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Gratz Brown And His Libellers

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I ruin iliu liüaoiiri licpuWi'.-an, Aug. 13. We liave not deomed it nooessary to pay attention to tho various 6tories tindiug their way into the public journals in regard to our candidatos on the National ticket, believing that thuir oharaoters ifKciontly woll known to take caro of thcmselves. The statements, however, isly propagatod and coinmentLn regardto Governor Brown, and counecting his recent visit to attond a olussiueeting at Yule Colloge with very unbecoming conduct, liare, we confess, seriously annoyed ns. We are glad, theref'ore, that Qovernor Brown has seon prop. er to reply to it, which he has dono in the aubjoined lutter addresud to the ïïon. Jas. E. Kngliah, of Connocticut. Jeitersox City, August 7, 1872. "My Deas Sm- Since returning home my atteution has befen oalled to an articlo in one oí' your New Ilaven papera, that transcenda to such an extent the ordinary licenae of political abuse that I am unwilling to rest quietly under tho aeperaion. "Tho statement, in so f ar as it relates to myself, is vury erronoous, and in so far as it implies that my hubits aro intemperate, is unwarrantable. You and I were togcther moet of the evening of my doparture, and I seo t'rom the pross that you huvo lilraady signified that you recognized no iiupropriety in deportment, whiíst the ;ng evening which waa alluded to, and which wiis spent with my clasa up to a very late hourwas as all prosuut will . . ono oí' total ubstinenco on my part. Sharing tho room of a friend at the hotel I wua only thero transiently during thc day, and that when sufiering severely frora the beginniug of a disease which prostratod me ao violontly in a few hours at'tor, on my arrival in New York city. It will scaicely be considercd that the applicatiori of a atimulant for temporary relief would constitute a doparture from the purpose to avoid Booial indulgen'cej whilc in tho 'lisoharge of publio duties, whioh has influonced me for a long timo pust. Indeed, I may say, in justice "ií5ir tP.l,. that whilo I have never advoious intervals, has reeulted entirtily from a judgment as to what best couiported with the performance of my owu duty in official poaition. I trust moreover, never to be unfaithi'ul to tliat duty in tho future, as I have nover knowingly been in the past, and shall leava the record of twonty years oí' publio service as the bost answer to those 60 willing to misconstrue me. " With very high regard and esteem, " Yours, truly, B. ORATZ BRÜWN. "Hor. Jamks E. ExoLisn." From the evr York World. Governor Englieh, oí' (Jonnecticut, saya Gratz Brown was " boozy drunk " in New liiiven. - Buffalo Commercial Adccrtiser. To the Editor of the New Haven Regifter : My attention has been called to the abovo paragraph in th Buffalo Commercial Ad'ctrtLier Btating that I have said Gratz Brown was " boozy drunk " at New Haven. Duty, alike to Governor Brown and myBolf, requires tht I hould contradiot this mout wanton libel. I saw little of Govornor Brown while in this oity. His time ws for the most part oocupied in attending the college eieroises. I went to the New Hnvon House for the purpose of hearing him speak in response to a serenade, whero I met him in tho ptrlor. Ho wusbeingintroducedtomany of our (listinguished citizens. At 9 o'olook he made a speech as puhlished, and romainud in oonversstion with both ladies 5nd gontlemen until about 10 o'clock, when he retired to his room, sinco whioh timo I have not Boen or hoard from him. During this wholo period of time I was liresont and introdueing strangers to him, and h8 timo waa constantly employed in iuti Ti'lmnging the civilities usual and consequent to such an ocoasion. Had ho been intoxioated, as has been reprosented, hundreds of our best citizens had the besfc of opportunitics to have discovered it, and it could never have bosn loft to tho clerk of the hotel to have been the sole ono to discover it. In all my intcrcourso with Governor Brown I havo never aeen him intoxioated, uo have I ererBeea him drink one drop of spirituous liquora - not so muoh ai a glas of wino. JAMES E. ENGLISH. Xr:f Haven, August 10, L872. CAKD I B v I Al TAiN 'i. tbe Editor of the Sew llnvcn Begister : My attention lifk-, b en oalld to a paragraph in thu newspapers to the offect that Governor Brown, on his recent visit (o New Haven, left tho Xew Haven Uouso to come to the steanior Continental in ft stato of intoxicatiun on that evening. I received Governor Brown on board the gteamer, introduced him to other gentlemen, spent an hour in conversation with him, whon ho retired - and at no time sliould I havo suapeoted that ho was in tho least under the iuiluence of litruor. ïs Kv HAVEN, August 10, 1872.


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