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- Free Commoners : the COWS. - l'uy wbat you owo ut the Akgcs office. Subscribe tor the Aiioüs fur the campean. _ 50 cows may be dally couuted iu a glujic droVC on State struet. - Au adjourned term of the Circuit Court g to b; held Tnesday neM- the 27th Another laterestlng letter íroin J. M. Wil XBB wtll be found In thil Auous. y cows : that'ts the number wc huw in e, Huron Street door yard a few days ago. A waf was henrd to reinurk receotlj that "the city ord i nanees required cows to run In tbc streeta froiu 0 A. M. to fi P. M." p_ flie dvi-rtUemeiit of the " Great l'nion Fair," to be held at Grand Kapids, Sept. 1621. - Eber White, one of the oldest reIÖBiUsof our city, died on Alonday night, agt'd 74 yeurn. -ptie d- 1 "runs the mashoen" thin week ; if thp cügs grato, preaBe tho wheela - wiTH MOBEÏ. - The everal public icliools of tliig city open on ttonday next. Hope the weather will moderate by that time. - Re? t. I). Gillkbpib hag returned (rom liis eastern visit, umi services will be lidld at Ht. Andrew'ü Chtircb next bundtiy as usii'.il. - Mvrcury araong the 00a ; atinosphere cloeuand muicjy ; witli occaslonal showers or hot water. That'g tho weather reeoni lor a eek. - Tlie editor has not euteru.1 his appearanr.e at the Arous office this week. He is reponed lncuballuí; on a uew book : ■ Wliat I know ahout boils." Tlie "howe-uheddlog" now belng don y puliticians is not inconsideiable, l)ut )s relly nothlng compared to the cowshadinx to be Been at the M. E Church iu the hated hourH of each day A poltcemarj qhonld be detalled to keep the walks clear for passcrsliy. ■ By ru:n ! that oíd covey hn8 cot a good lot of cows," was the exclainatiou whlch day or two ago grected the ears of qulet citi.i-n who wus fullowlng the State vreet berd, in the vain hope ol beiiiR able to break the ranks and make his way liouie tn time to save heilig advertised as loat. The Nebrattka State Fair will be held this year at LUicolu (the Capital of the State, sltuated on the Burlington & Missouri Kéiirufidi, (rom September 3d to 8ep tember Ttli. Kvcry urransomeot has been tffectt-d, for making it a ret BQCcew, and .iriiciiriuií a thorongb i-xhibltlon of the producís and resources of the btate. No bettcr opportunrty will ever ie touud for obtalulug a correct idea of the country aml lts productn, and tor examlnlng the land of the B & M. H K., V. P. R. IV, and the government land stlll opeu'to hometead nul preamptlons. Tickets will be old by Ibe liurllngiou routo and conneotious.froin Indlanapolto, Chicago, Peoría and Burllng ton, to Lincoln mid return, on Bepteniuer Sd and 4th, at Haü Ratcs, good to go and come for two weeks. - People wlhhiuK furtlior purllcu'.ars cin addreau Geiu.-ral PusseiiKer Agent B. AM R R., Burlington, lowa. 'Tho Va Hu,ros,.;ltative DistrictS For the convenienco of politicians we append a list of tha thrêe lljpreseutatiTM districts of thia county as now constitut ed: lst. - Ana Albor City and Town, Ypeilanti City and Town. 2d. - Suparior, Salem, Northfiold, Webstr. Doxter, Lyndon, Sylvan, Lima, Soio, aud Freedom. 3d. Augusta, York, Pittsfield, Saline, Bridgewater, Manchester, Lodi, and Sharon.