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Farmers And Threshers!

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9 CMMKTflRsHBIF ' m. FIHST, I willcall tho ntteuoa of Threshcrs to theold,rliablü, ncver-faiüng BUFFALO PITTS MACHINE ! That always lakcs tho front raüU at all Threiblng Trials. A f uil Une of Kïtras constantl; on brnd. S. CONrLT, I wUl cül the attciltlou of Farmers to my stock of REAPERS AND MOWERS' both Coinbluedand Slngltf Mowers. Tliu Champion, Kirby, Wood, Burdick, Sulky and Esterly. 1 am ware that there In n hcad-wind fror.i a certaln ilirertion aalnet Ihe Chatnrioii, but fact ar wortli rüóie than triad. the CHAMPION, teftit (o yonr satUfactlon, and íf it fulla tocóme to the cratcU, Kttfra U AT MY EXPENSE. TheKIBBY and Woud are both too well kaown to ucedcom luunth. l tune The 1ÍUCKEYE, the HOOSIER, and the SUPERIOR GRA1N DRILLS. I iuvltu evur? farmer to cali aud ee tho Sül'KUIOR. It is on entlrely a new princlple. Kalamazoo Piows, all and patterns, steel and irou ; Field and Corn Cukivators, all kinds ; the Remiugton and Fort Wayne Steel f-'lows ; Fairbank's Scalee, froui half ounce to ten tons capacity ; Jackson Wagons, Sulky and Revölving Horse Eakes, Hinge Hurrow, Irun Force PürDp, Tor tbruwiug water ovit dwellings or barns from well or ommon Iron n.jd ooil Punips lor wi-ils or clsiern ; Tlfflu Unton Cliurus, Hay Tedilcrs, Koud Bcrnpere, Grind ÖUnes, all hang complete, graln and jrras'i si:vtlies by the dozen. Farm or Plantatlon Bells, step and common ludders, S;ilt and Water lime, Machine Oil, Gratn ('rudles of my owii mauulacturu, clüiiii pumps, the Planet sraall geed drill, and allstnall tools too uuraerous to uieutiou. É. HOGERS. ;T Remember thé OU VMPtOS Machine nni the StTPEKlOR Drill. i:;7ïtf.


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