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Greeley And Brown Club

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At au adjourucd meeting held " Saturdv evenlnfe last a ' GreeUsy and Brown Club " wns orsanized, wlth the follovvlug ConstltUtlOn and ollicei-s : t-REAMHLE. AVi;j:he.3, We deern it of rltal lmportance iu tljo welfare of the fcoontry Ihat tbf presept incumbent of the PresKlentliil ehould uot bèreelected, nnd il;it corruptlon, nepotlm, gift taklüg and mlillary Oeapotism which oharaCterlaea tlupretieut admlnlstratlon, all tt-nd 10 thu debtruction oí local govorniueut and the i overthrow of true democratie principien and proinotr tlia establishment of a eentrallzed government, whleh la destructlve of tiie Ubertlea oí the peopie ; Lsd Whebkab, Wc belteva that the equality of all men, white as well as black, should be lirmly cstublished, and to tliis end universa) amuesty aud iinpartlal suffrageshould jro baud in hand, u:id burylog pasi dlfleretMwa and pivjinlices, we accept ivsutts of the war and the Ooüstltution j ;i., it Is, md bellere it to be tUe duty of every true citlzen to promote the spread ot peaco and prosperity i tlie land. The resulta oí the past belouj? to the past, aud without refereuce to prevlous party tie or political aüliatiou we unite tngether upou tiie livinx itisues of the day. A.MD Whbkeas, We flrmly believe tht the above object eau onlv bc attalned by the defeat oí the Graut party aud the election ofHorace Greeley and B. Gratz Brown, ihe nomiuees of Ihc Clucluuatl and Baltltiniore Couveutions, to the Pnuldency aud Vice Presidency of the United ótales, Tlttrefore, for the parpose of the better prouiotiou of the above objects we adopt the following CONSTITüTIOX. Akt. 1. This ansoclatiou hall bc kuown a the GreeUy aud Brown Club of the City of Anu Albor, Michigan Akt. 2. The offleers of thla aasoctatlou shall be a Presidcut, oue Vice-Presldent IVom each ward of the city, oue Hecor diug Öucretury, ouu Correspnadlog cie tary, olie Treasurer, au Exeeutive Oom mittee of six, aud u Fiuauce (Jominlttee of threo. Aia'. 3. Any elector of the City of Ann Arbur ivoriu{ the elcclion oí tíreeley and Brown may become a memoer of this ub sociation by nlgniufE tue CoustUution. Abt. 4. The regalar meetings of tuis asuc.atiou shall bc held at tho Courl House iu the City of Ano Arbor once in two weeks, coiiinicncini: on Tl;urday, the ISd day of Augngt If7, and coutinuliiy uutil the time of the Presidencial ekciiou. Special nieeiiugH may be caüed at any time by the Preuldeut or a majority of the Executive Coiumlttee. ART. 5. The President Hhall preside ut the meetlii){b of the 'awMclatlOD and dis charge tüe duties usually ppertalniDg to that office. The Vlce Presidents ahall discharge the datles of the President in Hls absence, and shall have precedeace la the order of their election. The Recording Secretar? shall keep the minutes of the meetings of the ashoeiatiou ui a buok kept for that parpose, aud dioebarg all other dm. e usuaily belougiufc to '.hal office, The CorrespoudiDg Öocretary símil con duet the con-e.spoudeuce ol the aBSOClalion uüd'-r the directiouof the Executlve Cuiu mittee, and shall preserve the origínala of all letter recelved by him and copie of Uiose sent by him. Tho Execntive Commlttee hliali leleet speakers to uddres the Msociatioo, Bhall procure a correct canvas of the city, aball disbarse all uioucys Iteloug og to tlie asdoclatlon, upou orders drawn by the cbalrman ol satd commlttee, couuterslgned by the President ot the sodatloB, aud shall do sil other acts uec etsary 10 the welfare'of the a6ssoclatiou ie promot ng of iti olyects uot otherwisp provided for in this Ooustnutiou. 1 be Finance Commlttee shall collect al: uioueyH and tubscrlpttona lu buhalf of the associatiu, .uci deposit the name wlth the Treasarer. 1 He Treasarer shall keep alely all moueyi beioniiliig to he asdociation, aiid oniy dlaburoe the Bame upon the order o! the Cbalrman of the Executlve Commlttee, counterBiiied by toe President, u abcive pruviried, ud hall at any linie report Ihe liiuouut of uloiiey in hls posBesslon at the requesl of tbe Executlve or Finance Com nilttets. Akt. 0. This Uonstilution may be alterod or aineuded at any regular meeting of the assoelütion by a luujority vule oi the members present. Fresident-'E. B. Poud. Vice-Preridenis-ltt Ward, W. I). Harriiiuu ; 2d Ward, Palllp Bacil ; 3d Ward, Johu F. Miller ; 4th Ward, M. C. Tyier, 5th Ward, Peter Öhullers ; öth Ward, 11. P. Flnley lieciTding Secretar; - D. Cramer. CofTetponáing ktcretary - G. F. KobLson. Tretixurcr - ö. M. Webster. Executies Vommiltee - L. D. Burch, K. Vu Frazer, Jas. Clements, H. J. Beakes, J. J. bloblson, W. D, Uarrlman. Fiiuince Cjumilttee-V). Uenuing, S. 11. ü j.igltibK, James Clenuuts.


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