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Use Of Apples As Food

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Many persons suppose thut apples aro onlj' aseful as u desert fruit, assauoe, or ih pies. Except tbntportioa ueed bevorage in the shape of eider and its strongor product, thi fruit is too little known among tlie roasses, oxcupt as a luxury, whon it ehould be a oommon artiolo of t'ood. This is due to variouB Oftusos ; tbc principal among which are tho ignorancc relating to its reul value as food, and tho vr.rious profits arising from its bandliag bofore' it roaclies the consunior. Besi'iea tbs larga amount of real mittiment which tho applo contaiuf;, in ttio shapo of sacclmriiif, inuoilttgo, etc., it also üontaius vogotablo aoids, aromatio principios, and is exceedingly Taluablo medioinally, being cooling, laxativo, imd nsoful in varionB intíatnmatory disonses. Uuring a scason of great scarcity in England, applea woro ued as coinmon food by tho laborera, and it was aucrtod by thcni that thoy wuro superior to potatoes, or, in othai' words, they could "stand thoir work" on baked apples without any meat ; but a potato diot ïeijuired nieat, or aome othor as substautial food, to tuable theni to siistain tkemselves. On the oontinent oïEurope, especially in Fi-ance and Germany, and whorover the applo is oasily raisud, it is ueed in its saason as a oomnion food by th laboring olas s : and why UOt in tho Uuited StateR, whoro it ib orlL' f tho commancst au ost ly raised ot' oultivated fruita ? One of tho groat troublcs is the groat distance ictween tho produoor and tho consumer. Our fruits of all kinds as a rulo, go ;hrough so many hands betwecn the producer and consuinor, and so many largo profits are consnmed thoroin, thfti by the ;ime they reauh the masae tho prioo is so enhanced that they nocessarily becorae uxuries, and out of the roaoh of tho poorer classeg, until becoming partially lecayed, they are ulaughtered to street puddlors, and tho loss pockoted by tho produoor. This artiolo was inoited by tho faot that in attompting to buy poaches, of coininiesion men on West Lake ftt., Chicago, we wera as a rulo, askod $1.00 and 1.10 per box when the ro;il market valúo was 6') to 75o at t! e rotailer1, und this may also apply to other fruits. We havo bsforo statod that we beliered that the prolifio fruit raisor, sinos it placed good fruit at fair prices within the reaoh of the working raasaen. and theroby created k tasto for thein that would be rememberod thereafter. This wo belieye to !bo truo, but it connot be brought about by daalers holding cougigniuonts until they partially docay, and then glaughtering thera to stroot poJdlern. What tho raisert want i a markct for Lheil produce at remunerativo rates ; what tho conmmer wants is a chanca to buy thesu products at fair pricej. "VV hen this is brought about thcro will not be so much either of absolute Iosae3, of originally good fruit, nor longinga for it among tho great niass of th? oonaamers who are not permitted to get it until it is on the high road to docay. There i no fruit that is oapable of so multiiarious changos in its manner of bong werrod aa the apple, nono so universal in its adaptation to curante ; nono go eagerly oruven by tho raultitudc. Why, ;hun, should its use not bo univetsal 'i


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