 2,629,975.30 MM .',,059,360.71 3,2115,729.31 IMJ 4,042.531.77 IW8 4,100,(i82.33 71. under Onoi ',42t,iW7.44 -e ara really sorry to 8ee a man like Mr. Garfleld inaking misstatements so recklesa. If he repoats them after this rolutation they will bc willful tiiouts of documentary facts.-


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