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Facts In Relation To Rainfall

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l'r.)i:i obeervations et Fullwell, ntat Twickenham, Kngland, it appears thut the raiiifall fot that locality düring the year 1871 v Thisisneaxly tho amount which falls at Paris and at Sun Francisco, California. A oalculation mado by John James Huil, wiiich was published in Wature, April 18th, and oor1 in a Bubsequont jiutnbcr, giros some interesting statistica of tbc rainfoll nllwell: Ho statte tbat one inch on an aore of gvound gives 22,623 gallons. Now, Q40 timos, jnultipliod by (hfl deptta of rainfall, 22.42 inoh'üB gives the quantity on a square mile s 324,612,902 gallons. If this amount bo mu!tii!ied by 10, the number of pounds of water to tho gallon, and the rusult divided by 2,000 foi tons, we símil havo for the quantity of raiiifall on tho squaro inile, nearly 1,623,064 tons. The eoal-carriages aed on railways in England and the United States curry froni 8 to 10 tons of coal eaoh. We will asaume tho former r.uniber, and find that ,3 uch carriagos would be roquired to conyey the weight of the rainfall above given, and, if each c:arriage muasuros 20 feet in lungth, they would í'orm a train 768 miles long. The (jisiuitity ot rain whi':h talla a Flatbusu, Long Islaml, in the imuiediato viiiinity of Xew York City, is 13 inchos yearly. Thia is based upon obsorvatione inade during '26 years. It will bo seei that this amount is noarly twice as great as that which falls in a year at Fullwell, and is not i'ar froiu tho nnuual averag that falls on our coast ftom Maino to Florida. ïho computation which gives the results tbr Fullwell vrill gire tho quautity fox i iich siuaro milo of our ovrn co:iNt iatbïish, with an annual rainfall of 43 inchos, we have tho anormous quantity of 622,694,970 frallons nrarly, or 3,112, '.'71 tons of 2,000 poundseach Tliisisjust about ono-half tho estimnted weight of th! largest of the pyriiraids. To convey this amount by railway carringes, of 8 tons each capaoity, would ruquiro 389,121 oarriageSi and if of twonty t'uot longth, they would mako a train 1,473 miles loi){?. Whon wo conBider that for oaoh year and upon cach square mila of surfaco ilona our onoan border, and many miles nland, so vast a volume of wator falls, w(' uro aatonished at the grandeur and vastness of somo of the most conimon of tho operations of Nature. Tho best rdnoation in tho ïrorld i that Kot by struggling to got a living.- Weiell thiüips.


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