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From the Itandolph (Mo.) Citizen. In tho sumtner ot' 18!il General Grant, thou Coloncl of the 21st Illinois Regiment ot I:;fantry, was statioTiod at Mexico, on the North Missouri i'iilroad, and had command of the post. He remained Beveral inonths, mingling freely with the people regnrdluss of the peculiar shado o' any ono's politieal upinions, and s the distiuguished Colonel thon had m thoughts of aspiring to tho Presidency, or a dictatorship, no occasion oxistod i'orthc reticeuco to which latterly lio owes the groater part of bis popularity. Ulysses tho Silent was thcu Ulysses tho Garrulous, and embraced every fair opportunity which oanio in his wiiy to expr. Bontiinents and opinions in regard to ]olitical affair. ü;ie of these declarations wo distinctly remember. In a public oonvorsation in liingo's Banking-!1, sterling Union man put this question to him : " What do you honestly think was the real object of this war on the part of the Federal Government ?" " Sir," sitid Grant, " 1 have no doubt in tho world that the sole objeut is tho rostoration of the Union. I will say further, though, that I am a Dumocrat - overy man in my reunont is a D;;mociat - and whoiu'vor I shall bo convinoed that this war ims for its object anything eke than what I havo nioutioned, or that tht Qoternmcni design using i 'o er.c:■:!■ :',.' mcrposet of the abolitionist, I jou m; ('■■ ■ 'kat I ieillnotonly :, hut will carry my UXrd to Ha; other stde and ca' my lot wi'li that pi Extract from Senator Doolittle'i speech at tffiwan , Oktober 2d, : I The olher day when General Grant was here, Bpending soveral liours with him in freo coüversKtion upon this subject among others, he expresse I to rao tho simo opinión. Said I, " General Giunt, I never quote private oonversation without express permission ; am 1 permittod to state what you now state to mo Y" Said he, "Oertainly, thore is no concealment on my part." Anl he atated to mo in the conversa t' on that a con.-v portion ef the troahles between tliu v.hites and thu blacks that had already ocourred was in con3equence oï tho unwise attempt to fore aegro suffray in these States. Ho said furt her that it' the Foderal Government were to attempt to du it and cnforce it, it would undoubtedly produce ■war between the two races. Heaikí'rs, DSP. OF Tui: TENNE88EK, ) CoiuxTit, .Miss., Aug. 11, 1SÜ2. j' ()Hoer8 and soldiers aro positively prohibited from enticing üa ,., It is enjoined on all oommandera to soe that this order is executed strictly onder their owi direclion. VJ eoinmaud of U. S. GRANT, Major-General.


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