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Letter From Livingstone To His Brother

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TORONTO, Aug. 19. - A brother of Br. Ijiviiistoiif, residiug it, Ontario, luiM reoeived the lollowiug lettor fiom thu Ductor diktfcd last Novcmbur, Ujiji, Afrioa : V.HJI, Not. 16, 1871. My Deau Brothf.h - 1 received yuur wolcome lutter in February last, written newa luiidd you put otï your suit oi' moursing. Tbia wan i!'i Stat mtimatiun I httd tüfit a cable li.d been Buocessfdlly luid in tbö deop tic. Yoiy íow letters havo reaohed ino f'or years, iu consequenoe ot' my friendi spuculating whoro 1 ghould OOme out, on th weat coast, düwn the .NUe, or eltewhere. The watershod is a broad upland botwoen 1,000 and ö.OUO fcet abovo the sea, and sonir seventy miles long. The ópring oí the Nile tüttt arise theroon aio uimnst innumerable. It vrould tako the beat part ot a man'a life timu to ccuut thum. One part, fixty-four miles oí' latitude, gave thirty-two springs iroin oalf to waiat deepj or one spring evory twu mil:. A bird's-eye view would b liko the frost 011 wiadow panes. To ascortain if thcu aro united with tour gretit rivera was a work oí time and muoh travul. Aíany a weary foot I trod ero light dawued on tho aneient problem. Il ! had left at the ond ot' two years, for whieh my baro expelióos weru paid, I could havo thrjwa very little moro light on tbecountry than the Portugese, wlio, in thoir ttiroü laviy visita to Cazembe, asked íor ivory aud glaves and he;rd oí notbiug else. I ask"jil aboat tbe wíií(ír, nuütstioned and crosauzamined, till I was roally osbauied and aluiojt afraid of being bt dowii as uíTuct ed with bydrocephalus. I weut forward, baekward and siduways, füeling my wy, and uvory atup ot tbe wuy 1 was geuorally groping in tbe durk, íor wbo caied wbero tho liver ran. Of tbeae four rivara into which the Hprings of thu Nile oou■üütral oiib, called Lualab, ia the larost. it bt'gins at the river Chiiubeze, whiüh flovrs into tha groat lk Btiugwola. ün leaving it its nuine is ohanged íroin Cttambeze to Lualpula, and that enten lake ií.ero. Gomiag out oí it numo of Lualaba ie rosumed, and it ñows iuto a tbird luke, KiiiiHlondo, which receives ojio oí tbo íour largu drama mentioned above. It thun flows on and niakus two onormoua bends to th west, which made m? oxten feel that I was t'ollowing the Congo iuatuad of'the Nilu. It is froni one to threw uiilus broad, aud noTc r cim be waded itt tiuy yait or t any time oí tho year. Fir rlown tha valley it j securas another of thw four great rivora above luiiitioin-d, the Lockie, orLomama, which ftowí through what 1 have iiamed lukií Lincoln, and tUen joina tho ctutr.i Lualaba. We huvo thou only two lines ot drainage iu tho lower part oí tbe gr-at vnily - thiit is, Xanganyllka and Albert Lako, whioh aro lut ouetlake rivi r, m s y, it' vuu want to be pedantio, Liacnstrine Eiver. These two i'oriu tho e.k.tor;i lino, l'jiu Lualab, wh ch 1 u.ilí Webbo Lunlabn, is thu western liue, nearly as desoríbj ed by Ftolemy u tho aeoond oontury of I our era. Altor tho Lámame enteró the iiii.'ti.kba tho tourth rot lake in tilt; C6Utr:l lint; of drainage t'ouad, but this 1 havo not i e :i, uol y-i tbe 'iuk betwee i tbe eaetern and weetein mainB, At tha top oí Ptolemy'g loop th grea oentral lino own into irge lakea, poesibly thote ífported to Xoro's Cónturian und tho.e íoriii the western or Pethenck's arm, whi.-ii SjMko and Qrant and Baker belioved t.j bo tho river of lígfpt. Neither cn iu be cailed the Xiieuntil they nnito. i!fv,iiisiiU;!V,í'l,iii..lht!.,j(f;'::!' '■ .-.inuli lakea. iltugnolo, at ttie lcWost estimate, ia 150 niüt-s long, and 1 tri.-d to CTO88 it and neMure ita breadth exaotly, Tho nist stage vts to an uninbabited igland, twenty-four uulo. Tbe t .gr cou ni uv -M-rí Ítoiu itlnhst poiut, or rathor th top oí kreet evidently lifted up by mirage, Tho tí. tiarl 3tíi-, the i;imi land, vrn uid to be as íar beyond, but uiy osuüí m,:n hd stolen a eanoo, and thej got a hint th4t tha real ownera were in pursuit, und got i::ti a llurry to return home. Oh, that thy would! lint i h.i'l only my c verlat lett to hiro another crai't, ad thc iako bt.n 400 t'eet above th sea, it was vory 8o I gave iu and went back, but 1 b the broadth to be betwoen sixtj und suventj miles. B.ingwalo Síoero and Kiuknlo;lo aro looked on as one of the Tl vers in the lak ,is one of Ptolmy's. other is Tanganyika, wluch I fonódsteadily iiowing to the north. Tbus the geogntphors predeoensor'a must have glenned thuir geography from men who viuited ihi very rugioii. The rason why hiegeography was neglected the extreme inodesty of modern map makers. One idle porson in Loudou publishc-d a pampblet which, killing modesty, hauutitled, ■ Innor África Laid Open," and ia tho iiFw.s..jrrs, eren in tho Times, rails at ouewho travi lJnnd dtaires to ñnd a coun try ditferent i rom thtit shown in his twaildle. 1 am a great sinnor iu the poor iel low's opinión, and the Timen published bis raviuge even whou I was most uuwisely thought to be duad. No body but Lord Brongiiam and T know what poople v.ill say aftor wu aro gone, The work of trying to f'ollow the oentral linea oí drainage has taken me away from mails or pogtage. Tho Mauyt-nia are uudoubtedly ciincibals. It was long before I could get conclusivo evidenoe thore, as I was hindered by having hnlf-easU' lloslem attondants, unnntigiited cowards, and falso a thcir prophut, of wiioso religión they have iinbibed tho sume pride. Thev forced me baok when alinost 4in aight of tlio ond of my explorations, a distance of botwoen foor humlivd and five hundrud miles unilr a blazing eun. I cama hete a men racket of bonos, tcrríbly judud in body and inind Tho hcnd míin ot ny worthli'ss -Mos.oms rttmained her-j, and ns he bad dom iroui the coast, run riot with thu goods sent to me. Drnnk t'or a mouth at a timo, ho thou divi'uid on tho Koran, íound 1 wan dead, sold off all the goods remaining 'or alares and ivory for himself, and I arrived to tind myself destitute of everything except some gouds I lett. Goods are currcncy hero, and I have to wait iiow ti 11 othcr gooda a:id othcr moa come from Zanabar. When placed in ohargo of my supply of soap, brandy opium and gunpowder from certain British subjtots, ho was fourteen montha roturmng, all the expenses being paid'out of my stocks. Threa moutña VTSre ampie, and then he íemained horu and so.1'' oü' all. Vou cali this smart do you ? Homo do if you don't. I think it moral idiocy. Yours aíFectionutely,


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