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The Belfast Riots

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We givo the latest reporta ftoui thu Bdlfast riots : Njsw Yohk. Aug. 20.- A special di.sputc.h froin Londoii says the riots in Belfa8t continue with unabated fuy, and tho city is at the meroy of tho bloodthirsty mob. llartial luw has been declarad. Fearing the reputitiuu of thu turrible soe&ea of in(ii, aii piaoos of business were closud at noon. A panio prevails, und nuany respectablo persons have fled the city. Tile Orangomon in bodies oi and 400 iasue froin their beadqu irtera in Sanfly Eow and ruh through the oipal streets üke demons, Uriug in all dire'itions. lt is apprehenrted that they will dttempt to demohab soveral Catholio iusti -iihonsi nd large reinforoementa oi oonstabulary have aooordingly Burrouuded them to repel attacks. Several regiraents, includiug dctachmeut iiom the Koyal barruukü, were drawn up in High Street, Donegal hi1 tho vioinity of Linon Hall raady to charge. Dragoons und mounted coustabulary patrolled the city last night, but the hooting was s brisk as ever. In many instances innocent vietims wore killi-d. Bittor outcrids ure madu giiiust tuo uity authorities, who, as during tho riots of 1866, allowed the Bends to pelt the troops with brickbats, wreek ohurohee, pillage store and perpétrate atrooioui murdera before thoy gave the oommand. The Orangomen are inostly favored, though they hare boou oharged. The modi.' of warfare ia cowardly in tho extremo, and puojilu (ralUing quiotly are shot down like dogu. At this writiug the hospital in gro;it ■ St. Patrick'a is ülled with wounded and dyiug, and the Bcreams of the suft'orcrs as they are takon in are heart-ruuding. Sevoral womeii have hitan shot. Tho troops oan do uotning without the sanction of tho Mayor, who, owiug to the great indignation óf the oitizens, has at length boon ooinpullud to order tüo uiilitttry to engago with thu rioters. About a dozen persons have been shot at Uoyle Bridge, near the railway station. During tho riot of 1866 tho Orang made an efügy of ü'Cunncll, tiod a rope around its neok, plunged it in the vtubtiequently placed it in a eotKn, and nfter inimicking tho last ritus of the Buutan Cathoüc Churoh burst open the Cath ry at Friars Bush. The ringli a mau uaniud James Connell, was next day shot doad by the pólice whilo leadiog a band of rioters to burn the CUtholic Orphan Asylum. The Orangemen detest thu inemory of U'Connoll, owing to his li.'tvlug won Catholio einanoipation in 1829, and itwasbecause tholtcmin ' ..ore oelebrating that vic-tory that the Oraiigemen oommenoed the attack. The sernos öinoo Thureday have been terrible. It was firet though t order would be restored in a day or two, but the partiality and bad management of the authorities have led to tha present dreadfnl Ftfitu of affivirs. Many private boueos havo boen torn down or buraed. TVorked up to iit of dtsperation, Catholics frotn tho district kiiuwn as Pond Lilly and Berculeg street, have appeared ia tho streets to resist the l'urocious assaults of the Orangemen, who, for tho last two or three days made the most appalling threats. liespectuble citizens are seized with terror :ind aro txembling in their houses with fear. The ship carpenters, mostly Orungemen, havo joined the riotera. The opposing purties had several engagementl last night and this rnorning, and seviral uien were killed. If the authorities prevent the military froin clearing the streets and shooting down the rioten the city will be gutted. As a last resource a qunntity of ammunition and rifles have I eon diatributedamonganumber of deputy coustubles, who WÜ1 assist in enforciug order. In attempting to keep the Orangomen i and lioman Cal holibs apart Beveral sol dien belonging to tlie Fortieth Etegiment of Infantry were seriously wounded and conveyed to the hospital. Fighting is going on at a plaoo called ThompsoJisBank, where navies are employed. Another engagement oocurred late last night near County Down strest in York atreet and it was aot uutil several men Imd bruii out down that the coustaublary in dispersing them. LoNDON, 20. - Later. - Despite tho ac tion of the authorities, who, owing to uttei" hopelessnesa and tueffioiónoy,were obliged to Burrender tho control of tho citj' into the hands of tho military, the rioters are vigorously carrying out tiieir desperate deeds of blood and plunder. The ()rangomeu were cliargod lliis morning with fixed bayoneta up Carrock Hill, but soou after, meeting an opposing foroe ii tho lyeroadof Boman Catliolios, eng ;i.-i d with tin in and fought tor over in hour with ujt, paving stones ai:l bludgeons Many of tho employés i'rom thu milla on ti:e Antriui road havo (juit wolk to join tho rioters. Thero is no knowing wlusro tho matter will end. Tiio riots of 1886 lanted three weeks. It seems that the commandant is deterinined to enforoe order and acoordiugly intmmtes that every person iound on the strèut will be treated as a rioter. All the publio housea were closed today. Thu soldiers partly clearcd the street and the rioters are now dodging around the corners, Uring stray shots.


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