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Boston Wool Market

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From the llo.ton Commcrciul Bulletin. In tho wool markot the demand is not active, and thongh considerable parcela ui foreign arn reported ashaving changed hands, the umount boiug taken by manufacturero to meet curren t want is imuaually email tor the season. At present they are buying vcry small luts, and some of them have Lately stoppod u por tion of tbeir machinery. This is an unusual oircumstance at this adviincud age of the your, when the wool milis are generally workiug v.i to their fuli capiicity to meet the Beasonable requiremeuts for tbeir produces. lint as vet tho goods market remaina dormant, and with stocks accumulating on the bands f tnanufaoturerg, they are apt t.j move oautiously and await deToloptuents in regard to tho probable volumo of tall Tho bulk of current transtictioa ij, m foreign wool, as for a long tiin: paet, althouh tbere is now a fair seleotion of doiaestic fleeees 011 the market. But the latter, for tho uiust part, ure till held above the views of the buyers, and at relatively high prioes, although the tendency is to h level with the fonnor. Hut Western uoiibiguors are vory reluotant to meet the market on this level, BHtOS by doing so they goaerally sacrifico their raargins, and in soiuo cases incur actual loss. Prices of desirable grades of foreign are steady, though to effect largo sales of Bume doscriptioiiH a liltle conce wuuld have to be made. Tin.' stocks iinitely availablu are quite liberal, and a further considerable supply purchased at the London sule is now on its way here, and will oonifl upon the market af ter the Ut of October. Under these circainstances, and with a very moderate demand from consumen, it i.s very diilieult to obtain ny advance oven for choicolots, although )iici.'S here are eonsiderably below the European level, and further orders fcr importation could not be filled at the neoeBSttiy limit. California spring clip continuos to sell moderately and without any improvement in prices. These have fallen to a range which bus ohecked forther shipmente from the Pacrfio coast and leftcousignors without :i margin. rulled wools are dull and heavy, though the prospect is, that with farmers sparing of their floots w;xt feil, the supply wiil be unusually light, and that a fttToral on wiil take place in the not romot future. The presentstock ■ meatio consista prinoipally of short staple and lambs' wools : but thcro is a fair supply of filien South American offering. Bales of domestio for tho weekfootup 175,0001b. Inoluded are 5.000 lbs. unwashed Iowa at 47 l-'lc; 8,000 Iba. delaine on private terms ; 13,000 lbs, medium unwashod (various kind), 47 l-2o ; 4,000 lbs. Michigan flw, 6:ic ; 12,000 i Iba. Bcoured, 79o80o ; 2,000 Lb. do. I 2,oio Iba. Miohigah extra, 60u63c ; 1,000 I Ibs. tub, 7óc : 3,000 do., 72 l-2o ; 7,000 lbs, do. on prívate terms ; 3,000 Iba. medium western, 60c ; 3,000 lbs. averags, 3,000 lbs. Utah, 52 l-2c ; 25,000 lbs. medium Michigan ftbout 62o j 10.000 lbs. Michigan i-xtru, 82o ; 6,000 lbs. do., 60o. In pulled wool, sales 1,000 lbs. íiuo buper, 59 L-2o ; 10,000 lbs. super, 8.tiMc, i lbi. Nuw Yojk and fiílchigan, 64a 72oo ; 1,600 Lbs. ltunbn, 05c; 2,000 lbs. do., 50o : 1.200 lbs. extra hikI super, ; l2,oiKi Ibs. Western supi-r (all kinds), 5Sp ■',-,■ ; 1,( 00 lbs. do, 65o ; 1,600 lbs. Maine supbr, Ojo ; 5,000 lbs do, 54c.


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