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A Conservative British View Of The Presidencial Campaign

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Fr-m the London Standard August 3. The question whioh tho electioft muat decide, lor the present at nny rate, perhaps i'or evnr, ia oí' irifmitsly more consequeiice than tbe personal inerit of two eecond-rato raen, or than any which can arias out of General Grant'a tendoncy to tolérate corruption, or Mr. Qreeley'a eociolistic manias. Itisneither more nor less than tiies inaintensnce of t!ie Federal Constitiition - of State rights within the Union (the ri;.rht of the States to leva tho Union has been final ly negatived )y the arbitniti'iu of the sword) as against ntredizod aovereignty of theso-callel National Government. We hold with those American Conservativas who bellere that uu ntti!iü})t to consolídate and etn■ ) vust and populttüone tío various, ander the direct rule -t' i central au thority - especially when tht nuthority is incarnate in Lincolnd, Johugons, nd i, and in Cougress doniinated by Butir-rrt, Htevenses, and Sumnera - is n Bxperinient 1 1 i t can only Tentnate in trouble and tyranny, j)irin:nnt disorder tiTiflliíMwwivmtJjiipTnuntMirt v?iriWT '" MaasachSsetta, Maryland ;in.l Wisconsin, with .11 their conflict ing in te res t8,dÍ88Íinilar coaditione, and diatínct ideas, can not safely be governed by the common votes oí i uiiïfd raultitu lo of in'groea, Irishmen, Germana, backwoodsnien, nd citizens, Puritanized Yüiikee and onti-Paritanic Southernera. But fhc question h.n a more immediste and mor urgent aspect. !Stnte righta ure the anchor oí thd !.nth ; her 1. for the rooTery oJ' free iom, ord r and, prospi r.iy. Tne re lect:n of (rrmt i kt for foyn more that unhappy country sSall be govertied ua ixv h; been for six yeara past: that her laws íhail be dktted frotn Washingt n, bj her invetérate ent'roipti, and pasaed by Lrgisloturea obotien ly the lowi.t aud l''.s: intellectual oi the Mmi-oÍTílized lüf.H of mankind, and (l";i;inateil by tlif; vilest öort of politioal adv nt . thut h -, shall be odminiatered bj swindlinj; spe ulators for tiieir o-n pirh:ioi! benefit ; ti;it hei induatry K:ill be oppreased bj tarifi whioh doulile the coöi of all iiö implementu for the piofitof tiis couoLiroifrf, frightena i.way foreign uapittil oiicl layi her pr.afrutri t.t tho foet t New Vork usurtrs: tiitit ïu a word, she ghall be govomed by the sword and by nejro vot-.s, under n poliuy diieoted to the expreas puipose of mortifying, degrading and iiiiuriug her pi'ople - a poli■ y f proscription and revenge. Mr. Greeley was the enemy of the outh on ogle question of ulavery ; t.'mt question docided, ho wad willing to be her friond. The actual proiident is, it Poema, trying to taïe crudit for his sucue.-'sful manugem :i'. i bun : arbitratiou, a lm.-iïiee that ho managed go vrell that it -xas twenty timet vn thopoint of uttor failure, that tho vari majority ot' Luglishuicn of :i!l partios had come to r.'gard it as hopeij anzious t'or a peremptory rupturoof r.egotin ions which nppeared to uducted with equal disregard to good t'iiitli and common senso ; 6o weli that fuilure was prevented, if rumor speaks tbe trutli, lui ly the common coaviction of tho Cabinet of Grcut Britain tbun by the resolute belief vf twu or three members in thu invisible pradeños ot America eind tho certainty that sho would fiud soine wit)' of yielding tho tsaenfial point in dispute before it was uttorly too late. V give all dus credit to those gentlemen, topping to icquiro too closely how fax thej rere influeaoed by piiFnionato devotion to the principio of nrbitrotion rather than a sincere beiiv'i' u its 8UQCO88 ; how far ihcir triumph xvas tbat of u gambler who hoida on to thu lust agiiinst adverse fortune, uutil at the final throw of Joablo or quits the luck turns in his í'bvor ; but we OttU give 110 credit to Oeiier nl Ü.uut. It is quite trut' thut it was for the interest of America that the iinlireot oiaim bo iliBpo.ed of, and tbat the right of a bolligeivut to oxact damages lor ;r iijhos ot' neutrality should bu as iiarrowly liuiitod as possililc. Jiut tlie Amercan oase is founded on .u uitireobliTioii of thisfact: th. American fought 1 linu, iii'i have !■.■! ia ettablithing i precedent which im f rum the I , ij' lui y tihould alltrw a ringle pritatetr o ttcape J'rom their porti, tohen ux are ui ar and they are neutral, th# uhoU. cast of it cruiaers ■ ■' eter the to humt lier doten or profeet uur com■ : and have slrivon with U iheir might to euforoe a definition of ue diligence which will exact froiu thi; toversment of the Union something verj iffeieiit trom that " rert6oiiable watchfulesö " limitèd by " tue available resources f this Goveniuieut," whioh is, in Gen rul Orant's viow, to exonérate thein rum liabjlity if their oitizena should bo s Hucoessi'ul in tho future as in the past n evading the hiwg of ntitions nnd tho jligatioiis of neutr.ility. The President iiims ti have established rules of neural liability narrow ciiough to exempt lis country from dangerous responsibilies ; hit agents aro laboriiig ao to extend ioe ruk'i in th present oonrovrsy as to onable okher natioux deinand full ; indernnity fjr evéry bW of {ooda that a future Ahiliuma uiay suizo, ovcry nliip that an Ainerioiin-built priTateer may capturo under a foroign flaj, evory house tïiüt luay bo burut, evory slieep or fowl thut inay be stolen, by i futuro Wiilkor or LopK. It can hardly be thivt President Grant's cimntrymon are 80 blind as he 8eems to imagine ; or thnt any Ameiioau who compares tfiu nruiaonts ju ad at öbneva with the language held nt Washington can rütaia the Hlightest rospect L'it'ic.T for tho julgment or sincerity of tho Bepublican otradidate tor the v,proaching törm of Presidential oDice.


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